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Purifies your heart before you let love into it, for even the sweetest honey sour in a dirty container.

Thats Sweet Doubt To Whom The Truth Can Hurt

There is more, much more to Christmas than candlelight and joy; It is the spirit of sweet friendship that shines all year round. It is consideration and kindness is the hope reborn again, for peace, for understanding, and goodwill of men. – sweet quotes

Lets Stop Here So We Have Only Good Memories Of What We Live

Of all the gifts of nature to the human race, which is sweeter to man than children?  – ”sweet quotes”

The Success Seems Sweet To Those Who Do Not Reach

The best moments of love are those of a serene and sweet melancholy, that cry without knowing why, and almost quietly accepted one misfortune you do not know. – sweet quotes

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The Memory Tastes Sweet Because Memory Has Forgotten Craze

Does not deserve the sweet who has not experienced the bitter. – sweet quotes

The Dream Is Over

One of the main functions of a friend is to suffer under a sweeter and symbolically, the punishments we would like and we cannot inflict upon our enemies. – sweet quotes

Every parting is pain … so sweet however, that I would tell you good night until dawn the day. – sweet quotes

That Honey Is Sweet Thing Is I Refuse To Say But That Seems Sweet I Say Fully

If you love a flower that is found in a star, it is sweet at night, look at the sky. All the stars are blossoming. – sweet quotes

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Patience Is Bitter But Its Fruit Is Sweet

The poetry of poets who have suffered is sweet and tender. And the other, of those who were deprived of anything is burning, suffering and rebellious.  – sweet love quotes

Being the sweet end, what matters to the bitter beginning to be? Well done what ends.

Nature Is A Sweet Guide But Not As Sweet As Prudent And Fair

By so much love, so much excitement for life made me so sweet or cruel, tame or wild, hunter I me … – sweet love quotes

Life Is Sweet Living Is Agriculture In This Alternative Goes Life

I began to sing my pen
With a word so sweet,
De so serene way,
That even God thought it was
happiness – not worth it. – ”sweet love quotes”

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Lately Alcohol Makes Me More Comfortable You

For that so sweet
and so brief illusion
Although never
after I saw undone
I go back to being who was
no irony accept
My gratitude – sweet love quotes

Before that I had never been carried away
by so sudden and sweet love
Your face thrived as if it were a flower
And so my heart was stolen.

In Music Lies A Sweet Persuasive Power

The death that sucked all the honey of thy sweet breath, had no effect on your beauty. – sweet love quotes

I Confess I Have Learned To Be Sweeter

The mirror reflects my face a sweet smile and that this tension that eats away at me inside will one day be rewarded because half of me is what I think but the other half is volcano.

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Hey Say Revenge Is SweetTo Bee Cost Him His Life

Extremes are to love those sufferings,
O man treasure, sweet glory
O;. And if I suppose that then I just start So bring you always in memory; I do not know if I live or die, but I know, what the end of the battle for victory – sweet love quotes

Evil Is Sweet At First But Bitter At The End

Romantic sweet quotes for him long distance relationship – sweet love quotes

Diabetic Is Those Who Cannot Be Sweet

The misfortune of remembrance is sweet and serves recreational prosperity.

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The painter makes the woman here sweeter than it is in reality; as he paints her as a nurse. – sweet quotes

Death Is Sweet For Whom Life Is Bitter

We know very little about the times in which you live if you think that honey is sweeter than cash on hand – sweet quotes

When He Smiles Sweet I Imagine My Children

. Melinda the sun
Ice cream melting.
Sea – sweeter drops.

What Good Fear If The Desire Is To Love You

Do not know. I liked you because you are half ogre, medium sweet, It was a whim and nothing else,
Sweet as a day in April,
but its indigo blue eyes
stole once my peace. – sweet quotes

Everything is sweeter without the happiness of anxiety, everything looks like a book of drawings to color, and I know better deal with it. I carry the colors and no one sends on my table.

True Love Is A Sweet Chill A Start Without Dangers

Sleep is sweet consolation of men. Give them rest and forgetfulness of his regrets – sweet quotes

The Work Is A Sweet Pastime

Am flight to sweet stone flute.
Poetry tames me.
With me basting waters  – sweet quotes

And the habit of suffering that both amuses me, is sweet Itabuna heritage.

The Sweetest Life Is Not Thinking About Anythin

“I put in God’s hands and I have been asking: That’s sweet, that’s sweet, but That did not dizzy!” – sweet quotes

Hide your tears, only shew the sea.
For thy sweet love, can one day return! …

Sweet Quotes for him With Beautiful Images

“Everything is sweeter without the happiness of anxiety, everything looks like a book of drawings to color, and I know better deal with it. I carry the colors and no one sends on my table – sweet quotes for him

“Every month is November, I love you every day!”
“Why a month?
Why is no time to fall in love, but enough to happen something cool.”- ”sweet quotes for him”

Do not insist on things that you cannot go right, let fate decide for you.- sweet quotes for him

I can be sweet and gentle, but do not be accustomed. The worst poison is the one that suits you …- sweet quotes for him

Do you know why they say that every scoundrel is romantic? Because it is dedicated to the woman standing in front of him, even for just five minutes. – sweet quotes for him

I know it’s a sweet love you, bitter is wanting unto me.  – sweet quotes for him

For you friend!
I want to design a smile
To give you
spoon the brightness of stars
to light your way
I want to catch the moon
with his hand
and his heart tattoo on her
walk among the clouds
and bring you a caring
In the rain …
But everything more desire

That your eyes
When is my
Speech are things I cannot believe …
is sweet dream, you think you,
you like me, I like you …
But the illusion,
When it breaks,
hurts the heart who dreamed,
too dreamed …
If only I could understand,
What say their eyes.

Remains sweet way to show your affection, your way, your looks, your fears … that sweet is an absence of our fear, his embrace and how safe my hand. That’s sweet, sweet and that we will be, I know …  – sweet quotes for him

Short Romantic Sweet Quotes for Her

But she enjoys collecting secrets. Great things, which she keeps in a box. It is sweet, sweet, extremely sweet, so sweet. And it is there, chewing joy. – sweet quotes for her

I am bold and naive sometimes. I am sensitive while strong. I am sweet and when it needs to last. But are these that makes me so simple and so complex.  – ”sweet quotes for her”

I know it’s a sweet love you …
Bitter is wanting you to me.

People will look at me and say: Where is that sweet and passionate little girl? Well, she’s here, but appears only to those who deserve it. – sweet quotes for her

There is a sweet light in the silence and the pain is of divine origin.
Allow me to turn my face to a sky bigger than this world,
and learn to be docile in the dream as the stars on course  – sweet quotes for her

“It is the same, only smarter. And however bitter it may be, it will never change the taste of sweet  – sweet quotes for her

“But you know especially with a certain sweet mercy for you, for all that it will one day, perhaps as suddenly as it came, or slowly, it does not matter. I just do not will know never that right now have the unbearable beauty of it fully alive. ”  – sweet quotes for her

All suffering received with serenity has a sweet-bitter that instead of mistreating does well

“Who says revenge is bitter does not taste good. It is sweet and delicious.”

“The most beautiful and fragrant flowers hide the sweet poison of betrayal.” – sweet quotes for her

I am …
I am mine, I am yours, who you want.
I’m a tomboy, I am sweet woman.
I am emotion, reason, strength, weakness.
I’m company, loneliness, rise, pain.
But whatever it is and when .. .
I will always love. Your love.

My source of desire.
Sweet charm, pure magic.
There’s only pleasure with your kiss.
Be it night or day.
I do not stay without you.
Alas I would die ..

Certain existing pleasure in sorrow is sweeter than the pleasure of pleasure.

Life is bitter and sweet. So there is no other way to describe it but catching these two flavors – – sweet quotes for her

Nothing in the world is sweeter than love, / and after it is hate the sweetest thing.

through the vineyards,
he embraces stronger
and kisses sweeter …

I repeat: What is sweet. Seven times to give luckier: Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet …- sweet quotes for her

Your kiss is more beautiful than the sea and sky, your kiss is sweeter than honey. I hold you and time seems to fly, your kiss tastes like love, then kiss me please …

That Love Angel fill your heart!
May the Angel of Joy brighten your smile!
The Angel of Justice alert you always!
May the Friendship Angel sustain you with love!
What Forgiveness Angel strengthen you!
What the Angel of Light enlighten you and keep you as
their emissary, spreading light to all who
cross your path!

The mirror reflects my face a sweet smile
that I remember having given in childhood – – sweet quotes for her

The evening came. She found it so beautiful, so sweet the moonlight, which made a tour of the gallery that surrounded the church. Felt about it a great relief for the land seemed calm, view from above the cathedral.

He resigned because. Resignation was sweet and fresh. Born to her.

“One of the main functions of a friend is to suffer under a sweeter and symbolically, the punishments we would like and we cannot inflict upon our enemies.”

Tell me a plausible lie,
well built,
that’s sweet, and has a bit of drama,
and tell me all this softly and look good suit,
because today I want to fall in love with you …

Some people need to smile always live sad all the time, out of sour phase
and move to the fresh stage – – sweet quotes for her

is to wake up thinking about the past, living the present and planning for the future.

I prefer the sweet silence of my noisy mind the noise of mouths full, but completely empty minds.

Words can be said, can be written,
but the worst is q they can be felt.
When you say something, think before,
because you cannot have time to fix
the lines left blank …

I usually easy affection
I get used easily the attention
I get used easily to dream
I just do not get used to not think of you – – sweet quotes for her

“Let’s stop here, so we have only good memories of what we live.” “If you let me go now, everything we have been perfect. You are my immortality.”

I do not know pretend feelings, you transmit p me, I will give back what I feel truly.

Not everything is perfect, but life is beautiful, there is love. Sweet Quotes Life is worth living.

‘m Kind of disguise possible, but when I give myself to the doves realize.

I tried to follow my instincts more primitive, I was afraid, I became reckless in my madness, and abrangi excruciating anguish, but not one that indeed sometimes confuses anxiety goes beyond far beyond ….

I remember well my dear platonic love, it was beautiful, and real briefly

I wish I could talk: these days I get along better with the situation- sweet quotes for her

The days go by and I’m still the same, my life remains the same, and my mood remains the same, the only thing that changes are my problems, they rather increase.

I love you and your miserable defects, remember me when you think about quitting.

My bad mood is me bringing complications and frictions with life,
the dark days provide me solitude, and make everything hide with only two phones.

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