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Rose Quotes

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The roses that the mighty kill never can stop the spring.

It is believing in the roses that we make them bloom.

There are people who cry to know that roses have thorns. There are others who smile knowing that thorns have roses!

Whoever Wants To Harvest Roses Must Bear The Thorns

The powerful can kill one, two or three roses, but they will never be able to stop the whole spring.

Follow your destiny …
Water your plants;
Love your roses.
The rest is the shadow
of alien trees

I Grow Roses And Rhymes, Thinking It's Very Good

Men grow five thousand roses in the same garden and cannot find what they are looking for. And yet, what they seek could be found in one rose.

For The Roses, Wrote Somebody, The Gardener Is Eternal

If you lose a love … do not get lost!
If you find him … hold him!
Surround yourself with roses, love, drink and shut up.
The most … it’s nothing.

For the roses, wrote somebody, the gardener is eternal.

The Roses That The Mighty Kill Never Can Stop The Spring

Roses do not speak; they simply exude the perfume they stole from you.

Follow your destiny, water your plants, Love your roses. The rest is the shadow of other trees See from a distance the life. Never question her. She cannot tell you anything. The answer is beyond the Gods.

Surround Yourself With Roses, Love, Drink And Shut Up The Most Is Nothing

Surround yourself with roses, love, drink and shut up. The most is nothing.
The night floats
and the roses sleep mimosas
to the kisses of the moon.

Roses Do Not Speak They Simply Exude The Perfume They Stole From You

The fence was already
crown of roses
between bull’s horns

It's Crazy To Hate All The Roses Because One Of You Hit

Go in search of your dream. If you stumble, do not stop or lose sight of your goal. Keep going up. Only from above can we appreciate the whole landscape.

Unbridled cruel passion.
I bring you a thousand stolen roses.
To excuse my lies,
My fools.

The Fence Was Already Crown Of Roses Between Bull's Horns

I grow roses and rhymes, thinking it’s very good …

“For there is time of roses, another of melons, and you shall not eat strawberries except in the season of strawberries.”

Between Law And Justice, I Prefer To Do Justice

I dream … that you and I, two poor little ones,
We walk hand in hand, on the paths
of a land of roses, in a garden,
In a country of illusion I have never seen …

It Is Believing In The Roses That We Make Them Bloom

The hummingbird passes from garden to garden kissing roses,
but as the roses do not kiss him back,
he leaves, leaves.
The day the hummingbird finds a rose
that kisses him back,
he leaves, goes away,
but always comes back,
ah, always comes back …

Rose Quotes – Derrick Rose Quotes

“Between Law and Justice, I prefer to do justice.”

” The days run out, and in time they will not come back, just a chance to live, do not lose the strength of the dream, never stop believing, that everything will happen”

And? If she was so cool, why did the English Roses never invite her to have tea?

Whoever wants to harvest roses must bear the thorns.

Neither harsh words nor severe looks should frighten away those he loves; The roses have thorns and yet they reap.

“Love is like roses,
Every petal an illusion, every thorn a reality!

It’s crazy to hate all the roses because one of you hit.

Have Jesus Christ in your heart and all the world’s crosses will look like roses.

How could I know that those roses were carnivorous?

On a path there will always be roses and thorns, it is up to you whether you will be wearing shoes or not.

Go see the roses. Thus you will understand that yours is unique in the world. You will return to say goodbye, and I will give you a secret.

God, I die on the stage!
Do not crown me
From fragile roses to agony!

In always immobile irises
blue snow blue hyacinth
and the burning roses

The roses in button
the girls
lose sleep

Garden without roses
Open shirt
Without a button

Rose Quotes – Rose Kennedy Quotes

You cannot pick roses without fearing the thorns, nor enjoy a beautiful wife without the risk of the horns.

It is better to embrace the thorns of truth than the roses of illusion.

I shelter myself in roses, in words. Poor consolation. I’m inflated. I’m worthless.

In you I know I feel strong, in you I do not fear my luck I know that it came from you ”

There are no roses without thorns, ‘is a melancholy proverb. Let’s say instead: ‘There are no thorns without roses’.

Some people are like roses. Very beautiful to admire and at the same time so full of thorns, they hurt those who approach them.

Guns are meant to say we fight, and roses to say we won.

Better to embrace the thorns of truth than the roses of illusion…

“Great Love”
The roses are beautiful
and it is a beautiful flower!
Because you are beautiful too,
because it is my GREAT Love.

I’ve seen butterflies fly missing a piece of the wing and incredible roses bloom in a glass of water. And that’s what I’m fed up to believe that the weather is not always right and that gray days can be prefaces of nights with Sun.

As much as my life is devoid of color, I can give you the reddest roses.

Not everything is a sea of roses, but even if it were so there are those who do not like flowers.

In the garden of my existence,
There are Roses and other flowers,
But of all of them,
The most beautiful is you.

You are like roses …. they are beautiful … behind joy … but at the same time there are thorns …. and they hurt me!! But if I were to have you, I would not mind hurting myself with the thorns!!! I will love you forever!! Ever!!

While others know roses have thorns, I have long discovered thorns have roses.

Roses fall, more thorns remain …

The carnations
Only kiss the roses
Because they do not know the daisies

My faith has always turned the thorns of my way into rose petals, the approvals I passed, taught me that even in pain, that even in the greatest of wounds, God always has an answer in new ways.

Humans are like roses.
“Sometimes we just look at the springs, and forget the beauty of the petals”

Cultivate the habit of preference for people who are grateful that the thorns contain roses, rather than the people who live complaining that roses have thorns – Rose Quotes

the tears of sadness that draw
in their beautiful and perfect face,
represents the joy of the roses of the beautiful gardens,
as the slow drops of the crystalline drop of the rain,
after a wonderful sunshine.

Illusion is it. Have some roses and think you have a whole garden.

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