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The important thing is not to win every day, but always struggle.

You Can Only Win The Nature Obeying Him

Bigger than not be overcome with sadness is the shame of having not fought!

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win.

I do not fight because guess I’m going to win.
I fight because I have to win.

Winning Yourself Is The Greatest Of Victories

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.

How many wars have to win by a little peace?

Believe in miracles, but does not depend on them.

Win Is Not Enough. You Need To Know Seduce

Difficult is to win a friend in an hour; It is easy to offend you in a minute.

Believe in yourself, because even your shadow leaves you in the dark.

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I do not want to believe me. Only in my feelings

While There Is The Will To Fight Will Hope To Win

You who has no trust in others, cannot you win the trust.

You will always be your best company! Believe.

Life though hard is magic, so always believe in the unexpected

We Risk Losing If We Want To Win Too

If you want to be wealthy, think of saving as much as in winning.

” Do not believe a smile, evil is in the mind. ”

Believe me, you have the strength to get where you want, just want

Want To Win Means They Have Run Half Way

Do not just conquer wisdom, it is necessary to use it.

Do not believe everyone who smile at u!

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Imagine a story, believe it, make it happen and volunteer to live.

It Is Easy To Get An Enemy Difficult It Is To Win A Friend

That serves man to conquer the world if you lose your soul?

Faith, two letters can change your life, believe me.

Believe in what you feel inside, and give your dreams the wings to fly.

There Is No Pain That Sleep Cannot Win

It is useless to man to conquer the Moon ends up losing the Earth.

“Believe me, only the fact that builds you.”

I love you too, even if you sometimes do not believe in my feelings.

The Only Way To Win An Argument Is To Avoid It

Suffer, just once; win is for eternity.

Cheating the game and not win, only a fool.

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To win you need to spend.

The Man Was Born To Fight And His Life Is An Eternal Battle

Nothing is more humiliating than seeing fools win in what we failed.

Know how to fight, alone, is already winning.
Who wants to win will always have the strength to fight.

Dream without making it want to win the war without fighting
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit rather persistent.

The Man To Be Full Have To Study Work And Fight

It is more difficult to overcome bad habits than smashing rocks.

You need to choose the causes that will fight this world.

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The clouds I can handle, but I cannot fight an eclipse

The Important Thing Is Not To Win Every Day But Always Struggle

Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you’re right.

We advocate both without knowing why fight …

Fighting is not good, but if you have to fight, win.

The First Degree Of Heroism Is To Overcome Fear

I believe in justice, but not emanating from the other, but in your own.

Be winner is never give up fighting, even when you’re always losing.

“To be holy is to fight against the sin of all Days”

The First And Best Victory Is To Conquer Yourself

Dreams and you will be free of mind … fight and you will be free in life.

Struggles do not excel, just learn to fight

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You know for what it is worth fighting?

The Fear Of Losing Takes The Will To Win

It is better to fight with good people than bad people triumph over.

Now and always, we will be until tomorrow
and we promise to fight for our destiny

To succeed in life, you must do everything with enthusiasm.

Okay You Believe In God

There is only one way to fight the power, it is to survive it.

The surest way to avoid failure is to decide to win.

No defeat to defeat those who were born to win.

Many Know To Make Money But Few Know How To Spend It

He who has an idea is a kind weird until the idea succeeds.

Trust: a life to win, second to lose.

The best way to win an argument is to avoid it

Living Means Fighting. 1

Collaborates put. Okay so easy to win me, just do everything to get lost.

There would be no right to win if there were no right to forgive.

The trick is not to fight against the Tigers, but live with them forever.

It Is Only Fighter Who Can Fight With Himself

Who can take your heart is able to conquer the world.

Not having the strength to fight was my only forgiveness.

Do not be fooled by words. Fall in love with ATTITUDE!

Imagine A New Story For Your Life And Believe In It

Winning is not to compete with each other. It is defeat his inner enemies.

The difference between winning and losing is often … do not give up.

You do not need to win every argument. Accept the loss and learn from each other …

If You Want To Win The Whole World Win Thyself

The greater the difficulties to overcome, the greater the satisfaction.

Not worth winning something and get lost.

I lost you, without even trying to win.

If Want Is Power Want Is To Win

Winning by means that do not believe me bring results that do not need.

Not that I just want to win, but I am tired of losing

If I win and you lose, then I lose too.

I D Rather Lose The War And Win The Peace

Believe that you can, so you are already halfway there.

Want to earn millions of followers? Poke a beehive!

And what is worth to gain the world and lose your soul?

Fighting Injustice Costs Me More Than Suffer It

Believe me, there are people who do not seek beauty, but heart.

Never start a game you cannot win.

Sometimes losing is winning.

Evil Cannot Overcome Evil. Only Good Can Do It

The supreme art of war is to defeat the enemy without fighting.

You want to lose little; I want to win a lot.

“Only I miss you want, you win and lose you”

Easy Is To Dream Every Night. Difficult Is To Fight For A Dream

Triumph those who know when to fight and when to wait.

For peace and trust can win the day
Despite of all your losses.

I have nothing to lose and nor is there anything that I want to win.

Disregarding Is To Gain Consideration

The man to be full have to study, work and fight.

“Knowing indulging in time is another way to win.”

We win with grace and lose with dignity.

Choose Your Time Is To Save Time

Lose with class win with boldness, because the world belongs to you dare.

Losing is just another way to win

Sometimes you have to be like the waves of the sea, back to gain strength.

Better To Fight For Something Than Live For Nothin

The man worthy win for living; the less honest lives to win.

If overcome to win something you want!

Know how to conquer a woman is an art, know you love there is a gift

All That The Human Mind Can Conceive It Can Achieve

The greatest charity is to enable the poor to earn a living.

To gain what is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything.

Lottery: I think, playing or not, you have the same chance of winning

Life Is Too Short Quotes With Beautiful Images

Who knows what you can earn in a day never shy.

The world is lost to those who want to  – Short Quotes

Avarice loses all want to win everything.

One who wants to die or win is rarely won – Short Quotes

One who knows if they win on winning is twice winner – Short Quotes

It is the moral winner more easily die to win.

Art can overcome nature, since the artist let it your brand.

I just wanted someone to beat me terribly boring these days – Short Quotes

“Everything that is worthwhile in life takes work to win …”

Win someone is easy, it’s difficult to win back .

To win a woman’s need to know the secrets but intimate it – Short Quotes

Wanting is not power; it may even be, you want to have; I prefer to win to have.

The first step to win the heart of a woman is to be in order it – Short Quotes

Easier to conquer a whole city that wounded friend.

You must lose irrelevant to win the key.

Every man is able to conquer a woman dreaming …

It’s great to win new friends without neglecting the former – Short Quotes

The best things in life are the most difficult to conquer

Conquer others is to have power. Conquer ourselves is to know the way.

Not over me so you will conquer me.

Dream, fight and conquer you were born to win – Short Quotes

Do not fight to win always. Fight up for dignity!

More important than the will to win is the courage to begin.

To succeed in life requires a lot of self and little of others – Short Quotes

Be careful when trying to win at all costs, you end up like the enemy.

No matter if there were 10 centimeters, or 10 km. Winning is winning

Let me win. But if I can not, let me be brave in the attempt.

Manda who does not feel. Win who just think you need to win.

Winners always want to win again.

One man alone can win any war.

Cute Short Quotes About Life & Love

“The will to prepare to be greater than the will to win”

It’s not about winning or losing, it’s a matter of how to play.

I was born to win three extreme evils: tyranny, sophistry and hypocrisy.

Concentration is what agent takes to overcome challenges

Those who cannot succeed in life, revenge is talking bad about her.

If life was easy I would not be happy to fight with her.

You must know how to fight like a lion, but fight for dreams worthwhile.

The best gift God has given me, life taught me to fight for what is mine…

Do not just dream it, you have to fight and believe.

Who dared to conquer and came to fight, you go further!

To conquer a woman, put yourself in her place!

The church has the same goal as a movie villain: conquer the world.

“It’s better to lose with the truth to win with the lie”

Win a war is as disastrous as to lose it.

When you have nothing to lose, only you have to win.

Only when we learn to lose it is that we are preparing to win.

You have to lose to know how to win.

Than win the world and not win the woman he loves

Dare to conquer himself.

“People dual personality use the best to win you”

Believe. Please. Wish. So you know how painful it is to want to win.

Dream, Fight, Conquer, everything is possible, You were born to win.

If you want to succeed in life, consultation three old.

Sad to fail in life, but sadder still is not trying to win

Giving up something that has no chance of working is a way to win.

Not win or lose, but evolve.

No obstacle is so great is his will to win is greater.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.


Careful planning is able to win almost all the difficulties …

Plenty of layout, I’m going to win anyway, I do not even remember you

Live life being moved by the will to overcome its challenges Short Quotes .

Not to die I’m afraid. It is not win.

if you do not play, you will never win.

Crying is a part, raise an option, winning obligation.

Only knows the serenity after winning a lot of conflict.

Prayer strengthens us and gives us strength to overcome the obstacles of life.

Do not go to trial if you will not win.

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