22 Top Quotes About Overcoming Depression And Anxiety


Quotes About Overcoming Depression And Anxiety

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Depression is the cry of the soul begging for enlightenment. Ascending the Light in the sphere of the intellect is healing.

Sadness is like a cracked wall; depression, housing collapsed; the suicide, open the floor and the collapse reaches the bottom of an abyss.

Depression is like drowning in the open sea. “A slow and tiring drowning”

Depression is gradually descending the abyss. Suicide is to jump at him once and for all.

Depression is the repression of the soul and expression of emotional pain.

In depression land who smiles is king

Social Networking is the hallucinogenic drug for collective depression.

The greatest enemy of capitalism is not socialism, it is depression, the socialist works, the depressive does not.

Do not play with poetry, because in the depression it burned in happiness resided,
in sadness slept and in death and in life it lay.

Best Quotes About Overcoming Depression And Anxiety

Who am I?
I breathe, I walk. I am forced to exist …
I have no choice but depression …
Conviction I have. I do not belong to this fuzzy, confused ball called earth.
Where do I belong in this universe?
Finding out is necessary … if not! At least justify my presence here

Only those who insisted on overcoming depression know
that every piece in which the soul has remained
is transformed into self-love.

The depression of the pressure cooker was caused by a lack of attention and action; to be able to cook, it has to be from the heart!

Living in the future brings anxiety,
In the past depression.
Be present, only it really exists!

Depression, anxiety and panic attacks are not signs of weakness.
They are signs of having tried to stay strong too long.

Depression is overcome, when you realize that you are with her and she is killing you,
So you try to be stronger even when people despise you .. Only live who knows, only know who lives.

Short Quotes About Overcoming Depression And Anxiety

In the dead of night at dawn or in the depression or the emotion of any afternoon, whoever you are, respect your own changes and transitions, it can be painful to know that you do not please everyone, but it is refreshing to realize that you honor yourself.

Depression only with the impression of the Word of God, leaks out of the heart.

The depressed person never knows for sure what the “trigger” of depression is: if what you feel is the cause of an effect or if it is the effect of a cause.

In the saddest dawn …
In the most acute depression …
In the most suffering tears …
I remember how I made you happy, and how your happiness rejoiced me.

“ Depression. Love, not opinion ”

The poet relieves himself of depression by vomiting
the vomit of everything that turns the stomach
Stunts the head,
Cures the throat
shut the voice
Only relieved when the repressed thought is expelled on any sheet of paper

Depression … If you never had it, do not judge it, help. Or rather, shut up.

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