Yoga Quotes: 150+ Inspirational Quotes About Yoga With Images

Yoga Quotes

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Obstacles and difficulties are part of life. And life is the art of overcoming them.

When man has no more to blame, he says, “It is the will of God.”

“If we undress the occultism of its rites and vestments, what remains in the background is the Yoga.”

Who Does Not Have Difficulties Does Not Grow

Thoughts are like stones: they build, they bury and kill.

There are people who are like balloons: beautiful on the outside, but full of wind.

I marvel at human beings … some even speak!

Whoever Does Good, Conquers Inner Peace

Freedom is our most precious possession.
In case you have to confront it with discipline, if it is to violate it, opt for freedom.

If the proposal disagrees, everyone agrees.

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Everyone wants to be a locomotive, but then they complain about pulling the wagons.

To Use And Experience Things Without Abusing Them Is To Respect Life

The liberation of desire leads to inner peace.

The first of the goods, after health, is inner peace.

Whoever does good, conquers inner peace.

To Be At Peace Is To Not Let The Noise Out Torment The Silence From Within

Developing strength, courage and inner peace takes time. Do not expect quick and immediate results, under the pretext that you have decided to change. Each action you take allows that decision to become effective within your heart.

Without inner peace, without inner calm, it is difficult to find lasting peace.

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My smoking and my yoga
You are my drug
passion and carnival
my Zen, my right, my bad

Thoughts Are Like Stones They Build, They Bury And Kill

We fall easily when we are blamed on others … and ours, much more!

I have discovered that the highest degree of inner peace stems from the practice of love and compassion. The more we care about the happiness of our fellow men, the greater our own well-being. By cultivating a deep and loving feeling for others, we automatically move into a state of serenity. This is the main source of happiness.

There Are People Who Are Like Balloons Beautiful On The Outside, But Full Of Wind

The best thing you can do
to cultivate true wisdom
is to practice awareness
that the world is a dream.

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“Man is not important for your ego or your personality.
Man is important because as soul, it is part of God.”

The Liberation Of Desire Leads To Inner Peace

“It is not by focusing on dogmas that we can reach God, but by the true knowledge of the soul … For me, there are no Jews, Christians or Hindus, all of them are my brothers, I worship in any temple, for all were built in honor Of my Father. ”

Who does not have difficulties does not grow.

Humanity is engaged in an eternal search for why she believes that something else will bring her happiness, fulfillment, and eternity. To those souls who sought and found God, the quest ended: He is that Something Beyond

The Greatest Inner Peace Is External Justice

Whenever a man cowers,
he loses his inner peace,
decreases in front of himself,
and looms the oppressor.
The strongest, the smartest,
the most successful men
is not worthy to be called man
if it is devoid of COURAGE !!

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To use and experience things without abusing them is to respect life.

You are a spark of the Eternal Flame. You can hide the spark, but you can never destroy it.

The First Of The Goods, After Health, Is Inner Peace

Will a diamond have the least value just because it is covered in mud?
God sees the unchanging beauty of his soul.
He knows that we are not our mistakes

“The more you discipline the mind, the more you will have it under control.” A spoiled child suffers horrors, even with a small wound, another spiritedly educated, scarcely scared by a serious injury.

Outward Peace Begins With Inner Peace

If you gave up hoping to be happy one day, rejoice. Never lose hope. His soul, the reflection of the Spirit eternally filled with joy, is, in essence, happiness itself.

“Be as simple as you can be, you will be surprised to see how simple and happy your life can become.”

It's No Use Going To Church, Yoga And Not Greet The Doorman

“Whatever conditions I have to face; I know that they represent the next step in my evolution. I will gladly accept all the challenges because I know that within me are the intelligence to understand, the love to accept and the power to overcome”

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“Feed only love in your heart. The greater your covenant with good, the greater will be the good in your life.”

If We Undress The Occultism Of Its Rites And Vestments, What Remains In The Background Is The Yoga

“All kinds of seeds of power are within you, waiting for you to make them grow.”

“Inner peace is your greatest treasure.
Do not let anxiety will steal there,
not allow anyone to destroy it .
Be with attitudes or comments.
Be sure you coated,
That the darkest night will pass … ”

If The Proposal Disagrees, Everyone Agrees

The secret of my inner peace is to never disagree with the voice of God in my conscience and never forget the lessons of life!

Inner peace is state of mind. Must be agnostic to the environment. It depends on faith and self-knowledge.

Be ambitious, always seek happiness, smeared with love, with inner peace and overflow with God in your heart.

I Do Not Know Inner Peace Without A Previous Storm

Money only brings us physical comfort. Material values alone do not bring inner peace.

To be reborn is to emerge from a sleep in the dark and sink into the awakening of inner peace. Thus grows in the humble willingness to share Love.

Inner peace is your greatest treasure, do not let anxiety come, steal it, or allow someone to destroy it with words or attitudes. Look at ‘YOU’ and move on!

Forgiveness Is One Of The Great Generators Of Inner Peace

Inner peace is full happiness, a light heart as a pity, free from anguish, anger, suffering, and everything that represses you, which leaves your chest tight.

To be at peace is to not let the noise out torment the silence from within.

Then, I also think of that almost old poem by John Lennon: “I do not believe in yoga / I do not believe in mantra / I do not believe in God / I do not believe in Freud / I do not believe In drugs / I do not believe in sex / I do not believe in Beatles “and ends with a deep guitar chord and a” I just believe in me “. But not even that.

Inspirational Yoga Quotes With Images

It’s no use going to church, yoga and not greet the doorman.

“The unity of the breath, the consciousness and the senses, followed by the annihilation of all the conditions of existence”

Live only in the present, not in the future. Do the best you can today; Do not wait for tomorrow.

“Who feels the greatness
of the infinite, certainly understands
how immensely illusory is the
possession in such a transient place
as the earth.”

The hardness of a diamond is part of its usefulness, but its true value lies in the light that shines through it.

Softer than the flower when it comes to kindness, stronger than thunder when principles are at stake.

Learn to see God in all creatures of every race or creed. You will know what Divine Love is when you begin to feel your oneness with each being, not before … it is a daily exercise, but it is not impossible!

What you lose in the world will not be a loss to your soul. Trust in God and destroy fear, which paralyzes every effort to be successful and attracts exactly what you fear.

Our painful experiences are not to destroy us, but to burn away our impurities, so that our return to Home may be hastened. No one is more hopeful for our deliverance than God.

“True happiness comes only when your will, guided by the discernment of the soul, chooses good instead of evil, anytime, anywhere, because in fact you want good for good. Then you will be truly free.”

Father bless me so that I can
meet You in the temple of every thought and every activity.
Finding You in me, I’ll meet you outside,
in all people and in all conditions.

“You are a child of God! What have you to fear?
Get all the people and circumstances of life with the courage of a hero and a child’s smile.”

Simple living and high thinking should be the goal. Learn to take in all the conditions of happiness, meditating and attuning your consciousness to external influences. Whatever the environment, do not allow your inner peace to be affected by it.

The right company provides the momentum needed to get better. To imitate the good means to engage in good deeds; Good deeds form good habits; And good habits will displace bad habits.

The myopic crowds of the world are the true enunciates. They have denied possession of an unparalleled divine good for a meager handful of earthly toys!

I do not know inner peace without a previous storm

Inner peace produces calm agitated things
and removes the anxiety for the things of the world.

My inner peace will shine in the New Year’s renewal, so let this light increase in the expansion of our accomplishments.

The greatest inner peace is external justice.

Forgiveness is one of the great generators of inner peace …

The contrast between our inner peace and the hardness of the outer world is difficult and tiring at times, it takes more time to be with ourselves, away from the energetic noises and the mass consciousness.

I have no inner peace.
For my soul vibrates in an intense way trying to solve all the pains of the world.
Would it be possible to turn scribbles into antidepressant antidote and human balance?
Let’s meditate …

Inner peace is the key to beginning to have peace with others.

The secret of inner peace is to maintain the connection with nature.
Forget the mind, it lies.
If you take this step and leave this space
will be illuminated.

Yoga Quotes – Beautiful Quotes About Yoga

Outward peace begins with inner peace.

Rain has the power to calm anyone. It brings you deep inner peace. The rain is fascinating, incredible, sublime. It represents the tears that each one keeps inside.
All the rains have the power to make me travel to the past. It makes me imagine, dream.

To quiet the soul in God, in the person of His Son Jesus Christ, not only develops an inner peace, a serenity to decide, strength to act and courage to react.

Inner peace is a high tune of good vibrations that we can emanate. It strengthens us by giving us immunity against low frequency energies, makes our walk the perfection we all desire, and a perfect shortcut to lead us to the highest.

Inner peace is what sustains us, giving us strength to face the challenges of existence

The inner peace that we so much need and seek to find and live, we do not find in places made by the hands of men, but in the love that we offer or receive, that comes with sincerity, from the heart. The emptiness of inner peace is filled only by love.

The real secret of life is to live in peace and above all, to seek your inner peace.

To forgive yourself is to give yourself the right to smile again. And it takes inner peace to be able to truly smile

Feeling floating: it is inner peace.

Inner peace has its genuine source in fulfilling duty.

Detachment is sometimes the remedy for inner peace.

to live in peace with your like, you need to find your inner peace.

“To overcome the afflictions of” Life, “cultivate your inner, emotional and spiritual Peace!”

Thank you Lord for inner peace, when so many live at war with themselves.

Silence brings us to the deepest encounter for inner peace.
May your love reach me fully Lord.

I like to write, even more when I’m home alone, to write of an inner peace. Some people write to release what has inside them are so many thoughts that we need to out, otherwise we explode before so many things stored in us.

Truth can even bring pain. But together, comes the inner peace.

Serene heart need not shout happiness; inner peace need not be shown.

Feeling of inner peace! I may not have hit the road all the time, but I followed what I thought was right for me. What I won, what I lost, I can only believe that is what today brings my PEACE!!!

The most valuable of goods, after health, is inner peace.

Those who have inner peace do not have to prove anything to anyone, just follow their normal life

And thanks to you I have learned to listen to rock, to feel my essence, to seek my inner peace, to seek the truth and not to accept what I am told. Even though you have destroyed me, at the same time you have taught me to live while I am young.

It is very difficult to go through certain situations and keep the faith. Do not blaspheme, maintaining inner peace even in the midst of adversity seems impossible! However, I think that without God, such situations would be our own death. We only bear thanks to His infinite mercy.

There comes that moment when you find inner peace, and in addition to seeking to be better every day, you just want to be happy, and that’s where things start to work out.

Spend your time working and gain inner peace in everything in your life – Yoga Quotes

*** inner peace ***
often our peace inside, our independent own will because there are many people ,,, * ** not leave in living with our peace .. * *

Repenting of past mistakes is the first step in finding inner and outer peace, who acknowledges error, allows those around you to forget who you are and start to believe in what you want to be.

No place can be my safe haven if I do not possess inner peace.
Though often the inner peace does not stand firm when I lack the foundation that comes from within myself.

It is very difficult to abstract what is trying to bother you … But almost always inner peace contributes to this

And to find inner peace, you must first lose your sanity.

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