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Jealousy Quotes

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Beautiful women do not have to be jealous of their husbands. They are too busy with the jealousy they have of other women’s husbands.

It is easier to be jealous of a happy friend than to be generous to a friend in disgrace.

The jealousy of a boyfriend is a tribute; Those of a husband are an insult.

The Revenge Is Always Out Of Jealousy

If you want to travel far and fast, travel light. Leave behind all your jealousy, jealousy, inability to forgive, selfishness, and fears.

I'm Not Jealous, I'm Jealous!

I disguise my jealousy, I swallow your provocations;
Blood boils, I feel angry,
but I do not create a case, I do not make a scene,
because I know that at the end of the night
I’ll get
you right and show you why you’re mine,
just mine …

I'm Jealous Even Of What I Think Is Mine! Imagine You

I feel jealous of everything that is mine, and of everything that I think it should be.

Are you complaining about my pride and my jealousy? Wait to see my indifference.

I Feel Jealous Of Everything That Is Mine, And Of Everything That I Think It Should Be

He who is not jealous, even of the well-loved panties, is not in love.

The revenge is always out of jealousy.

I Am Jealous Of Everything In Which Beauty Does Not Die

The interior of families is often disturbed by suspicions, jealousies and antipathies, and they deceive us with appearances of satisfaction, calmness and cordiality, making us suppose a peace that does not exist; Few there are that earn to be deepened.

He Who Is Not Jealous, Even Of The Well Loved Panties, Is Not In Love

I am jealous of everything in which beauty does not die.

I am jealous in excess, excessive anger, excess idiocy, excessive joy, too much sadness. Too much love … I like it a lot, the little one does not satisfy me.

Yes I Am Jealous Of You With Everyone My Jealousy Is Proportional To My Love!

To tell you the truth, I like when you tease me and I like your jealousy.

Love is patient
is kind
love does not burn in jealousy
love everything suffers
everything believes everything
everything supports
love never ends

To Tell You The Truth, I Like When You Tease Me And I Like Your Jealousy

It’s all about jealousy, fights, mistrust, lies, and failure. Love is not to blame.

Girls being jealous of me! Girls afraid of losing their boyfriends because I was more attractive! These dreams were no longer made up to hide lonely hours. They were true.

The Jealousy Of A Boyfriend Is A Tribute Those Of A Husband Are An Insult

Half of me is jealous and the other half is willing to kill everyone who comes near you making me feel threatened.

To love is to suffer an instant of longing, to feel a second of jealousy, to live a moment of passion.

It Is Easier To Be Jealous Of A Happy Friend Than To Be Generous To A Friend In Disgrace

If it were not love, there would be no plans, no wills, no jealousy, no heart hurt.

Let us fight with jealousy, because jealousy is part of the passion, and make peace quickly, because peace is part of love.

I'm Not Jealous

I’m not jealous of my ex because since my mother’s mother taught me to donate used toys to the neediest girls!

I’m not jealous. I have is a 38!

Jealousy Quotes – Quotes About Jealousy

For whom will your troubles go
when my jealousy goes to another ?

“Are you complaining about my pride and my jealousy?
Wait to see my indifference.”

Forgive my jealousy, it’s just my fear too much that one day you’ll find someone better and put me in my place.

Before my jealousy consumes me,
I will create my own world
in which nothing magicians me.
But sometimes I even come to believe
that by believing in my own lie
I can make it true.

Jealousy is that pain it gives when we realize that the loved one can be happy without us.

“True love does not bring suffering, selfishness, jealousy or pride. To love is to give the best of oneself for the loved one, without need of property or retribution.

Of jealousy died Juliet, Rome died of love. If I love you, I’m the one who’s going to die!

Mental note: stop feeling jealous and afraid to lose what is neither mine.

“It’s the ego that gives you sores and it hurts you, it’s the ego that makes you violent, angry, jealous, competitive, it’s the ego that’s continually the miserable sense of life.”

I feel jealous even without you. And yet, I’m afraid of losing you.

Jealousy is a funny parade. The guy does not care if the girl is his or not. What he does question, is that it is no one’s.

“Wise is he who is curious, idiot is he who feels jealous.”

Yes I am jealous of you with everyone My jealousy is proportional to my Love!

If it were not love, there would be no plans, no wills, no jealousy, no heart hurt. If it were not for love, there would be no desire, no fear of loneliness. If it were not for love I would not miss it, nor would my thinking all the time in you. If it had not been for love, I would have given up on us.

True love does not bring suffering, selfishness, jealousy or pride. To love is to give the best of oneself for the beloved person, without need of property or retribution. Lovers trust, respect and forgive.

Jealousy is the fear that we have to lose what we are not sure to possess …

Jealousy Quotes – Quotes On Jealousy

They said that jealousy, love, longing, passion and too much madness is disease. Since this is so, you can admit that my condition is serious.

Love is patient, it is kind; Or love is not jealous, is not proud, is not proud, does not conduct himself at all, does not seek his interests, is not exasperated, does not resent the evil;

First the fights, the jealousy, the regrets and the losses … Then the happy ending.

I’m jealous even of what I think is mine! Imagine you.

Because the breeze makes you more beautiful,
I’m not jealous of her.
Because the breeze brings me perfume,
From her I approach,
Approaching me of you.
Reality of being happy.

Whether it’s right or wrong I do not know, I’m jealous of who I love and period.

You cannot understand your customs, you cannot disguise your jealousy, but what if only you understand me,

I say I do not love you, I say I do not want you, but I’m jealous of you and you do not even know it.

Yes, I am jealous. I am jealous of phrases, looks, conversations, anything that is not with me. Never mind, everything in my head is a threat to get you out of me.

It is not an excuse nen a problem, only a feeling that comes from the heart
if I have jealous of you, it is the proof of so much like you and the fear of not having but you
hope it understands and is not sad no, because that moment comes from heart

I’m not jealous, I’m jealous! – Jealousy Quotes

She: I’ve got you.
He: No need to have.
Ela: Why?
Him: Because I’m yours.
Her: But these and these girls who stand on your feet?
He: He said it right, “girls.” And I like a SINGLE woman: YOU
“a thousand struggles, a thousand letters, thousands of truth, thousand trots.”

If I’m jealous of one thing, it’s because I really like her, so I’m jealous of you.

Yes, I’m jealous, I cry, I have feelings that I cannot explain, I miss people who do not even feel mine.

I am jealous of what is mine, of what is not mine, of what I want it to be, of what has never been, and even of what has already been mine.

Yes, I’m jealous of you, it must be why I hate everyone around you, will see so I can protect you, or will see this is just another way to feed my false hopes.

I’m jealous of everything that is, has been or could be mine.

It sounds like a kid thing but I’m jealous when my friends make new friends.

Damn …
And I’m jealous, I fight, I argue, I speak loudly,
I take the lead, I do everything in defense of our love …
Just be afraid the day I stop acting like this …

I am jealous even of the shadow that follows the person.

It’s me. And I’m jealous because I like you! And it would make me happy, if you were jealous, and tell the world, it’s mine and you like me too …

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