Racism Quotes: 57 Beautiful Quotes About Racism With Images

Racism Quotes

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We fought against apartheid because we were being accused of something we could not do anything about. It’s the same with homosexuality. Guidance is given, it is not a matter of choice. It would be crazy to choose to be gay with the homophobia we have today.

As long as the color of the skin is more important than the brightness of the eyes, there will be war.

The beauty of a naked body is only felt by the races dressed. Modesty is above all for sensitivity as the obstacle to energy.

There Is Nothing So Beautiful As To Approach The Divinity And Spread Its Rays For The Human Race

Of all gifts from nature to the human race, what is sweeter for man than children

If The Human Race Survived, It Was Thanks To Inefficiency

There is nothing so beautiful as to approach the Divinity and spread its rays for the human race.

There Is No Racism Greater Than Hating Yourself

The world will never be tranquil until the patriotism of the human race is extinguished.

People Of Bright Minds Will Find Opponents Of Racist Minds

No one is born hating another person by the color of their skin, by their origin or even by their religion. To hate, people need to learn, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love.

The World Will Never Be Tranquil Until The Patriotism Of The Human Race Is Extinguished

As long as there is a philosophy that there is a lower race and a higher race, the world will be permanently at war.

Racism Is Proof Of How Primitive We Are Still

It is almost impossible to forget the least abandoned, our debts, racism, wars … But thanks to God there is always music.

The Prejudice Of The Race Is Unjust And Causes Great Suffering To The People

The degeneration of a people, of a nation or race, begins with the distortion of the language itself.

Take Your Racism Out Of The Way, Which I Want To Go Through With My Color

The homeland is not the race, it is not the means,
it is not the set of economic and political apparatuses: it
is the language created or inherited by the people.

The Human Race Cannot Withstand Much Reality

We are a race of petty bird-men and on our intellectual flights, we rise little higher than the pillars of the daily newspapers.

I Love My Race, I Fight For Color, Whatever I Do Is For Us, For Love!

The prejudice of the race is unjust and causes great suffering to the people.

Crying Will Not Bring Your Dog Back Unless It Smells Like Ration

If the human race survived, it was thanks to inefficiency.

But You Must Have Strength You Must Have A Race You Must Always Win

The race that believes in bosses has always seemed to me the most stupid of all human species.

The human race / Cannot withstand much reality.

Until philosophy, which maintains a superior race and an inferior race, is finally abandoned, all will be war.

Best Racism Quotes With Images

I have no preconceptions of race, color or religion. I tolerate any society. It is enough for me to know that man is a human being: he cannot be worse.

Race of vipers and hypocrites! How can you ask a nation to collect its stones while remaining armed to the teeth! No world power possessing nuclear weapons has the moral to demand the disarmament of another nation. If you want peace, disarm yourself, set the example first!

Crying will not bring your dog back, unless your tears smell like ration.

The reason why intolerance, sexism, racism, homophobia exist is fear. People are afraid of their own feelings, afraid of the unknown.

Take your racism out of the way, which I want to go through with my color.

The human race exaggerates in everything: its heroes, its enemies, its importance.

Let us pray that the human race will never leave Earth to spread its iniquity elsewhere.

I am not grass to be in the mouth of Cow and much less ration to be in the mouth of bitch.

I love my race, I fight for color, whatever I do is for us, for love!

I consider myself a foreigner in any country, foreign to any race. For the land is my homeland and the whole humanity is my people.

Quotes On Racism And Sayings

Tolerance is a necessity at all times and for all races. But tolerance does not mean accepting what is tolerated.

Racism is proof of how primitive we are still.

The human species, according to the best theory, is composed of two distinct races: the men who lend and the men who borrow.

But you must have strength
You must have a race
You must always win

“People of bright minds will find opponents of racist minds”

Any individual who truly believes that superhuman beings have bestowed upon our race information on the goals of their existence and the world is still in its infancy. There is no other revelation but the thoughts of the wise – and even these thoughts are subject to errors, as is the fate of all that is human.

Adorable children are considered to be the property of the human race. Spoiled children belong to their mothers.

I am the man who was born to carry with him all the perplexity of a race …
I am condemned to suffer the martyrdom of being mortal and to be so close to a Divinity that I will never reach …
I am the man who is sacred from Heaven until the Hell and from Hell to Heaven

In heaven there will be no racism, much less those who possess it.

When one-third of racism is merged with the same amount of discrimination, and yet another third of indifference is added to the next, one gets the infallible formula of the greatest cancer suffered by mankind.

There is no racism greater than hating yourself.

Racism is a type of vandalism, but instead of damaging cities it damages people of all ages!

If racism is a prejudiced feeling, of the one who thinks himself superior, then he should be discriminated against, for who else could be seen in his extreme inferiority but the bearer of such arrogance among those of the same race

Crying will not bring your dog back unless it smells like ration.

Iron on the doll, stoned on the
windowpane All I have I conquered in the race
I’m not sympathetic to anyone
Today I go in a limo but I’ve already ridden by train

It is easy gives a picker, meet all races: blondes, redheads, mulattos, brunettes, but believe almost none of them will make you happy completely. Difficult is to take a heart completely. It is even harder to know if you are truly loved.

To insist on the impossible is stupid, to insist on the difficult race!

If the wall that keeps me from moving forward is racism, I’m going to bring it down with my black conscience.

Nothingness knows of colors, creeds, or races. All people are born the same.

And from father to son racism passes, in the form of jokes that would have a lot more grace if it were not the portrait of our ignorance, transmitting the discrimination from childhood. And what children learn by joking, is nothing less than stupidity spreading.

The worst racist is he who sees only the image of his fellow man and cannot see that he is the likeness
of God.

“The problem of the human race is not to love, because everyone loves, but the problem is to express their feelings by doubting their respectful masculinity before the eyes and the minds of those whom we may consider true ignoramuses.”

The Bible has been the cardinal of the poor and oppressed. The human race is not in a position to dispense with it.

Love does not exist; it is a ration for the poet. Do not be deceived!

The bad nature associated with lack of education leads to racism, prejudice, and even marginality.

It is not impossible for a perverse man of his race to discover a secret as dreadful as the Execrable Word, and use this secret to destroy all living things.

There are two human races on earth, and really only these two: the “race” of the right people and that of the clumsy people.

I chose to love you, regardless of your race, your style, where you live or where you are now, and from that choice I will never give up.

The coca we drink is black and the one we drink is white, so racism is out! – Racism Quotes

Racism is stupid but the dumbest is not the racist
It’s what you think racism does not exist

We have prejudice, anger, we are ignorant, racist, naive, jealous, radical, hypocrites, we are human …. this is no problem; problem is not to see it.

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