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Lie Quotes

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Just as a drop of venom engulfs a whole bucket, even a lie, however small, spoils our whole life.

Lying is often as involuntary as breathing.

Not being discovered in a lie is the same as telling the truth.

Lie Is The Only Privilege Of Man Over All Other Animals

It’s hard to believe a man is telling the truth when you know he would lie if he were in his place.

Which advantages do the liars have? Not to be believed when they tell the truth.

History Is A Set Of Lies Upon Which An Agreement Has Been Reached

Never tell a lie that you cannot prove.

A lie goes around the world even before the truth has opportunity to dress.

Art Is The Lie That Allows Us To Know The Truth

No liar has a memory good enough to be a successful liar.

Some people never tell a lie – if they know the truth can hurt the most.

All Sin Is A Kind Of Lie

History is a set of lies upon which an agreement has been reached.

Art is the lie that allows us to know the truth.

With The Deception Of A Lie, A True Carp Is Caught

Dares to tell the truth: never lies. / An error that needs a lie, ends up needing two.

The origin of the lie lies in the idealized image we have of ourselves that we wish to impose on others.

The Most Vicious Lies Are Often Spoken In Silence

A truth that is said with evil intent defeats all the lies we can invent.

Little lies make the big liar.

The Main Lie Is That We Tell Ourselves

There is an innocence in the lie that is the sign of good faith in a cause.

The great masses will fall more easily into a great lie than into a lie.

The Lie Usually Derives From Unjustified Fear

The liar needs to have a good memory.

The most vicious lies are often spoken in silence.
The Liar Needs To Have A Good Memory

There are three kinds of lies: lies, blatant lies and statistics.

The lie usually derives from unjustified fear.

Success Has Always Been A Big Liar

And, after all, what is a lie?
It’s just masked truth.

Success has always been a big liar.

Not Being Discovered In A Lie Is The Same As Telling The Truth

With the deception of a lie, a true carp is caught.

The unfaithful individual is as dangerous as the liar. Both are weak, ungrateful, and build castles without foundations.

No Liar Has A Memory Good Enough To Be A Successful Liar

Lie is the only privilege of man over all other animals.

All sin is a kind of lie.

Never Tell A Lie That You Cannot Prove

The main lie is that we tell ourselves.

I do not mind lying, but I hate imprecision.

Lying Is Often As Involuntary As Breathing

What compels us to lie is the feeling that it is impossible for others to fully understand our action. Even the most complicated lie is simpler than the truth.

Whoever does not know the truth is a fool; But whoever knows it and calls it a lie is a criminal!

Little Lies Make The Big Liar

Quiet conscience laughs at the lies of fame.

A silence can sometimes be the cruelest of lies.

Lie Quotes – Quotes About Lying

Just as the liar is doomed not to be believed when he tells the truth, it is the privilege of a man of good repute to be believed even when he lies.

The punishment of a liar is not to believe in him.

It is not good to tell lies; / But when the truth can bring a terrible ruin, / then saying what is not good is also forgivable.

No man has such good memory to become a successful liar.

Cinema-truth? I prefer the cinema-lie. The lie is always more interesting than the truth.

No lie ever grows old in time.

Truths can be naked – but lies need to be dressed.

Art is the magic released from the lie of being true.

Women and doctors know full well how lies are necessary for men.

Truths can be naked – but lies need to be dressed.

Almost all lies are provoked. The main culprits are the questions that are asked.

A lie can run half a world before the truth can put on the boots.

Sometimes, without knowing it, the future lies in us, and our supposedly lying words describe a reality that is near.

If you take away the vital lie from a vulgar man, it takes away your happiness at the same time.

He goes on to believe in what is often repeated to himself, whether it be truth or lies. This becomes a dominant thought in the mind.

Women lie well because when they lie, they almost convince themselves that they are telling the truth.

In the mouth of the liar, even the truth is suspicious.

Lie Quotes For Relationships

I was hurt, not because you lied to me, but because I could not believe you again.

The devil can quote the Scriptures when it suits him.

People who talk a lot, always lie, because they end up exhausting their stock of truths.

Love is the state in which men are most likely to see things as they are not.

Sometimes the only real thing in a newspaper is the date.

One can deceive everyone for some time; One can deceive some for all time; But you cannot fool everyone all the time.

Of good and evil
Everyone has its charm: the saints and the corrupt.
There is nothing evil in life.
You say that truth bears fruit …
Have you seen the flowers that lie gives?

The smallest initial deviation from truth multiplies to infinity as it advances.

It is true that he lies with his mouth; But the grimace that is made at the same time says, after all, the truth.

Anyone who says he can love someone all his life is because he is a mind.

The truth that hurts is worse than the lie that comforts.

Singing people invents.
Invents a romance, a longing, a lie …
Singing makes history.
It was screaming that I learned to sing: without any modesty, without sin.
I sing to scare away demons, to gather friends.
To feel the world, to seduce life.

Doubt that the stars are fire, doubt that the sun moves, doubt the truth is a lie, but never doubt that I love you.

Men would lie less if women asked less questions.

The greater the lie, the greater the chance that it will be believed.

Lying to yourself is always the worst lie.

The truth hurts, the lie kills, but the torture doubt.

I cannot stand falsehood and lie, truth can hurt, but it is always more worthy.

If someone lies about you, do the opposite so that he will be a liar.

Sincere lies Interest me.

I do not know how to love in half. I cannot live a lie. I do not know how to fly on my feet. I’m always myself, but I’m sure I will not be the same forever.

No one can lie, no one can hide anything when they look straight into their eyes. And every woman, with a minimum of sensitivity, can read the eyes of a man in love.

In a time of universal lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

So poor are we that the same words serve us to express the lie and the truth

The lie is a truth that has forgotten to happen.

When people speak in a very elaborate and sophisticated way, or they want to tell a lie, or they want to admire themselves. Nobody should believe in such people. Good speech is always clear, intelligent and understood by all.

Today I am desolate and I have no reason to lie, and I live from my desolation my process of continuity, because if I deny the suffering that strikes me, he would never see art inside me. – Lie Quotes

The fantasist denies the truth to himself; The liar just for the others.

Lying is absolute wickedness. It is not possible to lie a little or a lot; Who mind, mind. The lie is the very face of the devil.

Suicide can be both affirmation of death and denial of life. Whatever.
It’s a lie. And I will explain: the suicide is the one who lost everything except life.

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