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Single Quotes

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Either he’s stupid or he’s ugly. And that sums up the whole existential life of a single woman.

No, I’m not single. I am in a long distance relationship because my boyfriend lives in the future.

Staying Single Is A Matter Of Choice No One Chooses Me

I can assure you that the lonely summer has left me more woman, lighter and more tanned and that, after suffering a lot wanting a perfect person and a movie life, I just want to be happy in a simple way. Today the sky was very cloudy, but then opened the biggest sun.

I’m not single. I am simply in reserve for the one who deserves all my heart because they say good things take time.

I’m not single, I’m alone. Single is the one who looks for someone, I do not look for anyone.
Single by choice? Of course not! Single for lack of option, option, I do not want any, because I’m not one anymore. My queue does not fly, because my ratchet is selective.

Single Yes, Never Alone, Always Lying!

Technically, I’m single. But my heart is taken by someone I cannot call my own.

I think, that’s why I’m single!

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Actually, I was single. But emotionally, I was already committed, I was jealous as if he was already mine … and … he was, but did not know.

I’m tired of being alone, so I’m single!

Single Yes, Never Alone, Always Lying!

If we analyze our reactions, the single life is really a playground. You think it’s a joke and when you see, your heart stopped. Adrenaline in the vein when the phone rings. Shortness of breath if the world does not signal …

Single is not just a status; it is a word that describes a person strong enough to enjoy life without depending on anyone.

It’s not because I’m single I need to be looking for someone. I may just be waiting.

Single Yes, Getting Sung By Ugly People Always!

“Maybe I’ve gotten so used to my maiden life that I do not want to have another life other than that.”

Single not, following solo career with some special participation …

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“That’s when my mother told me that she bought a 100% single cotton duvet that I felt alone.”

Single Yes, Alone Sometimes, Available Not Always!

It is not enough that your marital status is “single”. You have to feel “single”. That means you feel good on your own.

It’s better to be single, than to be frustrated by a superficial relationship.

The good life of a maiden ends, when one puts one’s head on the pillow and sleeps alone.

Single Not, Following Solo Career With Some Special Participation

Hangover today, I think this thing about being single makes us crazy, the track yesterday was full of mouths, footprints and delicious male asses.

It is better to be single, coveted, popped, than to love and not be loved.

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Behind all “now I’m single and no one will hold me”, there will always be a night of lost crying for the ex.

Single Because Life With S Is Hotter!

Being single is not a curse and relationship is no guarantee of happiness.

Being single has her good hours … And how!

Being single does not continue to love, it does not mean she is looking for someone to love.

It's Better To Be Single, Than To Be Frustrated By A Superficial Relationship

Being single. It does not mean being available. And if I insist, I’ll break your face!

Wow, Valentine’s Day, I’m here, single, yes, hungry too, with enough sleep, lots of laziness and a huge desire to buy a car … What did I say at first

People who are single but need to spit 30 photos of ballad and 40 texts of a day to show pro ex who has overcome and is happy.

In This Circus Called Single Life Has Much Clown And Little Magic

That’s right!
It is better for a woman to marry than to remain single, but it is better for her to be single than to be married to an oppressive, abusive man who makes her life an intolerable misfortune. ”

I’m single for being tired of beautiful words and false
I now true attitudes

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The total difference between a single woman and a single woman is that in theory the single woman should only look for singles and singles should only look for married women.

I'm Tired Of Being Alone, So I'm Single!

Do not be fooled, being single is just a civil state, I’m never alone.

Single yes, never alone, always lying!

Single … Because life with S is hotter!

I'm Single, And I Do Not Complain About That

I’m so happy single, that even with this cold, I do not miss anything but my duvet.

Yes I am single for those who do not know, but I have the brief mania to respect who respects me.

We have to like who really cares and likes us. You may be single but you do not have to beg for anyone’s love. That’s the tip.
I’m short of that good life, good life, single life, but I know that I’m not immune to the loves of those who throw me down and leave me to the bottom of the deepest pit of distress

I'm Not Blonde Or Brunette, I'm Not Girlfriend, Not Single

Single yes, Alone sometimes, Available not always!

In this circus called single life has much clown and little magic.

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I do not care; I use the cue. I do not suffer, improvisation. I’m not single, I go in season. I do not live, rehearsal. I do not die; I close the curtain.

I Think, That's Why I'm Single!

Being single does not mean having to go around halfway around the world, it’s the beloved hint.

And be damned if the circus catch fire …
to single even … good and I kidnap the clown ….

Single life has a lot clown,
for little ring …
Nor is there room for magic. ”
My well if he told you that there is no more fire in the relationship …
If league,
is because it is already doing tricks ..
with another !! wand

I Think, I'm Not Single, I Reevaluate My Relationship

When I say I’m single, it does not mean I’m available …

Yesterday I read in your status that you are single, looking for mature men, putting photos that I took of you. Yesterday I stayed up at dawn and cried when I realized that I’m still with you, but you’re leaving …

There are people who are not single, because the husband is too lazy to ask for a divorce.

Being Single Has Her Good Hours

I’m undoing, making it happen. I’m single, entwined with you for the rest of my life. I’m enjoying everything I did not enjoy, before you find out, that I’m not one anymore, I’m yours, not more just one.

I’m a nun. I never put a child in the world. Single hill.
But I cannot tolerate a brooding son

Single yes, getting sung by ugly people always!

When I Say I'm Single, It Does Not Mean I'm Available

Even single on Valentine’s Day, then being horny during the 364 days of the year.

I am the one who with a word can complete you
if unmarried want full you
eternal life I will love you
When I’m single, all I see are couples being happy. When I am in a relationship, all I see are individuals being happy. Life, why so difficult?
So many single people and the answer is simple … Disappointments. I will not tell anyone to go and fall in love because relationships come with expiration dates. I have to laugh at a lot of people who do an infinity tattoo and do not keep half the promises they make.

Most Beautiful Being Single Quotes With Images

There is a lot of single woman because she wants to … They wait for enchanted princes but they do not understand that all charm passes. Real princes are not enchanted, they are people who shine from the inside out!

Staying single is a matter of choice. No one chooses me.

Amazing, the way I feel, when I’m single, I feel free, like a bird that just came out of a cage, free to fly and explore the world … I was definitely not born for relationships or they just were not born for me .

It is not a matter of wanting to be single, it is that lately no man is deserving my love.

I do not want a relationship to replace the “single” in my social network, I want a relationship to make my life complete.

The good thing about being single is that you discover most of the tricks that men use to make us muggles.

I do not miss the single life, the way it is, it’s the way it is

“Online” does not always mean “available” and “single” does not mean “alone.”

I’m single, and I do not complain about that.

My singleness has lasted seven years. Since then, I have not married! Sometimes being single is very good, at other times it is very bad … But I only remember my singleness on the weekends, especially in the rainy season or in commemorative dates

Single or dating are just titles. It is your heart that determines your true relationship status.

She complains that she is single, but she lives by posting phrases from, the queen of poorly eaten women.

I’m not blonde or brunette, I’m not girlfriend, not single.

If you are single, instead of feeling lonely, feel free and full of possibilities …

As you yourself said my dear, single, yes, but I’m not looking for a man, so give it a peanut time.

I think, I’m not single, I reevaluate my relationship.

Single Quotes – Top Quotes About Being Single & Sayings

Definition BEACHED:
Not a single refused.
It is the person who married
the wrong person.
He rode in a poorly sealed mare,
tried to hold and chipped
tied the donkey a
broken gate.
Even though she was married, she was alone.

I discovered these days that I like my freedom, to live without guilt, to be single, I like moments. I can because I’m still young, and that’s good! I want to fall in love again, but with the certainty that I will live a corresponded love that will be worth it.

And people ask me, “Wow, are you still single? Are you going to date when? Why do not you date?”
Guys, I’ve made a big mistake in my life for dating just for dating. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be when it’s meant to be. While it is not, let it be. An hour will avenge.

Anyone who thinks I’m single is fooled. I have a boyfriend, what I do not have is patience.

He thinks I’m single without him, what a lie, ex my love learns, I’m a widow without you, why did you die when you walked out my door.

“If I ask you to be in a relationship, you will not be single, if you accept, I promise that I will not be single either.”

Being single is much different than being alone !!!!

Single from the outside, sentimentally compromised from the inside.

“Marrying is a serious thing, because I’m not serious about being single.”

I’m single, idai?

* single
* dating
* married
> enjoying life and even there for those who do not care about me

I prefer to be single and happy than double sadness.

come here we toast, you’re still single
lady of the night, drink more than zeh dandy …

it is much … it’s not because you are single that no one wants you not, it is why god does not want to place any success in your life!

Woman is only yours when you assume her … otherwise, my brother, she is single. Who does not care does not lose the little friend. Either attention or second option. Be careful who much passes the squeegee one day turns to floor cloth

“In status it says that she is single and happy, but deep down she wants to return with ex”.

I learned to date being single.

Single? Depends on who asks

Single, yes, but alone? Also.

I’m single but not available to anyone.

My dear best’re single
than to have a peacock boyfriend.

In this sea of single people, It is not anyone who will make you happy.

There is no harm in being single, you can be happy without being stuck there. There is no harm in enjoying your moments.
God at the right time, knows who will add you and not decrease.

Single: Yes, because it is very difficult to find someone to my height.

The higher the level of single mother, the lower the character of men.

Just like you have nowhere. You’re single, you do not have kids … You’re my type, you’re beautiful. Need more? Need yes! You want me!

Once single, rather than horny and mistreated.

Today, at the age of 40, I am a single woman who is so happy and happy. If the future will charge me for this choice, only it keeps that answer.

“Being single is not a civil state, it is a state of peace!”

Being single in paradise is better than loving in the midst of the hell of disillusionment.

If the person is not happy unmarried, will not be happy dating …
mistake find that dating makes someone happy.
It takes reciprocity of feelings and independent of them, happiness comes from the inside and not from a relationship.
Being single is owning, being able to smile without explaining, being able to speak uncensored, being able to embrace with the heart, being able to be friends, being single is being free people, living where the Soul commands, being single is being married to God …

While they judge me for being single, I only conjugate the Singing – Single Quotes

Divorced? Who said? I’m single relieved.

Whoever believes in “single” person is because he / she was never married.

That happens, soon you learn that being single is good and that it is not worth sticking to those who do not overflow.
Our life is a season, if you lose one driving there will always be another.
No love is eternal and who says the opposite or deceives or tries to deceive others.

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