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Summer Quotes

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I can assure you that the lonely summer has left me more woman, lighter and more tanned and that, after suffering a lot wanting a perfect person and a movie life, I just want to be happy in a simple way. Today the sky was very cloudy, but then opened the biggest sun.

And in the middle of a winter I finally
learned that there was
an invincible summer inside me.

When people are happy, they do not notice if it’s winter or summer.

Summer Lightning Cry Of An Owl In The Olive Trees

In every way
That there is to love
We already love
With all the words made to bleed
We have
already cut ourselves Now it is past the time
It is beautiful outside
Wide my hand
Let loose the nails of my heart
That he is hurried
And demand to beat wildly
When summer comes

Summer Morning Smell Fresh The Cut Herb

Nothing but possibilities. Nothing but wishes. And, suddenly, be fulfillment, be summer, have sun.

Fly a couple of swallows, making summer. And there comes a will to tear old letters, old poems, old letters received. Willingness to change shirt, on the outside and inside … Will … for that modesty of certain words? … Will to love, simply.

Summer Is Set In My Heart

Summer night,
sidewalk chairs,
subject: heat.

Your passion
wet me like
summer heat

Summer Grasses Under Which The Warriors Dream

Summer grasses
under which the warriors

The wrath of lovers is like the summer storms, which only serve to make the fields greener.

Stuck In The Waterfall An Instant The Summer

In the summer sun
the ice cream melts.

Step by step
on the mountain in the summer –
suddenly the sea.

Step By Step On The Mountain In The Summer Suddenly The Sea

How it stinks in summer
the fresh shit
stomps on the floor

Pregnant cloud
at dusk
First summer rain

Soul Washed Smell Of Wet Earth Summer Rain

Stuck in the waterfall
an instant:
the summer

Do not grieve because you cannot see what those who come after you will see. Because after they died, they will have seen exactly the same as you.

Pregnant Cloud At Dusk First Summer Rain

When you feel like having a boyfriend on a cold day watching a movie, remember: Summer is coming, vacations and carnival too. So, grab your pillow and make plans to be free, light and loose!

The mouth,
where the fire
of a
very old summer
What can one mouth
but another mouth

Meandering In The Summer River

Summer is set in my heart.

Relationship is not summer the whole time, but two people can share an umbrella and survive the storm together.

How It Stinks In Summer The Fresh Shit Stomps On The Floor

In the middle of winter, I learned that there was an invincible summer in me.

When People Are Happy, They Do Not Notice If It's Winter Or Summer

I want only five things …
First is love without end
The second is to see autumn
The third is the severe winter
Fourth summer
The fifth thing is your eyes
I do not want to sleep without your eyes.
I do not want to be … without you looking at me.
I give up spring for you to continue looking at me.

There Goes The Beggar, Heaven And Earth Are Wearing It

Some say that every night is a dream.
But there are also those who guarantee that not all, only those of summer. This does not really matter much.
What really matters is not the night itself, it’s the dreams. Dreams that man always dreams, everywhere, at all times of the year, sleeping or awake.

The Cliff Under The Sun Shines More Erect The Fertile Summer Ah

More or less it does not give a chat, it does not make winter or summer, it does not require a long explanation. It is better to be happy or sad, more or less the worst thing that exists.


There are those who say that every night is a dream
But there are also those who say not all, only those of summer
But deep down it does not have much importance
What really matters are not the nights themselves, they are the dreams.

Summer Wind Comes With A Breath Of Dampness Drizzle Softens

I still think we need to know the winter to understand the summer, just as it is necessary to go through moments of deep sadness to be able to identify and value happiness when it arrives. And we should never forget the people we love.

Summer Quotes – Cute Quotes About Summer

In the winter to protect you
in the summer to go fishing
in the autumn to meet you,
spring, to like
and in the summer I melt
in the rain to dance and to walk together!

Soul washed.
Smell of wet earth
Summer rain.

Ray of sunshine
on blond hair –
summer coming.

In the magical orbit
of translation, the sun makes
and undoes summer.

Summer morning
smell fresh
the cut herb

There goes the beggar,
Heaven and Earth are wearing it:

in the summer river

The cliff under the sun shines more erect :
the fertile summer ah.

Summer wind
comes with a breath of dampness –
drizzle softens.

Summer lightning
cry of an owl
in the olive trees

Summer. Noon
In the shadow of a cloud

The sun ages.
Wick burns by a thread.
Summer rots.

Summer love
kite broke the line
ran away with the wind

Bright sea summer
and the day marking step
at low tide

End Of Summer Quotes & Sayings

summer road
floured figs

Just the pilgrims bats They
move through
the summer field

The gate beats –
On my left side,
The summer moon.

It was all a dream, a dream … a summer night.

It was summer or any section so
full moon or something like
a nostalgia or almost the same thing
was love or more or less this

I feel the heat of another summer, everything gets color!

Lots of wine and beer. No
It’s my 3 commandments to
enjoy this summer.

Of what use is trying to rebuild with words
What summer took
between clouds and laughter
Along with the old newspaper the air
The dream in the mouth, fire in bed,
the appeal of the night
now is just this
contraction (this flash)
of the jaw Inside the face.
Poetry is the present.

About us, we will have nothing to say …
We live in a new age.
They will see,
We spring!

“Of all the phenomena of nature, it is a hurricane, it leaves wreckage and smoke wherever it passes, it has tried to be a light summer breeze, but, as they say, calms do not last forever.”

About summer: According to the high temperature chemistry causes molecules to shake and are more likely to collide. If you understand me.

My heart is a summer evening, in a little town by the sea. The breeze blows, the first star came out. There are girls in the window, boys across the square, violet tulips on the hills where the sun set. The full moon rose from the sea. The lovers sigh. And they fall in love even more.

His voice was the soundtrack of my summer. Do you know that you are different from others? You will always be my thunder, and I say: Your eyes are the brightest of all colors. I do not want to love anyone else, you will always be my thunder.

Steal spring from its aroma, from summer to sensuality, from autumn to transformation, from winter to rebirth and rebuild.

Summer romances end for all sorts of reasons. But when all is settled, they have some in common: They are like falling stars, a spectacular moment of light, a glow of eternity. And like a click, they’re gone – Summer Quotes

Like the clothes that you wear,
I want to be in you.
To warm you in the winter,
In the summer to undress you.

These days of summer pass fast, do not they? Too bad the daily routine of having to make a living has to stop you from enjoying these sublime moments of life.

I will be present in every spring, summer, autumn and winter, I am shaped to be eternal.

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