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Romantic Quotes: Share The Best Extremely Romantic Quotes For Him & Her To Express Your Love, With Beautiful Images,Text,Messages,Sayings,Status,Wishes.

I love as love. I know of no other reason to love but to love. What do you want me to tell you, and I love you, if what I tell you is that I love you?

When You Have Sworn My Love I Betrayed Myself

Anyone who took his place would be a poor substitute. I love you with a love so great that simply cannot continue to grow in the heart, need to jump out and prove throughout magnitude.

We Are Slow To Declare Us We Rushed To Fight We Are Reluctant To Reconciliation. Love Depends On Luck

I love you an incredible and contradictory way. Will you call, a longing. But I’m strong here!

I love you, girl …
I love you …

True Love Never Wears. The More You Give The More You Have

We fight, we love it, we will and we back. We are the people and the people no one takes.

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The Problem Is That I Love You. I Have No Doubt That You Would Work

He only met his wife and loved her, know more women than one who knew thousand.

The life of anyone is full of perfect moments. And if it was, would not be perfect moments. Would be just normal. As you might know what is happiness if he had never experienced the falls.

The Joy Of Knowing That You Exist Makes Me Strong To Endure The Sadness Of His Absence

My love I hold for the most special. I do not follow all the rules of society and sometimes act on impulse. Error, I admit. I learn, education. All erring one day, by accident, innocence or malice. Keep something to do I remember of you would be like admitting that I could forget you.

The end of love is even sadder than our end.
My love is tired, burned out, he wants to leave me to be reborn later, beautiful and pure, in another corner, but I do not want another corner, I want to insist on our corner.

Only I Suffer With All The Strength Of The World Because I Love The Intensity Of A Comet

All my love I’ll be attentive
First, and with such zeal, and always, and both
That even in the face of the greatest charm of
Him is more enchanted my thoughts.

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My Love Is Now Dangerous. But It Does Not Hurt But I Die I Die Lovin

happiness possibilities are selfish, my love. Live freedom, love of truth, only if two … only two.

Here is my lady. Oh yeah! It’s my love. Surge, beautiful sun, and kill the envious moon, which appears pale and sadness sick, seeing that you are more beautiful than her!

My Command Is This Love Each Other As I Love You

My love knows his every gesture
Words that your look just say to my
If for you the war is lost
Look I change my dreams,
To be in your life.

Maybe My Love Has Learned To Be Less Love Just Never Ceases To Be Love

My love for you will end on the same day that the love of God for you have end.

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May My Tears Run So Far Away That My Love Will Never Know That One Day I Cried For Him

I have my limits. The first one is my self-esteem.

My love has a gentle manner that only his stealing my senses, violates my ears with so many beautiful and nasty secrets. Then play with me, I laugh at my navel, and spiking my teeth. I’m your girl, see? And he’s my boy. My body is a witness of good it does me.

Love So Much So Much So Much I Leave You Alone

Time passed, my love. I grew up, I learned, I’ve changed.
Today I am another. After so much struggle to see your smile, I learned to value mine.

Life Has Taught Me To Say Goodbye To People I Love Without Removing Them From My Heart

Not worth suffering, my love, everything I went through, that was the only lesson.

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He charged me a love, at the moment I can only feel for me … My own love is so great that it is not for you!

It Was As If To Say Saying I Know It S Been A While But I Still Love You

Never too late, never too; Where am I, where are you; My love is for me.

“You’re crazy or is crazy?”
The two, my love, both.

I Respect My God But I Love The Universe

Oh, my love, do not be afraid of grace: it is our biggest target. Love is so much more fatal than I had thought, love is as inherent as the very need, and we are guaranteed by a need to be renewed continuously. Love already is forever.

I Must Say That I Love You You Win Or Lose Without Deceit

Life, my love, is a great
seduction where everything that exists is seduces. That room was empty and
that primarily live. I had come to nothing, and nothing was alive and moist.

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I Love You... Do Not Tell Everythin

My longing is prison. My concern, bummer. My insecurity, my problem. My love is too much. My aggression, intolerable. My compliments cause loneliness. My good findings kill love. Bad, they kill all the rest.

I Love You Not Only Now But Forever And Dream Of The Day When You Will Hold Me Again

To cut your own defects can be dangerous. You never know what the defect that sustains our entire building.

I do not want the terrible limitation of those who live only on what is likely to make sense. I do not: I want an invented truth.

I Love You Kiss Your Mouth Joy

If I love my neighbor? Yes. But where to find my equal?

I Love Women But Do Not Admire

I love the audience, but not admire him. As individuals, yes. But as people, not just a headless monster.

I Love The Words But I Am Completely In Love With Attitudes

I am not a man who refuses to praise. I love them; they do good for the soul and to the body. Best digestions of my life are the dinners where I’m toasted.

I Love Me Myself Too To Be Able To Hate Whatever

I hate and love. Because I do, maybe I ask. Do not know. But I feel it is so, and I suffer from it.

I Ll Fool Me Again Pretending To Love You Sometimes

Lady, I love you so much
That even for your husband
gives me a certain brokenness.

I would rather be a failure at something you love than a success at something I hate.

I Do Not Know. That Day Dawns. The Night Is Over. All Ends

I love everything was
All that is no longer
the pain that I have not hurt
the old and erroneous faith
Yesterday the pain left,
the left that joy
only because it was, and flew
Today’s another day.

WHO AM I being a happy person, I love very life and of it’s apprentice, I have several passions, but like anyone, I have imperfections; If the paths of this life still do not know color, At least I seek, Every Day, Making Me someone better.

Doubts The Light Of The Stars From The Sun Has Heat Doubt To The Truth But Trust My Love

Sometimes I not worry so much about me … But there are people who love and do not want to see them suffer.

Digress When What I Just Say I Love You

I love you without knowing how, or when, or where, I love you directly without problems or pride: so love you because I know love otherwise.

What memory love, it is eternal. I love with memory, imperishable.

And I Think I Simply Love People Too Much So I Get To Feel Bad

I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. Cure a multitude of ills. It is probably the most important thing in a person – Romantic Quotes

Your World Is Too Small For My Happiness For My Love And Especially For Woman Today I Am

When love
I devour
All my heart
I hate
I love
a same prayer

You Ve Been My Whole Life But I I Was Just A Chapter Of His

I just know that love truly having bogged down in the imperfections of the other, after having known its worst and yet continue to recognize it as a part that cannot resign. Only love makes me live with precarious life, with human poverty.

You Take Care He Said. And I Heard Like A Love You

I am an intellectual who is not afraid to be loving. I love the people and love the world. And it’s because I love people and love the world that I fight for social justice is implanted prior to charity.

I love to love you and not to be loved, because nothing gives me so much happiness to see you happy – Romantic Quotes

I cannot bear terms means. So I do not give me half. I’m not your friend or through its almost love. Or I am all I am or anything.

You Must Suffer After Suffering And Love And More Love Having Loved

The way I feel about you will never change. Of course I love you – and there is nothing you can do to change that!

Immature love says. I love you because I need you
The Mature love says: I need you because I love you – Romantic Quotes

Love for me is being able to let the one I love exists as such as himself. This is the fullest love. Giving his freedom exist next to me the way he is.

Happy am because I love and am loved
Without having to change or be changed. I am what I am, and who point me Excesses will measure them that are his; The plumb maybe I am, and they bent; Your thoughts do not report my actions.

Sometimes hate you for almost a second
after love you more
your hair, your taste, your face, you
all do not leave me alone

Romantic Quotes For Her With Beautiful Images

I love or venerate few people. For the rest, I am ashamed of my indifference. But those who love, nothing can never make me stop loving them, not myself and especially not themselves.

FOR MORNING READ AND NIGHT That I love you told me what you need me. So I take care of me I look my way and I’m afraid to be killed by a single drop of rain.

Because I love you, you do not need me. Because you love me, I do not need you. In love, never let us complete. We are, each other, deliciously unnecessary – Romantic Quotes

Ugliness is my banner war. I love ugly with an equal love for the same. In Living Water

I love even if it famine you or a punch in my face make me less bone and more truth.

Love you like begonias tarantulas love their congeners, such as snakes love slow twined some very green other dark, the cross in pregnant plodding tests, this acuteness around me, you still love that famine you or a punch in my face make me less bone and more truth.

Trusting God in every moment, I trust in God. At what I do, I believe in God. I live with, love God. Where I follow, I follow God. What happens, God is the best. All I have is God’s blessing.

I love you so much. And I never kissed you … And that kiss, love, I did not give you, keep the most beautiful verses that made you – Romantic Quotes

I love you. With all the letters, words and pronunciations. In all languages and accents. In all directions and ways. With all the circumstances and reasons. I just love you…

Most Romantic Quotes For Him

I love you – she said to hate
the man whose crime had committed
was not to love her.

Fear leads me to danger. And everything I love is risky.

Whatever happens tomorrow, or for the Romantic Quotes For Him & Her rest of my life, now I’m happy because I love you.

As for me, I give thanks for what I know now, and more than forgive you, I love – Romantic Quotes

I love my vocation, which is to write. Literature is a beautiful and weak vocation. The writer has love, but has no power.
never bear with me
– I’ll take you just within me …

I need to say I love you,
You win or lose no mistake …
I need to say that I love you.

Who lives with me know. Those who live with me feel. I love few. But these few, you can bet, I love very much.

When you say “I love you”, you are making a promise with someone’s heart. Try to honor it.

Sometimes I love and build castles, sometimes I love so much that Romantic Quotes vacation shot and embark on a tour to hell.

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