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Saturday Quotes

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Saturday is an illusion.

The blue sea on Saturday
I called the sky
but it always worked busy

I think Saturday is the rose of the week.

Saturday Is An Illusion

I wish you: Dating at the gate, Sunday without rain, Second without bad mood, Saturday with your love …

“I wish you: Dating at the gate, Sunday without rain, Monday without a bad mood, Saturday with your love.

There Is No Tedium Sunday When You Have A Good Saturday

It must have been Saturday; it was past midnight. He smiled at me. He asked,
“Are you going to Liberty?”
“No, I’m going to Paradise.
He sat down beside me. He said,
“Then I’ll go with you.”

Saturday, Inspirational Night, It's Good To Celebrate!

I still want it a lot. I want three in the morning on a Saturday and not seven in the afternoon on a Wednesday. Are we going to live a real story or am I going to have to feed you with other kitties?

Saturday Without Sun, Unique Laziness!

From Sunday to Thursday I expect Prince Charming, Friday and Saturday I leave in search of the bad wolf.

Saturday. A glass of champagne. The CD that plays the same song. A pot of Nutella in the refrigerator. The good old ice cream of flakes. The phone within reach. A number decorated on the head. Desire in the body. And an affliction in the heart. Girls, that’s where the danger lives!

I Think Saturday Is The Rose Of The Week

You will never know what comes after Saturday, who knows a much more beautiful and wiser century, maybe just another Sunday.

Feelings Are Inevitable Things She Had No Control

Saturday is always Saturday, the same in Paris, Porto Alegre or Singapore. Always in the air that expectation – pizza, cinema or kiss, it does not matter – of a drop of honey for Sunday.

Friday, I Love You Saturday, Do Not Be Shy, I Love You Too

Just because it was Saturday because I was leaving because the bags were left undone and the phone rang on and on. He smiled, looking around.

Everyone Expects Something From A Saturday Night I Wait For You

Just because it was Saturday and would not stay, this time not, stopped between the sound, the television and the book, attentive to the silent phone.

And He Was Enjoying Talking, Not Caring

Dear Max, welcome … come in please, fill my life of peace and love, that nothing and nobody spoils the heat of this weekend that is beginning,
that is of blessings, victories and joys!

After A Friday Of Passion Always Comes A Saturday Standing On The Butt

weekend was arrived …
Friday was a blast !! Saturday and Sunday just rest and joy !! if the case you receive a visit that does not give you pleasure on arrival … will give you a lot on the way out!!!

Already lost, she does not want to know anymore
Woman like this you’ll never again
Your Saturday is now with your tv
Killing her longing and her will watching private cinema

Happy Saturday Quotes And Images

Saturday is the poor cousin of the week. Lazy, wake up late, angry. Saturday is our shame being replaced by hangover.
I never expected that one day, on a Saturday afternoon, you could get out of my radio to say looking at me: I love you. When I wanted to leave Minas and did not know how … As if I were a star falling from the sky, far away. So I imagined you coming, as I imagined you.

There is no tedium Sunday when you have a good Saturday.

Friday, I love you. Saturday, do not be shy, I love you too.

To know how to enjoy life is the same as
going out on a Saturday with no time to go back, to
realize the value of a flower with
a simple look, is to love without measures
and without thinking.

Slutty is not rain on holiday.
Slutty is a holiday on Saturday or Sunday!

Saturday, inspirational night, it’s good to celebrate!

Often the stitched clothes have much more value than the new one, so never throw away the old bucket that for years has borne the weight of their insane actions, not knowing if the new one will support a Single trip only.

Everyone expects something from a Saturday night. I wait for you.

After a Friday of Passion always comes a Saturday standing on the butt.

When I see that a year has passed, I feel sad that I have not changed anything in my life.
I remain the same, with the same ideals and the same pains.

I just wanted you to know that all our moments were the best of my life. I’m not me without you. But at the same time, I cannot understand if you’re what everyone sees or if it’s who I see. You know? I … I need to go.

She smiled and felt stupid. He was starting to get tired of feeling that way.

Maybe he would not find someone who could pretend to be who he really wanted to be with.

I wanted everything to be different. That it had not changed who it was before.

Feelings are inevitable things. She had no control.

Saturday Quotes – Saturday Night Quotes

At that moment, there was nothing else, just one and the other. Nothing else made sense, as if the world were just that.
He. She.

Life was short and the nights were long. Moments like this would be remembered forever.

But it’s bad to be so close to you … and at the same time, so far away.

She thought nothing she said would change what had happened, right? It was all so surreal and so messy, that it was not easy to try to sort things out like that.

And he was enjoying talking, not caring. Who really cared

To date you is my second intention. The first is to be happy in your single bed, a whole Saturday.

Saturday night and you at home, of two one:
Either you were meant to be married or you’re really stranded!

The worst thing about going out on a Saturday is thinking about what clothes to wear on a Saturday.

End of week! There’s nothing to look forward to on a Saturday and a Monday in the heart.

May your Sabbath be quiet. May God give you much peace and tranquility. Enjoy this moment and rest a lot. I hope you have a great Saturday!

Saturday without sun, unique laziness!

Put a sweetener in your night.
Wear some mystical perfume.
That today is Saturday,
that today is day red mouths
and eyes that shine.

On Saturday night all feeling is deep and eternal … Until Sunday morning ”

Friday 13, Saturday 14, Sunday 15. And so what?
The important thing today is Friday!

If you intend to renew on Easter Sunday, try to begin on the Sabbath of Alleluia.

When Jesus Christ healed on the Sabbath, He did not violate God’s Sabbath, but the Sabbath of the scribes and Pharisees.

Good morning SUN, do not be sad up there the clouds are just doing their job.

Saturday. All together and mixed at home.
Saturday for reading without haste … series to watch …
a box of chocolate, a pot of ice cream waiting …

Have fun on Saturday …
Rest on Sunday …
Get on the second! – Saturday Quotes

Surreal, magical, everyone expects something from a Saturday night, and sometimes our destiny takes us to a special day, those that are marked forever, full of dreams, smells and freedom.

The week is like a mountain: You go up Monday and Tuesday, you get to the top on Wednesday, you get off Thursday and Friday, and you finally rest Saturday and Sunday.

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