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Positive Quotes
Positive Quotes: 
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Hope will not be proof of a hidden meaning of existence. One thing that deserves to fight for it.

Worse Than Failure Is The Acceptance Of Defeat

Optimism is the faith in action. Nothing can lead to optimism without effect.

If so many people say that you are able, then believe, fight and conquer as you can.

The Darkest Hour Of The Day Is That Which Is Before Sunrise

Keep staring at a lofty ideal, and always strive for what you want, because only the weak give up and only those who fight is worthy of life.

Fight for what you believe, do not wait! The only person who can make life worth living is yourself! Learn to challenge …

Stones On The Way I Keep Them All. One Day I Will Build A Castle

Optimism is hope for the best. Confidence is knowing how to deal with the worst.

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Do you have a dream?
Do not let others get you down, fight for what you believe.

Optimism Is Half Battle Won

Avoid discouraged: keep jobs and make optimism a way of life. This restores the faith itself.

Love, believe, think, cry, dream, win, fight, Battle, be strong, be focused, have faith. Smile and thank God for another day.

One More Round

Optimism is the mania of maintaining that everything is fine when everything is bad.

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Overcome challenges, beat records
The sky is the limit of the warriors.
Fight all its limitations

Not That I Fight Me Every Day. Things Will Change

Fight with determination, embrace life with passion, lose with class and win with boldness, because the world belongs to those who dare and life is much to be insignificant.

Whatever happens, always be you.
Fight for your ideals.
Run after your wishes and realize them.
You will see the trophy of his victory is the result of their conquest.

My Optimism Was All I Needed For My Goals Become Real

Never give up on the people you love. Never give up to be happy. Always fight for your dreams. Be profoundly in love of life. For life is a must-see show.

Fight for your dreams, ideals and goals.
If you need to renounce pride,
Let it go a tear on the face,
but never renounce its right to be happy,
To be you.

Magic Is Believing In A Better World Even If He Gets Worse Every Day

All a dream needs to be done is someone who believes that it can be done.

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Life has four senses: love, suffer, fight and win. So much love, suffer little, fight hard and win always.

Love Always Fight Fairly Dream More Vivid This Love

Act, that is the true intelligence. I’ll be whatever you want. But I have to want whatever. The success is to succeed, not succeed conditions. Palace conditions has any broad land, but where is the palace if they do there?

Fight for the dreams, seek their goals; Battle for their ideals and show that you are a warrior.

Lose Today And Live Fight And Win Tomorrow

Be wary of fate and believe in yourself. Spend more time realizing that dream, making planning, living than waiting for though who almost dies is alive, who almost lives is already dead.

Do not fight so hard to be too perfect, because this fight you can self-destruct.

Imagine A New Story For Your Life And Believe In It. 1

The strength of fear I have that does not prevent me from seeing the longing.
The death of all that believe not cover my ears and mouth.

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No matter the difficulty of fighting. Fight! Look forces, feel strong, no matter how long it takes your fight, do your part. Fight knowing that in the end the victory always comes and the greater the struggle, the greater the victory.

If Victory Is Impossible Fight For A Draw

There are people who cry to know that roses have thorns. There are others who smile to know that thorns have roses!

If the target does not give you one more chance not give up, fight for what is his, win as the biggest winners are those who live in the pressure of day-to-day and late in the afternoon still has the strength to start a new victory.

I Envy Their Ability To Replace Reality By Optimism

Say what you think with hope.
Think about what you do with faith.
Do what you should do with love!

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Fight. Try. Take a shot. Run. Change it. Sensuality. Insist. Improve. Evolve. Grow. Chore. Think. But never stop.

Hope Is A Food Of Our Soul Which Is Always Mixing The Poison Of Fear

Do not let people make you give up what you most want in life. Believe. Fight. Pinpoint. And above all, be happy.

“Never give up, always fight, for only the fighters deserve to win!”

Fight For Your Dream Be Yourself Forget The Others

I believe in young people who always bring the face optimism wire and joy as lamp within the heart and transmit it to others.


Fight Ferociously Against The Temptations Of The Flesh

I take care to the imbalanced not shake my faith, so I face with optimism this madness.

Tomorrow will be better a new day will come
Fight the good that the light will not be extinguished.

Fight Even Without Forces. Believe It Hopeless

“Faith and our perseverance arouse optimism, leading to final victory.”

Love is a dream stay asleep while the reality is gone.
So wake up and fight, asserts his will.
Love the real.

Fight Even Still Looking Defeated

Fight and strongly push for what you believe, you will be surprised, you are much stronger than you think.

Always fight with guts and determination for their ideals.
True Champion is one who believes in victory!

Fight for what you want, do not forget to thank God for the strength it took to get.

All Worth It When The Soul Is Not Small. 2

Believe in your dream, fight for it, and when you have the opportunity to enjoy as if it were a single moment in his life, and believe it may not be unique, but it will be unforgettable.

Life Has Four Directions:
To love, suffer, fight and win …
So Love Too, Suffer Little Fight And Win Enough Always …

Positive Quotes About Life, With Beautiful Images

When you want something, fight for it, because someday you will get it and will be sure that everything q did was worth it …

Fight always for what you want. Do not let down by people who add nothing to your life. Empty people do not deserve much attention.

Dream, Fight, Conquer, everything is possible, you were born to win.

“Our life has 4 – way …
love, suffer, fight and win.
Love too, suffer little, fight fairly
and win ever!”

If one day the reason I ask you to give up and the heart send you fight, fight for it is not the reason that beats for you live, but the heart.

For more than try, by more than fight,
I cannot hide my feelings.
The pain that runs through my soul is an unequal struggle
with the word that one day someone invented and
called LOVE.

Is not better than anyone, it’s just different and stand up for your goals.

If you dream of having something, chase, fight, win, win! And if you really want something never give up!

“Dream on, despite the illusions. Walk, despite the obstacles. Fight, despite the barriers and, above all, believe in yourself. ”

Do everything you can. Fight! Be humble. Conquer the world.

If the enemy is stronger than you, run away! If you reach it, fight! If he wins, do not feel guilty! Get up and hide it where it can never be found!

I know I can rely on my faith, my optimism with my positivity with my hope with my beliefs and my loves.

If one day you fall in love and the reason ask you to give up and the heart for you to fight, fight …
it is not the reason that knocks you exist  – Positive Quotes

Love even if it causes suffering, even though everyone speaks to give up. Fight for what you want.

Well it is having problem on the head, mouth smile and peace in the heart!
By the way, given the problems in God’s hands and that such a delicious coffee now?
Life is a play that does not allow testing. So sing, cry, dance and live intensely before the curtain closes!

Positive Quotes On Attitude

Everything in life happens due to the better! Believe me, your sorrow today is certainly the seed of his joy tomorrow!

“A lesson of optimism is the best inheritance a parent can leave to their children.”

Optimism is the key
motivation the door
and potential the way
for the great achievement that is called dream.

No one can be happy all the time, but nothing prevents us to maintain optimism.

Optimism is when you put the sweetest music on the alarm clock. It is the time palm showing that better days will come  – Positive Quotes

Do not give up, Fight!
Do not be discouraged Battle!
Do not retract, Onward!
We do not own the world but we are children of his creator.
“If God is for us, who can be against us?”

“Fight like a tiger and win with the subtlety of a domestic cat”

Open the game then! What do you want me to do?
I want you to fight for me, that’s what I want! ”  – Positive Quotes

So that nothing is in vain, only
fight for what deserves your dedication
and your effort!

Never despise your life, fight and determination
never forget their origins.
Only then left for their next generations beautiful examples to be followed.

Never wait to get to your limit …
let something saved …
in secret …. and fight,
fight for you always, first you ..

Fight for your happiness, love who loves you.
As for the rest, well, no one ever needed remains to be happy. Just fight and wait for a new dawn.

Fight for what is important to you, so you never be important to others.

Do not miss the frustration of not achieving your dreams. Fight, Go ahead. Dream, and understand that dreams that you dream is seen by the divine. Live happy!

Be free of mind, seek peace and any way you walk will be illuminated. Despite the stones and thorns that are out there, the beauty of its essence will shine on the roads of life.

“When you want something to fight for before the sadness of not having won than the shame of having not fought!”  – Positive Quotes

Not that cut me, or that I suffer,
even if I fight me every day.
Things will change!

Those ripe fruits that thy neighbor reaps sometimes singing, at the right cost him drudgery of someone who knew that never in his life consume them, but not so left the plant.

Spread, transmit positivism … dream, believe in optimism, look, seek conquest, examine yourself, find the real value of life!
Think about your actions … love intensely, respecting opinions, neutralize negativity is soul, mind, heart, but with his feet nailed to the floor, self-evaluate yourself … and live!

Tip Today…
Do not let other people’s ignorance, steal the delicacy of your smile and not the sensitivity of your heart … this is to have balance, this is to have feet on the ground, that is able to live

❝ … be happy …. embrace with joy the special day it is today …. is unique … is God’s gift prepared with the purest and sincere affection for you … ❞

positive thinking quotes

Apologize only
disposes of that guilt.
Apologizing is the action,
making all pain fall
into oblivion, and start
from scratch.

Optimism can take us to places we never would fear us. Being afraid is a matter of survival and being optimistic is a matter of courage – Positive Quotes

Cultivate Friendships TRUE helps recharge life with courage and optimism.

“Never doubt the possibility that the optimism desire is always Educating people and things but important to our quality of life”

We must sow optimism and plant the seed of peace and hope, be worthy and do everything with love. We strive every day to be better, even if others do not recognize, because kindness is also learned – Positive Quotes

Even the strong fall one day but arise even stronger in the other. Nothing like falling in the mud to give value to clean water!

I want to one day be able to tell people that nothing was in vain … that LOVE exists, that it is worth giving friendships the people that life is beautiful yes, and I always gave the best of me … and it was worth it!

Fight to the end for what is reciprocal. Otherwise even with a heavy heart, let the wind take … That’s not giving up, that’s wisdom – Positive Quotes

If you are without strength, fight,
If you are without faith, believe!
If everyone is laughing at you, get over yourself
If your enemies are winning, surprised
If you are afraid, face
only win what we face!

To my enemies I leave my best smile …
Because there is no better revenge to take down
an enemy. Your joy, your happiness
and your smile are powerful weapons and should be
your passport to success Positive Quotes.

The problems will always exist. If they are solvable, we have to resolve-loss we are unable to solve them, we must accept our limitations. But we must never gravitate in their orbit.

for some time that life taught me to fly, then it is useless to try to take my floor.

Without this till death do us part … there is no place? a paradise? a heaven? then I want you there too.


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