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I prefer heaven for the weather, hell for the company.

Sleeping without climate
is separate from the woman
and be living on.

There is nothing fair or unfair that does not change the quality of the climate.

We, women and the weather, we are like this. We have our autumn and winter moments, but we always return to being spring and summer.

If It Rains More For You Than For Others It Is Certainly The Fault Of Your Climate

One night with alcohol leaves a philosophical, bold atmosphere, and little by little it is becoming a handful of stories to be maturing in memory.

You flee in the company of yourself: it is the soul you need to change

In The Climate Of Seeing The Sun In The Morning

I do not usually forecast weather but today I know the weather will warm up.

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Ahhhh … I love this mild, rainy weather.
Awakes a strong romanticism gives to p / listen to the heart beat …
The verses spring and poetry is born.

I Prefer Heaven For The Weather, Hell For The Company

Mud man.
Dust to dust
The weather is dry.
I want it to rain.

I’m going to put the music on the globe as an alarm clock, because I’ve already agreed to the weather of disaster.

“The friend is a blessing, that we can cultivate in the climate of gratitude”

Cold Weather Is The Simplest Way I Have To Feel You

year-end climate, holiday scent, plus one of our travels.

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If you cannot breathe in perfect peace climate, among creatures
in the face of ignorance and bellicosity that predominate in human road,
it is reasonable to look for the apprentice to inner serenity,
before the conflicts that seek to involve him at every moment.

And That The Coldness You Feel Is Of The Climate And Not Of Someone

A dawn with foggy weather, do not mess with your day unless you allow it.

What’s the use of liking, feeling homesick and living in this tense atmosphere … RELAX baby! Living & loving is as simple as breathing!

I am like the climate of Curitiba. The four seasons of the year on the same day or in a single morning. The joy of living comes as a torrent, but insecurity and sadness come just behind to compile the feeling of selfless freedom.

Analyze The Relief To See If It Is Weathering

My expiration
my emotion words of
my eternal poetry
my taste, my mood
my eternal rhyme

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When the agent thinks everything is going well, he even feels the good weather, hence his destiny and he plays a play with an agent, where he does not make a fuss, it’s direct and cruel.

A Dawn With Foggy Weather, Do Not Mess With Your Day Unless You Allow It

And slowly a cold climate looms over me, causing me to warm myself up to relieve the night chills.

My mind lives in you,
You are the reason I live
I love you.
There is a whole different climate
That heats and stirs
As the heart of people
and more than a dream
and like a dream
I give myself entirely
For my heart already and yours.

You Flee In The Company Of Yourself It Is The Soul You Need To Change

light is late summer afternoon
weather still warm, burning,
the day falls on a rapid stream,
this twilight that precedes the evening.
Inquire as is tenderness in this decline,
a perennial intrigue,
literally watered down.

Year End Climate, Holiday Scent, Plus One Of Our Travels

If it rains more for you than for others it is certainly the fault of your climate

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Good morning, my good friends!
This morning cloudy
but pleasant climate
We will make our prose
Leave the healthiest day …

The Friend Is A Blessing, That We Can Cultivate In The Climate Of Gratitude

Magic and Seduction!
When you pass all lights
Seedlings magically my mood
How want your love ah! I wish
makes me see in winter, spring flowers!

The mood changes outside and the soul does not always know how to change.

With the vitality of the roses and the pleasant climate of spring we will be careful and firm when the winter arrives.

Cold Weather Quotes And Sayings

“People could worry about the weather, the warming or the misery if they were not so worried about the lives of others”

It is only you to arrive, to compare, to change all the climate with your presence.

The bird that reacts to the action of the wind. The wind that reacts to the action of the climate. The climate that reacts to the action of Man. The Man who reacts to himself. Every action is itself a reaction.

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Fresh air and good weather is what make you think better. Your goal and nothing more.

You have in your wardrobe a garment of your own. Clothes for the dense climate of the ego, for the storms of pride, for the dark nights of vanity and for the refreshing and mild days of love. It’s your choice, dress yourself

Today the day dawned gray, not just the weather as my life. Those old memories covered with dust and watered with tears seem to have the strength to last a lifetime. So many things to remember, however, just what should be forgotten is like a cut with no healing capacity.

Do not complain if the land is not good or the weather is not favorable. It is not for him to judge earth or time. It is God who brings forth life, and it is he who gives growth. Your mission is to believe and to sow.

“If your day has turned into night remember that the moon and the stars will create a great climate for you”

We talked about music, our boring routine, the weather, our fatigue; Sometimes one even said he loved the other just to break the ice, but “we” seemed no longer our favorite subject.

If there is a festive atmosphere, we should be wary of the man who does not accept the drink and the woman who drinks only one dose. Denial, as well as partial acceptance, reveal traits of conduct.

So let the weather bloom, for this romance warms up and our love is eternalized.

And in this climate of marriage I’m looking forward to the days to stay with you forever!

Thinking about the development and maintenance of the developer, it is to ensure the organizational climate healthy for business.

Hot Weather Quotes And Messages

And that the coldness you feel is of the climate and not of someone.

“Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always carry your own ray of sunshine.”

Let us be like the trees, which always live together, in a climate of Peace and Harmony!

One warm afternoon
the sun hits the ground
and pottery reflects the wall
so will our climate
a 40 degree heat

The pointers advance the mood of painting on the whiteboard your multicolored eyes, which betray exuding the subtle floral scent of the soul.

Cold weather is the simplest way I have to feel you.

The weather is hot, but the blood is cold, and beyond the silence that keeps me company and the emptiness.
Going back is no longer an option, when to move forward, was the decision that took my heart.

Because you have this mania that when everything is ok you do something to spoil the climate one day it will end up not only spoiling the weather but it will ruin everything.

Long ta rolling a different climate between us
looks that chemical hit, so now is already
not have because you stand there just looking at me
I’m from pro attack, will not be waiting for you Come on over, give me , give me
your kiss I’m wanting

Analyze the Relief to see if it is weathering.

In the climate of seeing the sun in the morning.

Nothing finishes. Everything is eternal, even if it changes form, way, climate, time. Death is just a ticket to a new fate.

I do not care about the gray sky, the bad weather, the unbearable weather and the polluted air outside, if here inside my heart, only the memory of a smile of yours when you see me leaves my blue sky, perfect weather, The pleasant weather and the perfumed air!

And as I felt in the cold NY weather, raindrops hit my face, and for the first time in my entire life I knew the taste of freedom, the freedom to think that I could go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted, in my thoughts.

I do not need to know the limit of my voice so I can shout, I do not have to consent to the afternoon weather to stop hanging on to foreign feelings. It is a clandestine truth that intrigues me, it is a clichéd lie that surprises me – Weather Quotes

For you that kiss
I still remember that climate
That whetted me all wishes
pluck me sighs
It made me chills
Um … that shiver
How good to remember
that kiss
That even today I see
I feel
And I still want
to me
for us
to you that kiss.

“Today’s climate will always be the most perfect for what you are going to do because of today’s climate”

From time to time, I noticed a coldness that did not exist. I do not say for the climate – Salvador is a hot heat – but for all that is happening to me.

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