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The Help Quotes

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I do not expect help from God. God does not exist to keep us in trouble. It is to share pleasures and joys.

I discreetly sent word of distress to friends. No one helped. I turned myself. It hardened me a little more.

Within Each Cold Person, Yet A Heart Beats For Help

Help, someone give me a heart, that this one does not beat or catch.

I help some soul even if it’s a pity, lend me its feathers, I no longer feel love or pain, I do not feel anything anymore.
Help someone give me a heart, that no longer hit or catch
Please a little emotion
Anything you feel
has so much feeling must have some that serve …

Go, Get Up, Look At The Sunlight; Will Make Thy Rising

Our help is in the name of the Lord, maker of heaven and earth.

When there is nothing in your soul except a cry for help, perhaps it is the very moment when God cannot answer you: you are like the man who drowns and cannot be helped by so much debate. It is possible that your repeated screams make you deaf to the voice you expected to hear.

Help, Someone Give Me A Heart, That This One Does Not Beat Or Catch

Talking about friendship is talking about life.
Some say that we have no friends,
but only colleagues.
This is not true, because if it did,
how could we live without a friend.
Friendship is, therefore, fundamental to our life.

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The Marks Of The Heart And Time Cannot Erase

Compassion occupies us so exclusively, that there is nothing left for help.

I have learned one thing in life: in order not to be in the same vibratory field as the other, when we are in front of people who are happy with our falls, we must use their energy in this moment of weakness.

There Are Times When A Hug Would Be Enough To Say Everything We Need To Hear

With pure intelligentsia he becomes envious, with his heart he creates friends.

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The sense of us humans on earth is happiness, not always achieved by the majority, by ignorance, by lack of spirituality, by the overvaluation of material things and other blockages.

The Forest Connects Man To Infinity

In this confused world, full of traps, putting the being more and more far from its essence, only the spirituality, the discovery of our deep selves, to get out of the appearance and dive into our essence

Go, get up, look at the sunlight; will make thy rising

The Battles I Faced, The War Won, I Just Cannot Win, This Lack You Make Me

Maybe it was a call for embarrassed help. The help did not come, and I had to investigate and sink myself.

Discreetly, I sent distress signals to my friends. No one helped. I turned myself. It hardened me a little more. It was not just you, no. They were even more intimate people, I turned myself alone with enormous difficulties. I did not whine. But I need people to know that it hurt – just because some of these people … matter to me.

Our Help Is In The Name Of The Lord, Maker Of Heaven And Earth

“Help someone give me a heart, that this one does not hit or catch. Please, a little emotion anything! Anything you feel, have so many feelings must have some that will serve!”

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When one falls into error, let us extend our arms to the help of the wrong brother, avoiding the criticism that only precipitates him to even greater falls. Remember that tomorrow may be our turn to fall, too.

Love Is A Way Without Turning, Once Loving, Loving Forever, Love Is Eternal

Every cry is a cry for help … even those screams of those who are meant to intimidate someone.

The walls erected, getting louder and louder. The cry of distress increasingly mute. The next became oblivious.

Inner Peace Is What Sustains Us, Giving Us Strength To Face The Challenges Of Existence

In the midst of so much pain my affliction called for help and solitude became my friend ..

Tears do not match love …
tear is love drowning for help
is rain inside

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Love is the thing that makes us be happy for nothing
is this sun that comes from the heart and enlightens all.

Where To Find Happiness If Not Within Yourself

Within each cold person, yet a heart beats for help.

Remember that God always listens to your requests for help, always pay attention to your prayers. Therefore, from time to time, stop speaking, breathe, and listen to the Father’s response. God does not shout, He speaks in your heart, so be always available to hear.

If you do not live the small moments today, tomorrow will be too late and today is gone.

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When we think we know it all,
Here comes the realization
that we do not know anything and
that we need to convince ourselves
that we learn every day,
countless times, without
the possibilities are exhausted

“The marks of the heart and time cannot erase.”

How I would like to buy a ticket back to the past to rewrite some pages of my life notebook, to tell the stories I have not told and to listen to the songs I have not heard. But the train of life does not allow me to return. ”

I do not want gold or silver; I do not want to be noticed by what I use; I do not like it or treat it. I just want you to understand my desire to live in a society where people treat each other with more respect and understand that this is the way of peace. ”

Friend does not judge, friend forgives. Friend tells the truth, for he knows that lying hurts, sooner or later the truth always appears.
Friend does not teach you the way; Follow with you, holding your hand.

Mother, sweetest kiss, most sincere love, warmest embrace, more perfect affection and unlimited forgiveness.

Rain that pierces the trees, giving it brightness, that it touches on the sea, giving it beauty and that it touches on the earth, giving it life.

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To mature is not in the counting of time but in the essence of knowing how to live.

Life is like a garden in the spring, full of flowers.
Some small, others large, some without exhaling some perfume, but beautiful for the beauty and delicacy of its perfect forms, carved by nature. This must be our life, we must be strong in the face of obstacles and challenges that is living.

Everyday life makes us learn a lesson, and one of them is to fall to know how to rise, and if with the fall arise wounds, take care of them and wait for the time to heal. So is life living and learning at every birth and sunset.

There are times when a hug would be enough to say everything we need to hear. ”

The Help Quotes & Messages

The battles I faced, the war won, I just cannot win, this lack you make me.

Love is a way without turning, once loving, loving forever, love is eternal.

I was wrong, I’m ashamed of what I did, but if I had not made so many mistakes, as I would have done today?

Where to find happiness if not within yourself.

Happiness is the greatest good of the earth, and from which so many of it distances, wanting it so much.

The forest connects man to infinity

Inner peace is what sustains us, giving us strength to face the challenges of existence

With this atrocious violence, people enter into a state of permanent panic. People’s psyches are changing

Transcendentally is in everything. Just look at the horizon

The more the spirit learns and expands, the lighter it spreads. The spirit is timeless. –

In silence, in the crucial distance that tortures and dies, we internalize with the candor of a possible sublime love

War is the greatest human stupidity. Violence is not extinguished with another violence worse.

Do not wait for the best, fight for the best, because not everything depends on the time, but only you.

You suffer so much from the wrong people that when the right one arrives wrong and you. – The Help Quotes

To love, to surrender, to trust too much is not a mistake, but to dissipate them goes beyond one.

Nowadays when I have nightmares, I no longer cry for help. I’d rather continue there. Reality scares me even more.

Never pass away the suffering of the one who asks for help, for offering the advice and resources of your generous soul, God will bless your path when you are also in need.

Prayer is the cry of the soul, a look at the sky,
a cry for help, but also an attitude of faith, love and hope.

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