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Sad Quotes

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Sad time! It is easier to disintegrate an atom of a bias.

Sad Time It Is Easier To Disintegrate An Atom Of A Bias

Bigger than not be overcome with sadness is the shame of having not fought!

Sad thing is to want and to those who cannot forgive …

You Who Never Saw The Sadness Will Never Recognize The Joy

There is no sadder loneliness than the man without friends. Lack of friends makes the world seem a desert.

I am composed of emergency: my joys are intense; my sorrows, absolute. I en topic absences, I empty myself of overeating. I do not fit in the narrow; I just live in extremes.

When You Are Too Sad Like The Sunset

If some people turn away from you, do not be sad, this is the response of prayer: “Deliver me from all evil, amen.”

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I do not want to be happy. Not sad. Or anything. I wanted very much to have in life. Now not get to be sent to her. I simply refuse to pass on the story, whatever it may be, for the thousandth time. Let life be as it is. Since I keep sleeping.

To Support The Sadness Just One But To Enjoy Happiness Are Two Precise

The soul resists much more easily the most vivid pain than to prolonged sadness.

The sad think the wind moans,
Gay think he sings

The Tree When Being Cut Notes With Sadness That The Ax Handle Is Wood

It is sad to think that nature speaks and mankind does not listen.

I’m not ashamed to say I’m sorry,
not this ignominious of that sadness, rather than kill, do poems:
I am sorry that you are stupid and ugly
and never die …

The Only Real Sadness Is The Absence Of Desire

Medicine creates sick people, math, sad people, and theology, sinners.

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It is sad to know that something is missing and know that you cannot buy, replace, forget, beg. But love, you know, love is not asked.

The Evil We Do Is Always Sadder Than The Harm They Do Us

The saddest of modern architecture is the resistance of a material.

Is not it sad change ideas, sad is not to have ideas to change.

The Busy Bee Has No Time For Sorrow

From time to time I am sad of nowhere, with reason or no reason. From time to time I’m glad nothing, rightly or wrongly. Thus, sometimes it makes you want to go jumping, distributing kiss, giving hugs, and others, makes you want to send everyone to far, far away.

When I was down
just hold me.
When I’m mad
suddenly turn away.
When I’m fire
just fits.
And when I’m silly
Subtly disguise.
But when I’m dead
I beg you not kill me
inside you …

Sadness Has No End. Happiness Yes

Life is just a momentary glimpse of the wonders of this amazing universe, and it is sad that so many have to wear dreaming of spiritual fantasies.

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A person may have a sad childhood and still get to be very happy at maturity … Also can be born in a golden cradle and feel caged for life.

Sadness Also Causes Diseases

We believe to be sad for the death of a person, when in fact it is only death that impresses us.

short: being alone is sad, fills the bag and the other must be bad for health.

Sad Is The Man Who Just Loves Things When You Lose

All education at the moment does not seem joyous, but grievous. Then, however, it produces in those who were so exercised the fruit of peace and justice.

Every separation is sad. She keeps memory of happy times (or time that could have been happy …) and it lives longing.

Pure Sorrow Is As Impossible As Pure Joy

There is nothing better for the soul than to make another less sad soul.

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No one ever saw anyone
that love put so sad.
This sadness did not see,
and I know it looks good …

On The Wings Of Time The Sadness Goes Away

Sadness is a wise book that has the heart and tells us hundreds of things – prevents us from rot like a mushroom under a tree; It is slowly making a provision of teaching for life ..

It is my responsibility to not be sad, do not let anyone hurt me, do not let anything bad happen to me.

Not That He Was Sad Just I Do Not Feel Anythin

The soul that does not slaughter receiving indifferently both sadness and joy, live in the immortal life.

Music creates for us a past that we ignored and awakens in us sorrows that had been concealed to our tears.

Melancholy Romantic Way To Be Sad

Never let the sorrows of the past and the uncertainties of the future ruin the joys of the present.

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More hope in my footsteps than sadness on my shoulders.

Melancholy Is The Happiness Of Being Sad

If a man is happy so it’s sad every day. Each day has its fair share of sadness or your small concern.

I decided not to become sad. Some things are not worth my pain.

Life Is Not Sad. It Is Sad Hours

Only sorrow should be the teacher of the wise;
Sadness is to know.

It is sad to know that something is missing and know that you cannot buy, replace, forget, beg. But love, you know, love is not asked. Love declares: you know what? He knows, he knows.

It Is Better To Be Sad With Love Than Cheerful Without Him

The sorrows were not made for animals, but for men; but the feel very men become animals.

True friend is not that always put up with you sad, dense and mono thematic. But what speaks to you, brother, your suitcase.

In The Wings Of Time Sadness Flies

Not enough to be useful to know what will happen: It is very sad if troubled by what you cannot remedy.

I walk around, wanting to meet you at every corner I stop in every look, leave the sadness and bring hope instead. Our love forever alive, my gift wish I could swear that this passion will never be; Words only small words to the wind.

If We Cannot Forget We Will Never Be Free Of Sorrow

The situation of those who are always sadder than that of departing. From is a movement that dissipates, and nothing distracts people staying.

Behind a sad man there is always a happy woman
And behind this woman a thousand men always so kind …

I M Not So Sad So It Is That Today I Am Tired

Joy and sorrow are two prisons; one gold and the other of iron, but also made to the arrest and prevent them from following our true nature.

Since she was not a sad person, he sought to continue as if nothing had lost. She felt despair. Also what could she do? For it was chronic. Sadness was luxury.

Happy In The Sadness Sad In The Happiness

If a sacrifice is a sadness for you, not a joy, then do not do it, you are not worthy of it.

God gave me a heart that loves
Some sadness
Dexterity and champagne …
How much kindness!

Friendship Doubles The Joys And Divides Griefs

The insatiable greed is one of the sad events that rush to self-destruction of man.

To love is to smile for nothing and be sad for no reason, is feeling alone in a crowd, is the senseless jealousy is to be truly happy

Cast Know And You Will Have No Grief

Hatred is sorrow accompanied the idea of an external cause.

It is sad to know that one day I will see you through and not feel every ounce of my burning body and seasick. It is sad to know that one day I’ll hear your voice or see your face and the rest of the world will not go away. The end of love is even more sad that our end.

Beware Of Sadness. It Is An Addiction

No one learns to live for others’ experience; life would be even sadder if, as we begin to live, since we knew that we would live only to renew the pain of those who lived before – Sad Quotes

My greatest sorrow is that every new love I arum always comes with some old love so long and beautiful. And I suffer because with little time cannot be better than the long. And suffer like crazy and so never give the time to be too much for those loves because damage before.

All High Hopes Are Followed By Sadness

The sad certainty / What I am now in possession / Is that my baldness / Not even is premature – Sad Quotes

“And just so sad today why so tired. Overall I am happy.”

All Joy Is This Is Already Wrapped In A Thin Paper

If your morals make you sad, you can be sure that they are wrong – Sad Quotes

If a day of sorrow, you have to choose between the world and love … choose love and he conquers the world!

Be Careful With Sadness. Is An Addiction

The saddest hours of life are those in which we doubt ourselves – Sad Quotes

that cave
sad, cold and gloomy
is your mirror

Heart Touching Sad Quotes Broken Heart Quotes With Beautiful Images


What sadness convince you
That nostalgia does not pay
and that the absence does not give peace
and true love who you love
weaves the same old plot
What does not break – Sad Quotes

and the most divine thing
What in the world
is to live every second
as ever more…

Do not be sad when no one notice what did good.
After all, the sun is a huge show at birth, and yet most of us still sleeping.

Sad Quotes About Love – Heart touch

I feel sad when someone offends me, but for sure, I would be sad if I were the offender … Hurting someone is terrible!

The joy of knowing that you exist makes me strong to endure the sadness of his absence. I love you!

Love is …
smile for nothing and be sad without reason
is to feel alone in the crowd,
is jealousy meaningless,
the desire for affection,
is certainly embrace and kiss with will,
it is to walk with happiness,
it is to be really happy!

Who am I? The joy of those who love me, the sadness of those who hate me and the occupation of those who envy me – Sad Quotes

When you do something noble and beautiful and no one notice, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet, most of the audience is still asleep …

The end of love is even sadder than our end.
My love is tired, burned out, he wants to leave me to be reborn later, beautiful and pure, in another corner, but I do not want another corner, I want to insist on our corner.


Do not be sad if someone turn away. It just means that that person cannot endure the strength of his gaze Sad Broken Heart Quotes .

Ethics evil is a consequence of good, so the reality of joy comes sorrow. Or the memory of past bliss is the anguish of today, or the agonies which are have their origin in the ecstasies which might have wisdom – Sad Quotes

I have two weapons to fight against despair, sadness and even death:
the laughing horse and gallop dream. That’s what I face this difficult and fascinating task of living – sad quotes

It is better to be gay
to be sad
Joy is the best
thing there is.

Not a fairy tale: every fairy tale has a sad beginning and a happy ending. When the start is very happy, watch the sad ending.

You’re right the poet: “Love is the saddest thing when it breaks.” It’s sad because the picture:
because it resembles a happiness that had and did not have more. The picture is a grave.

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