Retirement Quotes: 31 Funny Happy Quotes About Retirement


Retirement Quotes

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Do not play with my heart, he’s too tired. I decided to apply for retirement: love is not for me. Loving is for others. I do not want to love anymore, I no longer want to live because of someone who feels for me something confused and indefinite, but that is definitely not love.

Retirement: one day you get there. Or for better or for worse.

Do not bet your life at the end of your existence, thinking that your family, your retirement and your company guarantee eternal life, since Jesus Christ is our guarantee.

Retirement One Day You Get There Or For Better Or For Worse

retirement is empty marmite’s synonym!

If we study thinking about work and save money thinking about retirement, why cannot we start a relationship thinking about separation? It’s decided; I will relate only to vagabonds.

Retirement Is Empty Marmite’s Synonym!

Socially relevant activities are not those to
be done after retirement, but rather those that are done before it, to influence people with relevance.

Already thinking about retirement? “But you’re not one hundred and twenty yet, are you?” – Then? “Retire for what?”

Retirement Is Building A Dream Of Unity Possible In Day To Day Life

I am without benefit, without work, sick and begging for a retirement, I live in a country where sickness is wrong, to be a thief is normal, to kill, to rape, to steal and to steal does not have problems when it is of minor.

A pity, but a pity,
When the time came for
his retirement.
A career, but it’s a job,
Modern servitude,
If not for the challenge
And the dreams.
And one day is just a collection
of hours,
if not for that
Awakening, coaxing
loving the smile on your

In Our Country, Culture And Knowledge Are Things For After Retirement

Retirement is building a dream of unity possible in day to day life.

In a country where everyone lives their life in a little corner of the office, or in a retirement, I am, after having worked so much, gallantly, without a definite position! I therefore claim the beautiful title of last of the romantics, not only of Brazil alone, but of the whole world, in this utilitarian times!

Having Been At The Top Does Not Mean Going Back To The Top

Retirement is for those who have never done what they wanted. Whoever does what he likes does not want to ever stop.

In our country, culture and knowledge are things for after retirement.

Warriors Do Not Retire, They Die On The Battlefield

Eloquent and exaggerated thoughts, however small, in terms of quick and easy retirement, ensure remorse, misery and sadness, choices based on the selfishness of individual and stingy work itself.

To qualify for retirement in the future, under the new social security rules, include the death certificate.

The Word Retire Is Not Synonymous With 'aging' But One Of The Symptoms Of Winning

Many times we behave based on the conditioned reflex and we end up repeating behavior by the simple fact that we always do it.

The word retire is not synonymous with ‘aging’ but one of the symptoms of winning

The Higher You Are, The Greater Your Feelings Of Loss, Not Only Professional, But Personal

One big difference between human and labor marriage is that when you do a labor marriage, it is not until death separates you.

The question is no longer, what you will be when you grow up, but rather, how you will grow up when you go.

Funny Retirement Quotes And Sayings

“Warriors do not retire, they die on the battlefield.”

More and more people, who live facing work as a philosophy of life, are approaching their day of rest, but after the divine spiritual condemnation of their souls, they will be rewarded for their eternal retirement, hell.

Everything has its defect: work, because it never ends; The holidays, because they always end; And retirement, because it makes us confuse a reals any Tuesday with a holiday weekend.

Retirement is not easy. You have to live with this idea from the moment you start working.

Whatever your business, it will suck your savings. Think carefully. And if you imagine working less when you retire, do not open a business of your own!

Most likely, in a new job, your boss feels threatened by you. Or that you feel frightened by a younger and better prepared boss.

Retirement Quotes – Quotes About Retirement

Having been at the top does not mean going back to the top.

The higher you are, the greater your feelings of loss, not only professional, but personal – Retirement Quotes

Play the blame: in government, in company, in spouse, will only paralyze you. There are no guilty, nor you. So, roll up your sleeves and see if you can see, instead of blaming yourself.

Life will not bring you success on a platter. Old or new go fetch. This is the big retirement change: start over.

Come to think of it, we still live in a slave era know, but in a hypothetically freeway.
We work to support the bourgeoisie, we have no rights, only duties.
Our charter of alimony now has the name of retirement, which to acquire just suffers death, and good luck if you can.
We are the slaves in a modern era.

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