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Life Quotes
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Life is a play that does not allow testing. So, sing, cry, dance, laugh and live intensely, before the curtain is closed and the piece ends with no applause.

A Life Without Challenges Is Not Worth Livin

Surrender, as I surrendered. Immerse yourself in what you do not know how I dove. Do not bother to understand, live passes all understanding.

Ye Who Suffer Because Ye Love Love Even More. Dying Of Love Is To Live It

Do not let the nostalgia suffocate, that accommodate routine, that fear stop you from trying. Be wary of fate and believe in yourself. Spend more time realizing that dream, making planning, living than waiting for though who almost dies is alive, who almost lives is already dead.

When I Think I Learned To Live I Have Learned To Die

happy the way you are, do not change your routine by what others require you simply live according to their way of living.

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Live a good, honorable life. So when you get older and think back, you’ll get pleasure a second time.

We Do Not Live To Eat But Eat To Live

I would say to you that living as who knows who will die one day, and to die as those who knew how to live right.

We Are Made Of Flesh But We Have To Live As If We Were Of Iron

Sometimes I hear the wind pass; and only hear the wind passing, it is worth being born.

There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.

To Travel Just Exist

No one learns to live for others’ experience; life would be even sadder if, as we begin to live, since we knew that we would live only to renew the pain of those who lived before.

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To Live Is To Design Without Rubber

Life is for anyone who comes across any downtime. Not for those who for any stub.

To Live Is The Rarest Thing In The World. Most People Just Exist. 1

Every day I live, the more I am convinced that the waste of life is the love that we give, the forces that do not use, the selfish prudence that nothing risks and, ducking from suffering, also lost happiness.

The art of living is simply the art of living … simply I said? But how hard it is!

The Houses Are Built For Living In Them Not To Be Looked At

I thought that if he could reveal them and make them live, would add new light to the stars, new beauty to the world and greater love to the hearts of men.

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Freedom is the possibility of isolation. If it is impossible to live alone, you were born a slave.

The Flowers Bloom To Continue To Live As Retain Is To Perish

The life itself is dying, because we have one more day in our lives we do not have, that, one day less in it.

My Faith In The Thick Darkness Shines More Alive

Maybe one day Maybe one day Maybe one will be Maybe one live Maybe one die! Who’s Who is male who is female who is human only! You know love You know me and you know we know to be a! One day One Month One Year One (a) life!

Feel is created. Feeling is thinking out of ideas, so feel is to understand, as the universe has no ideas.

Living Means Fightin

There are only two ways to live life: the first is to live it as if miracles do not exist. The second is to live it as if it were a miracle.

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Living Is Not Necessary. Needed Is To Create

A man who is free from religion has a better chance to live a normal and full life.

Live Other Romances. Do Not Make Habit A Lifestyle. Love Novelty

I want for me the spirit of this phrase,
transformed the way to marry what I am:
Living is not necessary; what is needed is to create.

Life Is Wonderful If You Are Not Afraid Of It

If a man has not discovered anything by which die, you are not ready to live.

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Life Is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously

Selfishness is not living in our own way, but want others to live as we want.

Learn To Live Well And Knows Die

Worth living – even if only to say that it is not worth …

It is above all the solitude you feel the advantage of living with someone who knows how to think.

Learn Like You Would Live Forever. Live As If You Were To Die Tomorrow

Live without philosophizing is what’s called having your eyes closed without ever having tried to open.

Joy Prevents Thousand Evils And Prolongs Life

To live is to be another. Or feel it is possible to today feels like yesterday felt: today feel the same as yesterday not feel – is today remember what felt yesterday, is today the living corpse that yesterday was the lost life.

It Is Not Hard To Die In This Life Living Is Much More Difficult

All that lives, lives because it changes; changes as it passes; and it passes, dies. Everything that lives perpetually becomes something else, constantly refuses, shirk to life.

Well, it’s time to go: me to die, and you to live. Who of us will go to the best is obscure to all but God.

It Is Much Better To Live Without Happiness Without Love

I admire the land, I want it, I always liked her. I always felt happy to be alive: despite the war, the bad news, I cannot kill me the simple joy of living.

It Is Difficult To Live With People Because Silence Is Very Difficult

Live today!
Take a chance today!
Make today!
Do not let yourself die slowly! NOT BE HAPPY FORGET” Happy … Happy … Risking to Do, to Live Happy!!!!

I Have On Me All The Dreams Of The World

In life and in love, we have no guarantees … So do not look for them … alive what has to be lived … No fear … Fear is one of the worst enemies of love and happiness …

I Am Born Every Moment To The Eternal Newness Of The World

But where to look for freedom is feelings. These is that they are the living essence of the soul.

I hated every minute of training, but said to myself: Do not give up! Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.

Hasten To Live Well And Think That Every Day Is In Itself A Life

The devil in this life is that of a hundred ways have to choose just one, and live with the nostalgia of the other ninety-nine.

Dream As If You Ll Live Forever Live As If You Were To Die Tomorrow

is dedicated to hope for the future only those who cannot live in the present.

As Good Die Of Love And Continue Living

While you have a desire, you have a reason to live. Satisfaction is death.

Do Not Live For Your Presence Known But That Their Lack Is Felt

In life there is only one way to be happy. Living for others.

Nobody cares about having a good life, but only how long you live. Everyone can live well, no one has the power to live long.

All Worth It When The Soul Is Not Small. 1

You have to forget to live; life is forgotten; fulfills make room for what’s to come.

Alive Today Because Yesterday Is Gone And Tomorrow May Not Come

Because life passed before we could live.

We must be willing to get rid of the life we have planned, so we can live the life that awaits us. The old skin has to fall to a new can be born.

I do not want the terrible limitation of those who live only on what is likely to make sense. I do not: I want an invented truth.

Good Collection Of Life Quotes,With Beautiful Images

I have no time for anything else, be happy consumes me.

But I’m afraid of what’s new and I’m afraid of living I do not understand – I always want to be guaranteed to at least be thinking what I understand, do not know give me the disorientation.

It is better to try and fail, to worry and watch life go by.
It is better to try, although in vain to sit, doing nothing until the end.
I prefer the rain to walk, that on cold days at home hiding.
I prefer to be happy although crazy, that in accordance live

Be wary of fate and believe in yourself. Spend more time realizing that dream, making planning, living than waiting for though who almost dies is alive, who almost lives is already dead.

Build friends, I faced losses, overcome obstacles, knocked on the door of life and said to him, I’m not afraid to live it.

WHO AM I am a happy person, I love very life and of it’s apprentice, I have several passions, but like anyone, I have imperfections; If the paths of this life still do not know color, At least I seek, Every Day, Making Me someone better.

I learned from the spring to let me cut back and always full.

Well it is going to fight with determination,
embrace life with passion,
lose with class
and win with boldness,
because the world belongs to those who dare
and life is much to be insignificant.

… I’m looking, I’m looking for. I’m trying to understand. Trying to give someone what I experienced and do not know who, but do not want to stay with what I experienced. I do not know what to do than I have, I’m afraid that deep disorganization.

While not overcome
the anxiety of love without limits,
we cannot grow
emotionally. Until we go through the pain of our own loneliness, we will continue to look for the other half. To live two, before, it must be one.

There are two ways to live your life:
. One is to believe that there is no miracle
The other is to believe that all things are a miracle.

The only truth is alive. Honestly, I live. Who am I? Well, it’s over now.

Man does not die when it ceases to live, but when you stop loving – Life Quotes

What matters after all, live or know that you are living?

It’s hard to get lost. It is so difficult that probably quickly will fix a way to find me, even if finding myself is again the lie that alive.

I am a child of nature: I want to pick up, feel, touch, be. And all this is already part of a whole, of a mystery. I am one. I am a being. And I leave you to be. It scares you? I think so. But it’s worth. Even if it hurts. It hurts just the beginning – Life Quotes

Are you alive. This is your show. Only those who show is. However much you miss along the way.

I am what I am
because I live my way …
You looking for answers staring into space,
and I so busy living …
I do not ask me,
I do!

Best Inspirational Happy Life Quotes

You now live a life that would live for eternity?

Again sheer joy of life: salvation is at risk, without which life is not worth it!

What matters is not how long you live … but how we live …

But there is life is to be lived intensely. There is love. It has to be lived to the last drop. Without any fear. Do not kill.

A life not just living. It needs to be dreamed – Life Quotes

I just want to live in peace and enjoy what God has left us in the world, I do not need material wealth to be happy. I just want to feel what God tells us in our ears in a simple blowing of the wind.

Life is like riding a bicycle: You must be in constant motion to keep the balance.

How many live life without discovering what they know and love?
So many.
Do not be one of those that is your mission – Life Quotes

Whether the season changes …
If the century turns, the millennium is another.
If the age increases … It
saves the will to live,
do not arrive anywhere without it.

Anyone who has gone through this life not lived, may be more, but knows less than me.

Living is cherishing dreams and hopes, making the faith our greatest inspiration. You get the little things, a great reason to be happy!

The real body is not the body, but what left to live – Life Quotes

You can live to be a hundred if you give up all the things that make you want to live to be a hundred.

If life is worth living and death is part of life, then die also worth …

You’re not even the reason of my life, since you are already my whole life.

Happy the person who crosses the whole life with a thousand reasons to live – Life Quotes

You ask me why I buy rice and flowers? Buy rice for living and flowers for having something to live for.

I went to the forest because he wanted to live free. I wanted to live deep and suck the very essence of life … expunge all that was not life; and not to die, discover that he had not lived.

No need to have ambitions. Just one thing I want so much: that united humanity alive … blacks and whites together – Life Quotes

“- That’s what I do is night and I’m alive Being alive this killing me slowly, and I’m all alert in the dark?”

Wherever you live, this is your temple, to treat as such.

Live every moment as if it were the last.

Live for the pleasure! Nothing ages as well as happiness – Life Quotes

My only salvation is joy. (Jellyfish)

We have fun without killing, who loves without contaminating, you learn not to cheat, that living without selling.

Live today! Take a chance today! Make today! Do not let yourself die slowly Life Quotes  !
Do not forget to be happy!

When I think of what I have lived seems to me that I was leaving my body the way (in: Living Water)

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