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Winter QuotesCheckout The Most Beautiful List of Short Cute Lovely Winter Quotes & sayings About Winter best selection for winter season.

The laughter is the sun that sweeps the winter of the human face.

If we did not have winter, spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not experience the taste of adversity at times, prosperity would not be so welcome.

And in the middle of winter I finally
learned there was in me
an invincible summer.

Just Like Everything In Life, After Winter Comes Spring Always.

Winter covers my head, but an eternal spring lives in my heart.

When people are happy, they do not notice if it’s winter or summer.

If winter has come, spring will not be far away.

Winter Wind The Eye Cat Cast Search Its Owner

is all I feel
is brief

In the heart of winter –
the single sheet in the industry
fight against the wind

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Winter Peace –
the endless Sunday
in the field.

Winter Peace The Endless Sunday In The Field.

in winter, the wind
dance with the leaves
to your satisfaction

rain frightened
majestic and gloomy
winter in the air.

Now it is winter
and the world one color;
The sound of the wind.

Winter Afternoon Go Up The Bottom Of The Valley The Shadow Of The Mountains.

In the middle of winter, I learned that there was an invincible summer in me.

On winter days, embrace your love, have fun with the children, light a fire and meet with your friends. The warmth of love is as vital as the warmth of the sun!

Winter Is All I Feel Living Is Brief

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It was at this age that poetry came to get me
I do not know where it came from
From winter, a river
I do not know how or when
not, they were not voices
They were words
not silence
but the street was called
Of the branches of the night
Abruptly among others
Among wild fires
returning alone
there I was without a face
and I was touched.

Tree Curve The Crow Flying Winter

I just want five things …
First is the endless love
The second is to see the fall
The third is the severe winter
Fourth summer
The fifth thing is your eyes
do not want to sleep without your eyes.
I do not want to be … without you looking at me.
I give up spring for you to continue looking at me.

Best Cute Winter Quotes

More or less it does not give a chat, it does not make winter or summer, it does not require a long explanation. It is better to be happy or sad, more or less the worst thing that exists.

Almost November, the spring gale taking away the last evil spirits of winter.

Think Of You Is As Natural As The Beating Of My Heart

I still think we need to know the winter to understand the summer, just as it is necessary to go through moments of deep sadness to be able to identify and value happiness when it arrives. And we should never forget the people we love.

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the winter coming fast, a cold crack. In the very soul.

The Winter Coming Fast A Cold Crack. In The Very Soul.

In winter you protect
in the summer to go fishing
in the fall you know
might like spring
and summer melt me
to dance in the rain and walk together

The hand that strokes can hit, the fire that burns warms in the winter. Everything in life can be seen as good or bad, it depends on who observes.

Sparrows In The Middle Of Drizzle Is Coming Winter.

Ah, winter fly
– matter of day or time –
his last moment?

tree curve
the crow flying

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Loneliness in winter
the old heats hands
with his own hands
Rain Frightened Majestic And Gloomy Winter In The Air
In the winter night
the cold is not only in the body:
the pop boards.

Winter Wind:
The eye Cat cast
Search its owner

black and billowy
sea of winter
presages heartbreak

Now It Is Winter And The World One Color The Sound Of The Wind.

Baby grumbles –
Zune shutters in
the winter wind.

Winter afternoon:
Go up the bottom of the valley
the shadow of the mountains.

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In the middle of drizzle –
is coming winter.

Loneliness In Winter The Old Heats Hands With His Own Hands

Bright parents show that the most beautiful flowers appear after the most rigorous winter.

We, women and the weather, we are like this. We have our autumn and winter moments, but we always return to being spring and summer.

Everybody opens doors and windows so the wind blows away the evil spirits of winter. It’s a magic wind, they say.

Like Clothes You Wear You, In You Want To Be. Warm In Winter, The Summer Denude You.

Things went a little dark for me, for a long time, then the end of winter took the bitterness and everything was renewed.

Short Love winter quotes & Sayings

Your eyes
Where were your eyes
When I told you about love,
Where hide your smile
When I told him he felt pain.
And that made me miss your embrace
When winter arrived,
and just in solitude
What ails me now,
I do not feel your love.

It Was Made Of Spring In The Middle Of Winter.

In order to reach the spring, it is necessary to go through the intense cold of winter

Steal spring from its aroma, from summer to sensuality, from autumn to transformation, from winter to fresh start and rebuild.

“Abandonment is the cold that resounds in the winter of contempt and extinguishes our moon.”

In Winter, The Wind Dance With The Leaves To Your Satisfaction

I will be present in every spring, summer, autumn and winter, I am shaped to be eternal.

Like clothes you wear you,
in you want to be.
Warm in winter,
the summer denude you.

In The Winter Night The Cold Is Not Only In The Body The Pop Boards.

Hope is the ability to feel the spring when we are in the middle of winter.

To the ignorant, old age is winter; For the learned is the season of harvest.

I want a lap, a cradle, a warm arm, a warmth in winter, a calm dream, a huge space, like the moon spinning between the stars …

In The Heart Of Winter The Single Sheet In The Industry Fight Against The Wind

So beautiful and so cold. Like a spring morning that still brings the winter chill.

The autumn slippery in the eyes of those who expect flowers. Winter almost warm. The leaves loosen as if in a light match. And they fall apart. Done thinking. Made hollow joy. And explode after the cold August. In the delicacy called spring

My current phase is very good, full of innovations with a lot of disposition to face the winter and very liking the temperature of my heart.

I Realize That People Are A Little Needy, It Must Be Winter.

“If you give up in the winter, you will lose the promises of spring, the beauty of summer, and the expectations of autumn, that is, never give up on your dreams”

I cannot carry the world on my shoulders if I can hardly bear the weight of my winter coat.

Today the winter dawned sad, the cold was blue and the rain was desolate.

Flowers Are The Victims Of Winter.

I imagine a great night on his lips,
tainted star
winter / reverse
lamia night and half
give me your hand, dream and wake me
color lustfully.

“Shine like stars in the summer night,
shine like stars in the winter night,
a heart,
a hope,
a love.”

Black And Billowy Sea Of Winter Presages Heartbreak

My winter wants to be spring.

Most Beautiful funny Winter Quotes 

The cold is only a thermal sensation ..
That he ñ comes to our hearts and not freeze our dreams …
that he always be outside of our souls! ..

Squeezes my chest
winter that did not come:
friend expected.

“Those who practice evil, have always lived in trouble”


Think of you is as natural as the beating of my heart .;)

The winter will pass
and I’ll always be here
To be able to hold you
When summer comes …;)

“I do not know if it was winter, or anything else,
but I prefer to believe it was even the cold of a winter minuend.
In the winter I loved you and today, again in winter, I love you.
It was in the cold that I met you, and in the cold today I know you again. ”

You went to heaven
with you went to hell.
With you I live the life from summer to winter

Winter * Summer
Tears are winter rains of the soul, and without you I have no summer plans.

I’ll be alone when the last rose in the garden.
Until the end of winter;
While the sun is not enough;
To warm this heart;
Abandoned by;

Winter in the blue sky without clouds, the cold wind, dry lips crying out for your kisses, the leaves that fall on the ground, that you miss, miss a season!

Just as the leaves of the trees fall in the autumn to be able to withstand the winter we also modify ourselves to continue living.

The ice that covers my heart is melting, for you have finished my winter.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter …
It is good to have someone beside
To harvest the flowers
Looking fallen leaves on the ground
and hug.
Heat the heart.

Winter is coming and together with him that lack of having someone close to warm up ..

She preferred winter because she could hide more from the world.

Life is like the seasons of the year: Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer.

Sometimes winter looks like summer, that’s how things are, see that time has its days of confusion.

In the midst of the severe winter I could contemplate the future spring.

I miss it when winter was cold, summer was heat and kiss in the mouth was dating.

Let the winter come, let the rain wash your soul and take away all the suffering.

The stricter winter does not compare to the coldness of the human heart.

If you do not want to get wet, do not go out in the winter.
If you do not want to be, do not set boundaries.

Accustomed to the cold nights of winter, I gave in to solitude and learned to live alone.

“There are people for every spring and remembering the winter does not bring the heat or smell of the flowers of the next seasons!”

It’s spring out there and in here this constant cold.
I’m winter all year round.

Just like everything in life, after winter comes spring always.

I want the screen next to me on sunny days and on winter nights.
I want the screen to speak at the foot of my ear and establish my feelings at dusk from a horizon overflowing with beauty and making me a happy man to have you.

It was made of spring in the middle of winter.

I realize that people are a little needy, it must be winter.

I’ve been stiff winter, intense summer heat, and dry autumn leaf. Today is spring, a new season.

Cold winter, wine, mate and the heat of the stove.
They never would do so perfect, if it were not you,
in my heart.

“But everything passes … well as those who come and who will not always be winter soon more summer, cold winter of empty feelings …”

Fall leaves on the ground regularly, but the fact is that it is always fall in autumn, and winter comes afterwards fatally, and there is only one way to life, which is life …

Winter sun like orange the shadows …
Of forgotten silences,
Renascent a flyby and comes out of nowhere …
The wind blew, light, sweet and mild chills my skin
Serene wind touched me lightly
It’s as if the sun brings you …

If we “hear” something in winter: the “eyes” calm down when summer

Flowers are the victims of winter.

There is a day that dawns like winter … half without color and there I am in the color of a flower.


The coldest winter, the farthest galaxy, the roughest word or even the most terrible perch. These are not enough to shake a dreamy heart.

When winter Arrive and you
Veer Tucking me when the moon
Appearing I want to be with you
For you are and always will be the love
of my life.

The heart must be prepared for the four seasons: AUTUMN (prepare), WINTER (wait), SPRING (flourish) and SUMMER (spoon) … Only then can one live the true LOVE.

Postal series:
The gaze was blue space.
But I was afraid of the winter of the embrace.

Me and you
lay together
this winter and
warmed our bodies
and our souls
a latent heat
from the passion of our souls.

“I scribble the spring in the winter, and color the pages of blue among obscure patterns.”

With fall leaves in autumn, the resistance of the vegetables are proven in winter quotes , and soon in the spring, the beauty of overcoming is shown in their flowers.

Winter Olympics …
Patina Dora …
blades on the ice?
The cold is beautiful …

“It was a beautiful day, it was warm outside, but between the two the days were winter, everything was still and I hated to know that 80% of it was my fault. Its coldness often freezes me and I do not know how to change it ”

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