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The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. It has never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.

Whenever there are alternatives, be careful. Do not choose the convenient, the comfortable, the respectable, the socially acceptable, the honorable.
Choose what makes your heart vibrate. Choose what you would like to do, despite all the consequences.

Silence also speaks, speaks and much! Silence can speak even when words fail.

Nothing Great Can Be Achieved Without Going Crazy

Choose what makes your heart vibrate …
Despite all the consequences.

You can survive, but survival is not life.

If You Really Love A Person, Give Them Infinite Space

forget this story of wanting to understand everything.
instead, viva,
instead, have fun!
do not analyze, celebrate!

“There has never been a person like you before, there is no one
in this world like you now and will never exist

Going Crazy From Time To Time Is Basic Need To Stay Sane
.” ”
You are a work of art – impossible to repeat,
incomparable, absolutely unique.”

The other does not fill it. Filling is internal.

Each Relationship Is A Mirror; It Reveals Your Identity To You

Going crazy from time to time is basic need to stay sane.

“Always remain adventurous.
For no time forget that
life belongs to those who investigate.
It does not belong to the static;
It belongs to the flowing.
Never become a reservoir,
always remain a river. ”

Each Relationship Is A Mirror; It Reveals Your Identity To You

Osho Says Relationship means something complete, finished, closed. Love is never a relationship: love is to relate – it is always a flowing, endless river. ”

Become ordinary and you will be extraordinary; Try to become extraordinary and you will remain common …

You Can Survive, But Survival Is Not Life

Aging, any animal is capable. Developing is the prerogative of human beings. Only a few claim that right.

I am here to tell you
something that is absolutely unbelievable:
that you are gods and goddesses .
You forgot that.

The Other Does Not Fill It Filling Is Internal

A happy person does not need religion, he does not need any temple. For her, the whole universe is a temple.

Being happy is the greatest courage. Everyone is capable of being unhappy; To be happy it takes courage – it’s a tremendous risk.

The Greatest Freedom Is To Be Free Of Our Own Mind

There is no need to be afraid. You can lose only what has to be lost. And it’s good that you lose soon enough – because the longer you stay, the stronger it becomes.

Life itself is neutral. We make it beautiful, we make it ugly; Life is the energy we bring to it.

Success Is With God And In God

Once you give up expectations, you have learned to live.

Happiness is not a destination; it is a journey. Happiness is not tomorrow, it is now. Happiness is not a dependency; it is a decision. Happiness is what you are, not what you have.

Say Yes To Life Abandon All Possible Ones

“Do not worry about perfection, substitute the word” perfection “for” totality. “Do not think that you have to be perfect, think that you have to be total.

Say yes to life; Abandon all possible ones.

Once You Give Up Expectations, You Have Learned To Live

Let laughter be your temple, and you will feel in deep contact with the divine.

Love is the phenomenon closest to meditation: lovers abandon their masks; they are a soul within two bodies.

Osho Quotes On Love

If you really love a person, give them infinite space.

Do not try to find a shortcut because there are no shortcuts. The world is a struggle, it is arduous, it is a painful task, but that is how the person reaches the peak.

Only what death cannot take away is real. Everything else is unreal; Is made of the same substance that dreams are made of

When a man has everything, suddenly an awakening takes place within him that everything is useless.

Searching, searching, investigating …
… you are in serious danger!
At any moment you can be loving, laughing, enjoying …
– You can accidentally find God.

Success… is with God and in God.

Each relationship is a mirror; It reveals your identity to you.

“Just as the snow-covered peaks are beautiful, the white hairs of old age also have their beauty, not only beauty, but wisdom, that no young man can boast”

Forget this story of wanting to understand everything.
Instead, live,
instead, have fun!
Do not analyze, celebrate!

Be sincere in your quest. Do everything for her.
She is thirsty to know the original through the
reflection that makes it worthy of the final accident: – Enlightenment.

Unless you gratefully accept everything that life brings, you are letting go of meaning.

The greatest freedom is to be free of our own mind.

Listen to the sounds of nature and listen to people in the same way. Listen without imposing anything to what you are listening – do not judge, for the moment you judge, the listening ceases.

“Marriage is born of fear, affinity is born of love.” “Marriage is born of fear, affinity is born of love.”

“It’s the ego that gives you sores and it hurts you, it’s the ego that makes you violent, angry, jealous, competitive, it’s the ego that’s continually the miserable sense of life.”

The man who lives here and now is not burdened with past or future; It remains without a burden. He has no burden to bear; It moves without weight. Gravity does not affect you. In reality, he does not walk, he flies. He has wings.

If someone loves you, be thankful, but do not demand anything – because the other has no obligation to love you. If a person loves, it is a miracle. Excitement with the miracle.

“Once your energies are all concentrated in the roots, there will be new shoots, new foliage, new branches, and you will begin to move upward towards the stars”

Osho Quotes On Life

If you are able to be happy when you are alone, you have learned the secret of being happy.

Everyone is filled with love.
If there are no obstacles,
the sources of love begin
to flow in all directions
without any address.
Be grateful to existence,
enjoy the beauty of life
that surrounds you.
Love, because tomorrow
is not right.

Sharing is one of the greatest spiritual qualities. The miracle is that the more you share your happiness, the more you have.

Nothing great can be achieved without going crazy.

“When freedom is left intact, love grows infinitely.”

“It does not matter if they love you or criticize you, respect you, honor you, or defame you, that you are crowned or crucified, because the greatest blessing in existence is being yourself.”

The solitude is very positive, it is a presence, overflowing. You feel so full of life that you can fill the whole universe with your presence, and there is no need of anyone …

It takes a long time to realize that happiness and unhappiness depend on you because it is so comfortable for the ego to think that others are making you unhappy.

“Seek the company of people who can attune to your silence and harmony with your soul.”

Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.

If you are happy, love will flow towards you … there is no need to ask for it.

Love the common people. There is nothing wrong with ordinary people. Ordinary people are extraordinary! Every human being is unique and exclusive; Respect for this originality.

If you love someone, you have to understand that this person is not their shadow, it is not their reflection in the mirror, they have an individuality

Those who have examined the human mind have observed that, whatever the object of their passion, you are actually looking for God – Osho Quotes

People think they will only love when they find the perfect one or the perfect woman. Nonsense! You will never find them, because the perfect woman or man does not exist. And if they exist, they will not care about your love. They will not be interested.

The greatest freedom is to be free of our own mind.

“Love is not a relationship between two people. It is a state of mind within oneself.”

When your heart is filled with gratitude, any seemingly closed door can be an opening for a greater blessing.

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