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Smoking Quotes

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Thinking and smoking are two identical operations that consist of tossing small clouds in the wind.

Quitting smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know very well what it is, I have done it fifty times.

Because today I just want to cry like a poet of the past, and smoke my cigarette in the absence of Absinth.

Smoking Art
Distrust of those who do not smoke:
these have no inner life, no feelings.
The cigarette is a subtle way, and disguised as a sigh.

I've Always Insisted On Never Smoking When I'm Asleep

I’ve always insisted on never smoking when I’m asleep.

Why drink and drive, if I can smoke and travel

Cancer Is Proof That We Are Living Too Much

There are machines that are awfully complicated for the simplest needs.
If you want to smoke a cachet press a button,
jackets button is for electricity,
Love and makes the wireless,
do not have the stomach for digestion

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Freedom of movement to be able to go or to stay
To laugh, to smoke, to protest or try to cry
With my dry eyes, cold heart already catching

If I Stop Drinking And Smoking, I Beat Eike Batista

He rehabs with his ex-girlfriend and I start smoking again, but believe me, the one who came back for drugs was NOT US.

She came back with the ex, and I went back to smoking. But believe me, it was not me who came back for the drugs.

I'm Going To Smoke A Cigarette And I'll Be Right Back!

Smoking and then sucking a bullet is the same as farting and sitting on the soap.

Smart people are able to quit smoking; smart people do not even start. Intelligence is evolutionary, smartness is instinctive!

If It Is Your Right To Smoke, It Is My Right To Breathe In A Healthy Way!

But am I less holy than the others just because I chose to smoke a joint and have a few beers with my hands Before we find world peace, we need to find peace in this war that takes place on the streets. My gospel of the ghetto.

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“If even for love of your child you are unable to quit smoking you will say for your sake.”

I Just Wanted To Smoke My Cigarette And Run

A cigarette,
For those who want to smoke,
Who breathes differently,
Full of smoke, hatred and rancor,
Full of himself,
one who mastered the art of dying,
what is between your fingers, burning
their lives, pain and love,
And ashes,
the result of a story.

Addiction Your Perfume, Never Leave Me, Even Though I Smoke

Your perfume,
never leave me,
Even though I smoke.

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Open the gate
Do not stop now
Do not smoke,
and fall in love

A Good Smoker Lights His Cigarette Without Fire

Smoking or non-smoking These are the lungs, the heart, general health and re-education.

Smoking in people’s lives is so important that if she stops, she knows the years, the minutes, and the seconds when she stops. It remains to know if it is a memory of victory or desire …

Why Drink And Drive, If I Can Smoke And Travel

A good smoker lights his cigarette without fire.

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Stop smoking, stop eating and stop loving someone or something that makes us bad but gives us immense pleasure is very easy but difficult is to stop suffering from the lack that this harmful does and brings in most of the hours of our live.

The Best Time To Stop Smoking Is When The Cigarette Arrives At The Filter

Cancer is proof that we are living too much

“Melancholy drags me into a cold, dark place while warming my lungs by smoking a cigarette on winter mornings.”

“I do not know if I live right or wrong or if I’m a good or bad man, I just know that the swallowing of cigarettes alleviates the lack of what I do not yet know.”

Smoking Quotes – Smoking Weed Quotes with images

“There are things I just cannot stop, like that fingernail that scratches internally every time I indulge in the diluted thoughts in the cigarette smoke.”

I will smoke passion to release love, which is what is missing on the planet.

Please, young man, do not smoke!
That this smoke one day destroys you.
by your handsome biceps boy, do not smoke!
Rely on me which is better.
Please, young man, do not smoke!
Take that smoke between us.
How do you expect my heart,
the lung that is already your plays out

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Stop smoking gradually is the same to stop being unfaithful to his wife gradually …

Today complete two weeks without smoking.
And only 14.4 seconds without lying, which was the exact time it took me to write this second sentence.

I do not need to smoke much less drink to get crazy. I do the greatest madness of all: THEATER.

They taught me that it was a sin to drink, dance and smoke. No one has ever taught me that it was a sin to keep the people illiterate, living in slums, uneducated and unhealthy.

Having Friends to smoke, drink and go to night is soft, the difficult thing is to have the same friends when you decide not to do it all over!

I feel terrible if a woman smokes a cigarette soon after making love to me, I feel like a cup of coffee.

If you smoke, they will say that you smoke too much,
if you drink, will say that drinks too much.
If you dream, they will say that dreams too …
and if you die, will say whatever.
So fuck it!!!

Smoking Quotes – Best Quotes About Smoking

Do not touch me
If only to light me
Do not turn me
If not smoke I
do not smoke myself
if not engulf me…

People put a stereotype on everything. “It’s not because short reggae, I love Bob Marley I’m going to smoke a joint for that, right

If it is your right to smoke, it is my right to breathe in a healthy way!

And you say that you are going to smoke a cigarette to frighten away the nostalgia and when you see it has already been a whole pack.

So jealous, so much greed, so what you do not want to be,
will not be better smoking a joint and this world forget

Strangely, I stopped at the damn third cigar. Not for the sake of conscience that I should not smoke so much, that nicotine does bad, addictive. No. But why did I find out in time that this is not an outbreak here. As in other odd and rare moments this is sincerity.

The best time to stop smoking is when the cigarette arrives at the filter.

If I stop drinking and smoking, I beat Eike Batista.

After waiting an eternity
smoking some cigarettes
quietly watching the smoke dissipate
expect the rain to stop
to look away
to try to forget and prove how tough I am.
I want you for me.

Drinking is crazy, smoking too.
More life made me po.
A little crazy I like

My neighbor used to listen to Amy Winehouse and smoke a cigar, he said it was cult.

I do not promise not to drink, I did not promise or to stop smoking, I have not smoked for almost a month, but I can smoke at any time, we are not promises, we are commitments fulfilled!

“I hope to be healed within days. I must stop smoking, drinking, thinking. It’s possible. Following the prescriptions of the service morality. I receive time, abstinence, solitude. ”

I just wanted to smoke my cigarette and run.

I’m going to smoke a cigarette and I’ll be right back!

Drink and not be drunk.
Smoking and not being smoked.
Smell and not be.
Here, at last, the beast meaning
of having a rider on the chimera.

Everything will go
I will come back to smoke
My cigarette on the table to burn
for you I’ll wait
until the day the world ends.

Having friends to smoke, drink and go to the ballad is soft, it’s hard to have the same friends when you decide not to do it all anymore.

I do not want anything more, from a company to smoke my half of the cigarette, or to take half a cup of coffee ..

To be Rastafari is not only to listen to a Reggae and to smoke a tip, for me it is also to reach Peace the Love and equal rights with response.

Good were the times
in which I went with the group
to drink and smoke
and the next morning
were evidence brands
Roxas by the body – Smoking Quotes

While there is land I continue to plant.
As long as there is a continuous plant to smoke.

On bitter days I miss smoking.
I miss having a cigarette between my fingers, the smoke, my bronchi going into agony and that instant happiness that passes through me with every swallow I give.

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