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Smile Quotes

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It is easier to get what you want with a smile than the tip of the sword.

The Smile You Offer It Will Return To Again

Anyone who wants to succeed in life should do as your wise: even with a broken soul, have a smile.

The Sun Is To The Flowers That Smiles Are To Humanity

The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, not even the company’s delight. It is the spiritual inspiration that comes when you discover that someone believes and trusts you.

The Most Beautiful Curve Of A Woman S Smile

Your harvest is abundant and eternal and the smile of happiness and success garnish his lips.

Tears Are The Supreme Smile

Very little is needed to fully transform a life: love in the heart and smile.

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One Of The Best Things In Life Is To Cause A Smile On Someone

The smile enriches the recipients without impoverishing donors.

Not Everything Is What It Seems

Music is able to play in its actual form, the pain that pierces the soul and the smile that inebriates.

Not Always Bring Smile On The Face Is The Life I Lead

I am unsympathetic with pride – just smile at those who cause my smile. Do not like it? Your problem. This is called authenticity, my dear.

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My Biggest Lie Every Day My Smile

I am hugs, smiles, cheer, good humor, sarcasm, laziness and sleep now.

Love Is To Feel Not To Understand

Beneath the makeup and behind my smile, I’m just a girl who wants the world

Life Is Hard For Those Who Are Soft

And my soul rejoices in his smile, a broad, human smile, as the applause of a crowd.

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It Is Woman S Own Smile That Promises Nothing And Allows All Imagine

Well it is having problem on the head, mouth smile and peace in your heart!

It Is Easier To Get What You Want With A Smile Than The Tip Of The Sword. 1

“I may not have a penny in my pocket, but I have a smile on his face and it is worth all the money in the world.”

If My Eyes Showed My Soul All Seeing Me Smile Cry Me

Every day is a special occasion. Keep only what has to be saved: memories, smiles, poems, smells, miss moments.

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I Do Not Need Your Smile To Be Happy

There is nothing more beautiful than his smile and the cold makes you hug me.

I Believe That Better Days Are Comin

Smiles and spontaneous hugs move me.
Words to win me temporarily.
But attitudes earn me forever.

Every Woman Takes A Smile And A Thousand Secrets In The Heart

“He opened the kind of smile that would have made my heart stop if he was still beating.”

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Even After Meeting Several New And Smiles His Is Still My Favorite

Worse, much worse even
than the crocodile tears
are crocodile smiles …

Empty Heart And Full Smile So Be It

For all malice, has an innocence. For every rain, there is a sun. For every tear, there is a smile.

Do Not Hide Behind A Fake Smile. You Have The Right Not To Be Good

Dreams do not age … Go ahead. Smile and firmness in decisions. God decided to reform the world, and chose your heart to start reform. This proves that he still believes in you. And if he still believes, who are you to doubt …

But The Smile Ah This Will Resist All Time Wiles

I never had eyes so clear and the smile on the madness. I feel like all the trees, lonely, perfect and pure

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But That Smile Ah That Smile I Took All Defenses

The show must go on
I’ll face it with a smile
I will never give up
Avante – with the show – Smile Quotes

As I Need To Be Loved My God To Stop Giving Tray My Smile There

The saying goes, but I’m not sure that my smile is happier when I see you also say that my eyes shine, also say it’s love, but it is certainly yes – Smile Quotes

A Smile Is The Most Beautiful Curve In The Body Of Any Person

The time trying to hijack my smile, but resist as a child afraid of the mother to grate the knee. I swallow the tears, not to hurt more – Smile Quotes

A Sigh Is A Reproach To The Present And A Smile To The Past

Cute smiling people fascinate me. You have to ask what makes them smile so beautiful – Smile Quotes

A Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted

A smile and a sincere hug speak better than a thousand times “thank you.” you will always have my smile, and now receive my hug.

I reciprocate the smile. We correspond to embrace. I say yes. Yes, I want. I feel sins.

Smile Quotes – Happy Sayings With Beautiful Images

But I realize now
what your smile
comes different
almost like hurt you …

I did not want to see you like
I want your strength
as it was before
What you have is your only
and is worth nothing escape
and not feel anything …

Wake up each morning with a smile. This is one more opportunity you have to be happy. Be your own ignition engine. The day will never come back …. Do not waste it !!! – Smile Quotes

With a satanic smile on his face, the black-haired Jewish youth lurks in wait of the innocent girl he soiled with his blood, robbing the well of his people.
I too admire the details. Detail of a shy smile, the way the eyes move. It reveals something.

We can then say that we are free, with peace and the smile of those who acknowledge and traveled round the indefatigable world because he bit the soul … up to her bones. Each of us is for now the life. This gives us enough.
You know when you remember his smile, and involuntarily you smile too? So…
Few things are as tasty as receive kisses, smile and warmth of the loved one after an exhausting day of work.
I cannot tell if this is your smile
What enchants me and fascinates me
or if this is your look that dominates me
and holding me
I cannot tell yet if this is your way that attracts me
and that turns me
But surely there is something special between us
that this reality supplants, transcends

Happy quotes that make you smile

The loneliest people are the kindest. Saddest have the most beautiful smile. The most suffered are the wisest. All because they do not want others to suffer as much as they have suffered.
I believe in laughter and tears as antidotes against hatred and terror.
Although their night in the heart, it is worth smiling so their stars in the darkness.
We know a man by his laugh; is the first time we found he laughed agreeably, the intimate is excellent.
No need to drugging me to be a genius,
does not take a genius to be human,
but I need your smile to be happy.
Much that yesterday seemed important or significant dust will turn tomorrow in memory filter. But the smile …ah, this will resist all time wiles.
If we have to wait,
it is to reap the good seed
we launched today on the soil of life.
If it is to sow,
then it is to produce
millions of smiles,
solidarity and friendship.
I’m back to my warmth
bringing in the suitcase rather miss
Wanting a sincere smile
A hug to relieve my fatigue
And all that my will
There is nothing stupider than a stupid grin.
Youth passes and dusk spreads in your smile. / Life, exiled from his dream is a dark trip.

I do not know your gestures
or the color of your smile
but envision the steps.

To be kind is like planting a smile every time. Thank you for planted so many smiles on me!
I am hugs, smiles, cheer, good humor, sarcasm, laziness and sleep!Loud music and silence
“I want to immortalize your beautiful smile – but I never said it to you. Neither spoke of his good smell. What is the smell of a new life that I needed so much…
I fall in love with smiles and glances, the words seduce me, but are the attitudes that win me
Do not drop tears for those who did not know how to value their smiles.

Being Happy Quotes And Sayings

The box does not cover
It is always uncovered
Give me a smile of yours
I do not desire anything else – Smile Quotes

Well I am having problem on the head, mouth smile and peace in the heart!
By the way, given the problems in God’s hands and that such a delicious coffee now?
To always have your heart, I promise to always have the best smile, even if the sun does not arise and life cause grief, to always have your heart …
We sitcoms, but where are the smiles that last until the next morning?
I reciprocate the smile. We correspond to embrace. I say yes. Yes, I want. I feel sins. Just because I’m alive. And all this, it seems magical, is the most natural thing in the world.
It was impossible not to fall in love with your smile, it was impossible to look at you and not forget what I was going to say.
That April bring me all the smiles that March stole. That comes with good winds that bring me luck and love, do not let me suffer please. This month all works out.
Today I live for hope, for beautiful things and big smiles. Even if everything goes back. Today I will go hand in hand with my guardian angel …
Do not rely on any word, any smile, no kiss, no hug, any look. People pretend, and very well.

I have a silly grin, like hiccup
While chaos goes on
with all the calm of the world.
Whenever they asked me how I would like to be remembered, replied, with a smile.
I admire people good-humored. I admit that I cannot resist a real smile, a radiant smile, a pure smile, a sweet smile, a real smile. I am absolutely in love with smiles.
I need new people, genuine smiles, long hugs, unique moments.
The smile is a universal language. At any time, in each place, they all understand – Smile Quotes

Time to turn the page, test the most beautiful smile, restore the heart and teach him to hit again.
A smile can hide a tear, but a passionate smile cannot really come up and you realize from afar.
It may be a fake smile, but still a smile and is even better than tears.
A smile for entry, lack subject, lack access talent translated into ballot, and the stem cell is a single parent cell.
And I imagine you in poses and smiles, deep voice and tousled hair, stuck in my wildest fantasies and busy – Smile Quotes

The smile that I bring today erases all other traces. I learned, by leaps, that being happy does not hurt. Being happy does not hurt!
Your smile is worth more than a diamond. If you come with me, then we go ahead.
It does not matter what was lost, just mind your smile and nothing else.
You have no idea how much I want to say with my silly smile for you.
Do not accumulate what darkens the soul and yellow smile. Accumulate what scent life.
“Yes it hurts, especially when I close my eyes and still
see you with that smile that seemed so my …”
The smile changed and the will to smile at anyone too, thank God …

You have no idea how much I desire you. I like your kiss you to just look Happiness Quotes.
The horizon is just an imaginary line that recedes as you approach.
I may not be as strong, beautiful and intelligent, but I am the most modest.
I will not say I will use the stones stumbled to build my castle because my castle will not be built with stones that made me fall …
Is she still has my heart, for she still passion die, for it’s my sound, my air, my ground if she does not come back I will lose myself Smile Quotes .

More than a hand extended
more than a beautiful smile
more than the joy of sharing
more than dreaming the same dreams
or hurt the same pains
much more than the silence that speaks
or voice silent, to hear
is, friendship the food
we quenches the soul
and is offered by someone
who believes in us.
Well it is having problem on the head, mouth smile and peace in the heart Happy Quotes !
By the way, given the problems in God’s hands and that such a delicious coffee now?
Life is a play that does not allow testing. So sing, cry, dance and live intensely before the curtain closes!

I want to immortalize your beautiful smile – but I never said it to you. Neither spoke of his good smell. What is the smell of a new life that I needed so much … And you do not dream that I’m kind of jealous, pretty boring, I want to be a mother and I believe in the love of my life. I believe in love forever. I believe in soul mate.
One day the tears told the smile envy you because you live always happy. The smile said, deceives you, because I am often just the guise of your pain.
And you do not know how many smiles I’ve just gave thinking about you.

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