40 Extremely Sad Quotes About Life That Make You Cry


Sad Quotes About Life That Make You Cry

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Sadness is a wall between two gardens.

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Sad that he has no trace of childhood.

Sadder than losing someone we love? Only if we lost our memory.

No regret, no missing, no sadness. With no special feeling other than the certainty that, after all, time has passed.

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Is not it sad? He asked. Do not you feel lonely? (…) smiled loudly: people get used to it.

I come to cry, meek with sadness. Then I get up and start over again.

The saddest thing about a caged bird is that it feels good.

The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest ones have the most beautiful smile. The most suffering are the wisest. All because they do not want other people to suffer as much as they have suffered.Short Messages Sad Quotes About Life That Make You Cry

Love is the happiest thing. Love is the saddest thing. Love is the thing I most want.

Of course life is good (…)
And I have everything to be happy
But it happens that I am sad …

The saddest of lives and the saddest of deaths is the life and death of the man who does not have the courage to die for good, when he can not live for it.

Incredibly Sad Quotes About Life That Make You Cry

Sadly we do not even know that the end has not yet begun and that we have lost the beloved from the very beginning.

When biting pain the heart mistreats and sad moans injure our soul, just the music and its silver sounds, fast bring us again calm!

Extremely Sad Quotes About Life That Make You Cry

Disguise yourself from the sad vanity of speaking.
He thinks, completely silent,
To the glory of being silent,
Without thinking.

I did not have this face today,
so calm, so sad, so thin,
neither these eyes so empty,
nor the bitter lip.

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I know that I am heavy, sad, dramatic, neurotic, crazy, dissatisfied, spoiled, needy. But you forgot my highest quality: I am alone.

Desperation has calmed down, turned into a friendly sadness that prevents me from reacting, prevents me from making plans, prevents me from even suffering – it simply numbs me, immobilizes it, is a kind of anesthesia.

She was not too weary of crying. And his sadness was a great weariness, heavy, without anger.

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The moon was so sad
with that love story
that the moon insists to this day:
“Dawn, please!”

Sad when a person does not know what to do with the cold in the belly and decides to cool the heart too. ”

Let’s say goodbye to sad thoughts and only good memories remain. Only love remains in the chest, because in the end it is worthwhile to be happy.

I like the night immense,
sad, black, like this strange butterfly
That I always feel to flip on me! …

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In my joys and sorrows he made himself present, helping me and advising me and he never asked for anything in return, I make confessions that my parents would never know, and I know he will take them forever, these intimacies reach degrees that makes me lose friends, but win brothers, come and go.

It rains. What have I done with life?
I did what she did to me …
Of thought, ill lived …
Sad of who it is!

“Rain bring my hubby
Cause I need fondness
Tell her not to make me sad like this …”

Happiness would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.

Playing with children is not wasting time, it is gaining it; if it is sad to see boys without a school, it is sadder to see them sitting in airless rooms, with sterile exercises, of no value for the formation of man.

Extremely Sad Quotes About Life That Make You Cry

Wipe these tears
Do not be sad like this
One day I’ll come back to my good
Here is not the end
Give me your hand
It’s yours my heart
I will
not forget you Do not be afraid
For our love
Was not in vain

A weariness to exist,
To be.
Just to be.
The sad being shine or smile …

Patience makes it milder than sadness does not cure.

My sadness has no pedigree,
already my will to joy,
its root goes to my thousand grandfathers.

What I care to see the sadness in your eyes
If my eyes have more sorrows to cry
That your …

“A genius looking for a job: this is one of the saddest views in the world. It does not fit anywhere, no one wants it. It is misfit, says the world. ”

You need to be sad. Sadness is not bad. Almost everyone just wants to listen to merry songs, go dancing in noisy places, talk all the time. Because they are afraid of sadness. But it is not sadness that kills.

I’m without you, I’m just in love. A boat without a sea, a field without a flower. Going sadness, coming sadness. Without you, my love, I am nobody

The sad ones have two reasons for being: they ignore or expect.

“Is not it sad?” He asked.
smiled hard: “We get used to it.

I sing because the moment exists and my life is complete. I am neither cheerful nor sad: I am a poet

Sad is not to cry, if I cried too, and no, there is no remedy to heal this pain that has not yet passed, but it will pass, the pain that hurt us. And no, no, there’s no clock to turn back, time flies.

And the darkness becomes so much bigger. I’m falling into sorrow without pain. It’s not bad. It’s part. Tomorrow I will probably have some joy, also without great ecstasies, only joy, and this is not bad either. Yeah, but I’m not really liking this pact with the mediocrity of living.

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