23 Most Inseparable Quotes About Depression And Hope


Quotes About Depression And Hope

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Depression does not come from weakness as some people often see, but rather that you expose yourself too much to an extreme and adverse condition, be it physical or psychological, for too long a time.

Do not go short of depression … Short rock and roll that is much better

Depression of the good is when loneliness massacres and the person have no desire to be around anyone.

Defeat depression by living with loneliness! Loneliness is a great theater where the pieces of yesterday, today and tomorrow of our lives are staged, taught us to live better. Health and peace!


The loneliness of man can cause inspiration or depression!

I can define my sadness in the face of depression.

Sometimes I feel a deep depression and the more time advances over me the more depressed I become.

Short Quotes About Depression And Hope

I’m not begging you for anything, but please get out of this depression, come in, get out of the house, come and see me.

Nothing happened to you, but you get depressed anyway.

Once upon a time a monkey who stayed 2 years single
went into depression and killed himself and order. Monkeys also cry!

Depression robs the living of the will to live by making the living feel dead.

Depression arises from the lack of ventilation of the plains, bound obstacles usually provoked by the caustic phonetics of the unconscious, triggered by the senses of irrationality collective desires.

I saw life in a dark and empty way, where the silence of the night my soul screamed in depression I gave up being happy.

Expression is nothing more than a vicious circle and pessimistic about everything, when you think a lot, it’s weakening, how little you act, it’s time to drown and find the sand on the bottom of the sea.

Having depression is like dying a thousand times a day. But no one ever knows, no one will ever know.

Depression is the reception of an office called death. It may take a while, but the longer we stay in that state, waiting for service, will at some point be realized.

Best Short Quotes About Depression And Hope

Nothing works better than avoiding depression.

“My mind never goes into depression, because I live my life naturally without any kind of delusion.”

I’m not hiding from the world. And not at the beginning of a depression. I just got used to it. With a dark room and loneliness.


It is a disease that makes the person think that no one cares. But in fact, a lot of people care. What good is it if the subject himself does not care?
In the end, depression is the disease of selfishness. What’s the use of caring? It is the disease of self-destruction

Sometimes depression is necessary if a vocation is to be found.

Depression, the turbulent mind
The body cannot stand it.
It’s a lot of pressure!
The soul does not react.
Sadness invades.
The silence terrifies.
The door closes.
He does not want to see anyone,
not even through the crack.
Give more love and understanding.
No judgment or discrimination.

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