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Sunday Quotes

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In the sky it is always Sunday. And we have nothing to do but hear the boring. And there it is even worse than here, because it is the boring of all times in the world.

Tomorrow I will be softer
And fourth will be my day
The weekend promises
Sunday will have to give sunshine
Second I will happen
I cannot lose your show
Pro month I will visit you
It is now that I leave once
That good that I I’ll meet you
tomorrow, I’ll be happier.

I hate Sunday for being hollow.

I Hate Sunday For Being Hollow

I wish you: Dating at the gate, Sunday without rain, Second without bad mood, Saturday with your love …

“I wish you: Dating at the gate, Sunday without rain, Monday without a bad mood, Saturday with your love.

Sunday Afternoon, An Ordinary Day Of The Week With The Face Of A Wake

Wandering is the Sunday of thought.

Truth does not have to be accepted in faith. Scientists do not hold their hands every Sunday, singing, ‘Yes, gravity is real! I’ll have faith! I must be strong! Amen!’.

Just Because It's Sunday, I'm Going To Give Myself Time

Peace of winter –
the endless Sunday
in the field.

Do Not Treat It Like Friday Night Who Treats You Like Sunday Afternoon

One Sunday afternoon alone at home I doubled-as in labor pain-and I saw that the girl in me was dying. I will never forget that Sunday. To heal it took days. And here I am. Hard, silent and heroic. No girl inside me.

Boredom Sunday Night With Rain And Mind Equals A Blender

Sunday, the worst, the most miserable of all the days of the week.

Sunday’s perfect day for a passionate couple to do all that love gives them right.

A Sunday, A Rain, A Bottle, A Glass, A Cigarette, A Heart And Several Tears

From Sunday to Thursday I expect Prince Charming, Friday and Saturday I leave in search of the bad wolf.

Sunday colors are aged colors. Colors of homesickness, of traveling back. Colors of those who leave and who are left in the middle.

Wandering Is The Sunday Of Thought

One day you will realize that what matters is not who you want to stay Friday night, but the whole Sunday

A Sunday, a rain, a bottle, a glass, a cigarette, a heart and several tears.

There Is No Tedium Sunday When You Have A Good Saturday

The day was beautiful. It was not just a Christian Sunday; It was an immense universal Sunday.
“No desire on this Sunday
no problem in this life
the world stopped suddenly
men were silent
Sunday without end or beginning. The
hand that writes this poem
does not know what he is writing
but it is possible that if he knew
or did not call.”

Sunday, The Worst, The Most Miserable Of All The Days Of The Week

She peered without seeing the quiet monotony of Sunday, then turned inward, listened to the silence.

And on this incredible Sunday night, I say goodbye, almost asleep, for tomorrow is now, and the dawn already says that our dawn has the awakening to smile.

Sunday The Boredom And Multiple Enjoyment Of Sunday Love To Intertwine

I want a Sunday with popcorn and love movie.
One-day pajamas.
A mattress thrown on the floor.
And, you, to stay perfect.

Forgiving and releasing are the two methods so that you can live without grief and anguish.

Happy Sunday Quotes And Images

The world will break your heart in 10 different ways by Sunday. This is guaranteed. You cannot explain it. Or the madness inside me and everyone else. But guess what? Sunday is my favorite day again. I think about what everyone did to me, and I feel like a very lucky guy.

“Of the perks that life allows us, I am that of Sunday: Monday is coming, but I enjoy it until midnight, if you understand me …”

I’m not alone, woe to me if I were alone. I would not look at the sky on a sunny Sunday, and I would not even sleep in the breeze of the sea.
God is with me!

A great Sunday to all the crazy and lucid on Facebook! To those who are hungover and to those who want to be!

“The truth does not have to be accepted in faith.” Scientists do not hold their hands every Sunday, singing, ‘Yes, gravity is real, I’m going to have faith, I must be strong!

Boredom Sunday night with rain and mind equals a blender.

I wish!
If every day were like this
If Sunday had no end
And there was no work tomorrow

There’s nothing like waking up early on a Sunday,
drinking coffee, just watching the day rise up, coming to
life little by little …

There is no tedium Sunday when you have a good Saturday.

what would become of me
if on a Sunday so
there was no
flower in my garden

Best Sunday Morning Quotes

Slutty is not rain on holiday.
Slutty is a holiday on Saturday or Sunday!

Sunday is such a melancholy day, in the morning then, it is almost funereal.

Do not treat it like Friday night who treats you like Sunday afternoon.

If you hate Sunday because tomorrow is Monday and “it all starts again”, sign that what you do during the week is not really what you like!

On a Friday such as this, love was betrayed, sacrificed and murdered, the next Sunday he was resurrected, for we know where true love exists, hatred and wickedness will not prevail.

You said that yesterday on Sunday
things on Monday would be better
what happened? I’m already on Tuesday
waiting for the second pass!
What can I do if in this story
only you have the power to change everything.

“And why do I feel like a student on a Sunday? It’s almost morning and I do not want to go.”

Tv open Sunday in USA is a
great reason to read a book and listen to good music.

I live in this life Porum Reason: You are my everything Without you I am nothing I cannot live in this world without you, I hope you take me in your heart forever as I take you in mine

My Love is too great For You I cannot live with you any more I Speak Things Without Sense More You are everything to Me

I love the smell of sunny mornings.
With wet grass and breeze in the air.
Birds singing, dogs running.
A coffee in the pot and a toasty bread with butter.
Remember it’s Sunday and there are no appointments.
And that I have the whole day to make myself happy.

Sunday The boredom and multiple enjoyment of Sunday love to intertwine.

May this day be sweet, with the taste of childhood, balloons, flowers, love, in short, that is full of colors. May peace and joy reign in family gatherings. May it be all beautiful on this Sunday day.

I cannot live any longer.
A meaningless feeling.
I need to find out.
The thrill of being with you.

Going, going,
Rose wine
Come, come,
Lack of prose
Eight hours of Sunday
Beautiful, beautiful
Falling, falling
“Sunday afternoon, an ordinary day of the week with the face of a wake.”

Just because it’s Sunday, I’m going to give myself time

Remembrance of the days’
Rest of the flesh
State of grace
Sunday Room dark horror movie
Afternoon at the end a cheap
Who knows in the second I escape

Please Sunday , please
transform sadness
into joy, problems
into hopes, disagreements
in harmony and overflow
my heart of peace and love.

“Sunday night, time to slow down, put the thought in place, to start a new week (new life).”

This Sunday heat has only one beautiful thing, the sunshine. – Sunday Quotes

A good Sunday of peace and tranquility to all who are on the positive vibe.

I need urgently,
re (to invent) my Sundays!
I think it’s
very long and tiring Sunday …
I think
not doing anything !!

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