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Weekend Quotes

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I wanted to not control my heart. I think: if I could deliver it for at least one weekend this rain falling on my face would have another flavor. If loving was easy I would be embracing with it, and the lyrics would tell a story that is our story.

I wish you: Dating at the gate, Sunday without rain, Second without bad mood, Saturday with your love …

Tomorrow I will be softer
And fourth will be my day
The weekend promises
Sunday will have to give sunshine
Second I will happen
I cannot lose your show
Pro month I will visit you
It is now that I leave once
That good that I I’ll meet you
tomorrow, I’ll be happier.

Saturday Is An Illusion

“I wish you: Dating at the gate, Sunday without rain, Monday without a bad mood, Saturday with your love.

Saturday is an illusion.

I'm Not Going To Leave This Weekend, But Sunday I'm Hung Over

“He’s a guy who has no idea how you’d like to be with him any weekend.”

The blue sea on Saturday
I called the sky
but it always worked busy

I Think Saturday Is The Rose Of The Week

In the sky it’s always Sunday. And we have nothing to do but hear the boring. And there it is even worse than here, because it is the boring of all times in the world.

I think Saturday is the rose of the week.

I Hate Sunday For Being Hollow

I hate Sunday for being hollow.

Wandering is the Sunday of thought.

He's A Guy Who Has No Idea How You'd Like To Be With Him Any Weekend

Truth does not have to be accepted in faith. Scientists do not hold their hands every Sunday, singing, ‘Yes, gravity is real! I’ll have faith! I must be strong! Amen!’.
Peace of winter –
the endless Sunday
in the field.

Good Morning, Make An End If Different Week!

It must have been Saturday; it was past midnight. He smiled at me. He asked,
“Are you going to Liberty?”
“No, I’m going to Paradise.
He sat down beside me. He said,
“Then I’ll go with you.”

Weekend Is So Short That It Starts With The Word End

I still want it a lot. I want three in the morning on a Saturday and not seven in the afternoon on a Wednesday. Are we going to live a real story or am I going to have to feed you with other kitties?

From Sunday to Thursday I expect Prince Charming, Friday and Saturday I leave in search of the bad wolf.

Wandering Is The Sunday Of Thought

“If I could give it to him for at least a weekend, this rain falling on my face would have another flavor.” If loving was easy, I would be embracing him, and the lyrics would tell A story that is our story. ”

The Blue Sea On Saturday I Called The Sky But It Always Worked Busy

One Sunday afternoon alone at home I doubled-as in labor pain-and I saw that the girl in me was dying. I will never forget that Sunday. To heal it took days. And here I am. Hard, silent and heroic. No girl inside me.

There Is No Tedium Sunday When You Have A Good Saturday

Sunday, the worst, the most miserable of all the days of the week.

Sunday’s perfect day for a passionate couple to do all that love gives them right.

That Today Is A Sixth Of Three Points

That today is a sixth of three points …

“Good morning, make an end if different week!”

Sunday Is A Friday Dead That Has Not Yet Been Buried

Good weekend … May each day be illuminated with drops of joy and wisdom so that we can live in peace with all of humanity.

Saturday. A glass of champagne. The CD that plays the same song. A pot of nutshell in the fridge. The good old ice cream of flakes. The phone is close at hand. A number decorated on the head. Desire in the body. And an affliction in the heart. Girls, that’s where the danger lives!

Saturday, Inspirational Night, It's Good To Celebrate!

I am afraid of people who, at the end of the week, indulge in the pleasures of the flesh, and in the second put the biblical proverb in social network.

“A weekend will not exist without the useful ones having lived.”

The Happy Weekend Quotes With Images

Each weekend, the longing increases, tightens and anguish
every photo look a stronger beat and a longer sigh
to each not received a pain as if it hurt the heart
every moment of life learning to love you more and more

Weekend is so short that it starts with the word end.

Kate: You know what makes me angry, is that I spent the whole weekend opening with you but I do not know anything about your life!
Nick: I’m allergic to softener, I graduated in Comparative Literature, I hate anchovies, and I would miss you even without knowing you!

My task is to spend the weekend watching your phone, your internet, selecting who you’re going to meet, who you’re going to communicate with. There are friends with whom bullshit is done, and friends who avoid bullshit, I am more of this second group.
(Liquid eyes)

“Why, on Monday, do they not reveal the lack of the weekend and say they’re tough?”

It’s late afternoon, weekend, it’s the end of the year. Do the following: finish the fault that makes us and run here. Let’s put an end to this longing.

There is no tedium Sunday when you have a good Saturday.

The world will break your heart in 10 different ways by Sunday. This is guaranteed. You cannot

explain it. Or the madness inside me and everyone else. But guess what? Sunday is my favorite day again. I think about what everyone did to me, and I feel like a very lucky guy.

You will never know what comes after Saturday, who knows a much more beautiful and wiser century, maybe just another Sunday.

Funny Weekend Quotes And Sayings

That this day … ♥
And the whole weekend … ♥
Be that … ♥
Beautiful … colorful … ♥
And full of Thanks … ♥

Slutty is not rain on holiday.
Slutty is a holiday on Saturday or Sunday!

May the weekend be of affection, lightness, love, tranquility, smiles, harmony and much peace.

Sunday colors are aged colors. Colors of homesickness, of traveling back. Colors of those who leave and who are left in the middle.

One day you will realize that what matters is not who you want to stay Friday night, but the whole Sunday …

A Sunday, a rain, a bottle, a glass, a cigarette, a heart and several tears.

Friday was a blast !! Saturday and Sunday just rest and joy!! If the case, you receive a visit that does not give you pleasure on arrival … will give you a lot on the way out!!!

May it be beautiful! May it have peace and many joys this wonderful day! Happy weekend!

MAKE your day a GOOD DAY and have an excellent WEEKEND.

Saturday is always Saturday, the same in Paris, Porto Alegre or Singapore. Always in the air that expectation – pizza, cinema or kiss, it does not matter – of a drop of honey for Sunday.

Just because it was Saturday because I was leaving because the bags were left undone and the phone rang on and on. He smiled, looking around.

Just because it was Saturday and would not stay, this time not, stopped between the sound, the television and the book, attentive to the silent phone.

Saturday, inspirational night, it’s good to celebrate!

Dear Max, welcome … come in please, fill my life of peace and love, that nothing and nobody spoils the heat of this weekend that is beginning,
that is of blessings, victories and joys!

A huge slice of something good is wonderful. And this weekend was huge in everything, especially in the surprises.

Advice for this extended weekend; Moderation is an excellent compassionate mother, value not only your life, but the lives of other people as well.

End of week! There’s nothing to look forward to on a Saturday and a Monday in the heart.

The day was beautiful. It was not just a Christian Sunday; It was an immense universal Sunday –  Weekend Quotes

“No desire on this Sunday
no problem in this life
the world stopped suddenly
men were silent
Sunday without end or beginning. The
hand that writes this poem
does not know what he is writing
but it is possible that if he knew
or did not call.”

She peered without seeing the quiet monotony of Sunday, then turned inward, listened to the silence.

Sunday is a Friday dead that has not yet been buried.

I’m not going to leave this weekend, but Sunday I’m hung over.

Even if you cannot reciprocate, but if you can read: I wish you and family all the best and an Excellent Weekend!

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