28 Most Romantic Good Morning Quotes


Romantic Good Morning Quotes

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Alan: Looks like you had a rough night.
Charlie: No, the night was terrific. The morning is killing me!

But then the next morning … and I’m sure I’m not as available as I thought I was the night before – Good Morning Quotes

I remember myself every morning: nothing that I say on this day will teach me anything. So if I intend to learn, I must do so through listening.

I do not have to drug myself to be a genius;
I do not need to be a genius to be human;
But I need your smile to be happy.

Do whatever it takes to be happy. But do not forget that happiness is a simple feeling, you can find it and let it go away by not realizing its simplicity.

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I love everything that was
All that is no longer
The pain that already does not hurt
The old and erroneous faith
The yesterday that the pain left,
What left joy
Just because it was, and flew
And today is already another day.

Most Romantic Good Morning Quotes

The running of life wraps everything; life is like this: it warms and cools, it tightens and it loosens, it calms down, and then it becomes restless. What she wants from us is courage. To be able to be cheerful and more cheerful in the midst of joy, and even more joyful in the midst of sadness …

The rainbow
The rainbow
that sprouts from the floor
seven colors adorn it
looks hand-painted.
The rainbow
will one day be
a great slide
of joy.
The rainbow
there is nothing more to say
beyond a dream
what more can be!

It is with the lies of the morning that women build the truths of the night.

Cold morning –
In the coat, I saw
Miss my mother.

Nature gives each season and season some peculiar beauties; and from morning to night, as from the cradle to the grave, is nothing more than a succession of changes so gentle and gentle that we are barely able to perceive its progress.

I die every night to resurrect every morning Every night you enter is that of the Holy Agony ….

When I was young, in the morning I rejoiced, / at night I cried; now that I am older, my day is doubtful, but / holy and serene is its end.

we are
less normal
every morning

Old bird, this world
sleeps like a boy
and is renewed every morning.

Even an old horse
is beautiful in the morning
on the snow

It does not matter much to who you marry, since the next morning you will surely discover that it was someone else.

So Romantic Good Morning Quotes

I have saved the morning flowers for you,
in a line of porcelain

The youth shows the man just as the morning shows the day.

news from the sun –
morning birds
sing on the porch

I will give you a flower
in the morning and please you
with your smile

I light myself
of immensity

Because what we want most is always what we can never have.

But this was a distant future that had died long before he had a chance to live.

So there was only one person left. In fact, there was never anyone else.

Do not be afraid, “I murmured.” We’ll belong to each other. Suddenly I was overwhelmed by the truth of my words. Forever. he agreed.

Try to be strong to every and every dawn.

The man will see his wife at dawn, disheveled, his eyes swollen with sleep, and foolish to stumble his steps, and smile with himself: “how sweet a sight I have at dawn!”

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