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Anyone who took his place would be a poor substitute. I love you with a love so great that simply cannot continue to grow in the heart, need to jump out and prove throughout magnitude.

Will You Know How Much I Think Of You With My Heart

I love you an incredible and contradictory way. Will you call, a longing. But I’m strong here!

The Heart Has Reasons Of Which Reason Knows Nothin

A morning sms does not just mean “good morning”. It also means: I think of you when I wake up.

The Greatest Happiness Is Sure To Be Loved Despite Being As We Are

I love as love. I know of no other reason to love but to love. What do you want me to tell you, and I love you, if what I tell you is that I love you?

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Not That You Are Different But Is That No One Can Be Like You

The world is big and it is in this window over the sea. The sea is great and fits the bed and mattress love. Love is great and it is in the short space of kissing.

My Love For You Will End On The Same Day That The Love Of God For You Have End

Doubts the light of the stars,
from the sun has heat
doubt to the truth,
but trust my love.

Being deeply loved by someone gives us strength; loving someone deeply gives us courage.

I Love You Kiss Your Mouth Joy

The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a comfort and richness to life that nothing else can bring.

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It is easier to love than to be loved. Accept the love: it will not wait forever.

To be loved is consumed in the flame. To love is to shine with an inexhaustible light. To be loved is to pass; love is last.

But I Love You. I Just Wanted To Finish By Saying This. I Love You. Really

I love you, not only now but forever, and dream of the day when you will hold me again.

Love for me is being able to let the one I love exists as such as himself. This is the fullest love. Giving his freedom exist next to me the way he is.

I Ll Fool Me Again Pretending To Love You Sometimes As If Not Love You Always

Because I love you, you do not need me. Because you love me, I do not need you. In love, never let us complete. We are, each other, deliciously unnecessary.

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The Problem Is That I Love You. I Have No Doubt That You Would Work

I love you so much. And I never kissed you … And that kiss, love, I did not give you, keep the most beautiful verses that made you.

If You Were A Song Would Be The Best Grades

I love you. With all the letters, words and pronunciations. In all languages and accents. In all directions and ways. With all the circumstances and reasons. I just love you…

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Whatever happens tomorrow, or for the rest of my life, now I’m happy because I love you.

Love So Much So Much So Much I Leave You Alone

I need to say I love you,
You win or lose no mistake …
I need to say that I love you.

Love Is The Subtlest Force In The World

If you to know how much I love it is simple: Multiply the stars of heaven by the drops of the ocean.

Love Is Space And Time Become Sensitive Heart

When love is not necessary to understand what is going on out there, because everything starts to happen within us.

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Love Is Not Looking At Each Other It Is To Look In The Same Direction

My day to day is more quiet so far in my head leads me to you. My head betrays me, the heart squeezes, the attention dies down the goose bumps … With so many symptoms longing to seem illness, but I know that healing is their presence

Love Does Not See With The Eyes But With The Heart

The joy of knowing that you exist makes me strong to endure the sadness of his absence!

Love A Person Is Wanting To Grow Old With Her

When the mouth cannot say what the heart feels it is best to leave the mouth feel what the heart says.

I love you without knowing how, or when, or where, I love you directly without problems or pride: so love you because I know love otherwise.

It Was As If To Say Saying I Know It S Been A While But I Still Love You

Her heart told her head, look, and her head told her courage, will, and courage replied, I nothing but his mouth did not hear and kissed.

I Think Of You From Dawn Until When I Lie

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot see or touch. They must be felt with the heart.

I Love You

What memory love, it is eternal. I love with memory, imperishable.

I Love The Way I Love Your Eyes I Love Your Smile I Love You

Who will one day say that there is reason in things made by heart? And who will say that there is no reason?

The Heart Puts Life In Everything He Loves

happiness possibilities are selfish, my love. Live freedom, love of truth, only if two … only two.

If the first and last thought of your day for that person, if the will to get together enough to shake the heart, is love!

The Supreme Happiness Of Life Is To Have The Conviction That We Are Loved

Absence diminishes mediocre passions and increases great, as the wind blows out the candles and stokes the fires.

Then Follow So Think Of You I Smile And I Pray I Ask God To Take Care Of Us

Immature love says. I love you because I need you
The Mature love says: I need you because I love you.

If Your Life Depends On My Love Will Live Beyond Life For Love Beyond Love

My love knows his every gesture
Words that your look just say to my
If for you the war is lost
Look I change my dreams,
To be in your life.

How Strong Is A Person When It Is Safe To Be Loved

Beautiful couples are those over lovers are friends. They play, fight, make fun of each other, if they bite, pinch, but love each other in a way that no person in the world can doubt. Love is not just kissing and making out, love is care, love is affection, love is also friendship!

Valentine’s Day for me is every day. I have days marked to love your night and day.

Do You Think With The Heart And Love With The Brain

I get scared. But the heart beats. The Inexplicable love makes the heart beat faster. The only guarantee is that I was born. You are a way to be me, and I a way to be you: Here are the limits of my ability.

Digress When What I Just Say I Love You

Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a big heart to include the thorns.

To Love Is To Admire With The Heart. To Admire Is To Love With The Brain

You make me believe that nothing exists without love, you came to show my way. You bring me a passion I could never find out. It showed that a heart cannot live without love – Love Quotes For Her

A Happy Heart Is The Inevitable Result Of A Heart Burning With Love

Sometimes you have to stop and look away, so we can see what is around us. It was at that moment I just see you.

You Must Suffer After Suffering And Love And More Love Having Loved. 1

If nature offered me two things and told me to choose, I would not mind the second, since the first were you – Love Quotes

The love I feel for you is that the wind does not take, the distance does not separate and does not destroy evil.

Most Romantic Love Quotes For Him & Her With Beautiful Images

But nothing will be able to change what was
When I think of someone only think of you
And here then we’re good – Love Quotes

Better than flowers and gifts, is to have you with this your joyful and passionate way of seeing life! I want you always close to me.

There are things we need to remember not to forget, but there are things impossible to forget: you – Love Quotes

The best luck I had in life was to meet you, and my greatest happiness is to have you with me.

Do you think with the heart and love with the brain?

I like you. I can feel that. So please do not mess up and caprice and give value. Because it is not always and almost never. So please, look, I like you.

Most Beautiful Love Quotes For Her

Words are unable to express every feeling I have for you. Love you so much – Love Quotes

Okay … sometimes you give work. Sometimes you’re a tough cookie! But how nice to have you around. You are a headache that I like to have

True love is demanding, ruthless, and at the same time, infinitely delicate  – Love Quotes

Save a little piece of my heart with you. Keep it as proof of love – Love Quotes For Him

The most beautiful thing I feel is to be the end of you, is to embrace and not want to lose you, you, you love me and do not want to suffer, is kiss you and feel like living.

In life there are simple and important things … Simple as me and important as you …

If my heart left, I gave you a little bit, but as he did not share, give you whole damn it – Love Quotes

How I love you! I wanted to feel your lips on mine, I wanted you near me to feel every moment your love and your kiss and say you’re the person who really makes me mad. I wanted to say I love you quotes .

I think of you especially like my chance for peace – the one who painted so far, “this my life tired retinas”. And I hope you. And short you every day. And I like you. Much.

I love you … I never said I was the right person for you. I just looked in your eyes with an open heart and with the soul full of dreams and full assurance, I tell you: You are the person with whom I want to spend the rest of my life … I love you – Love Quotes

I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I’m with you! I love you because you put a hand over my soul and you passed beneath my weaknesses and with your love brought out to light all the beauty that no one before you could find.

Love you with all the innocence of a child, with all malice of a teenager, but above all, with all my feelings woman!

Do not love you with eyes that you realize thousand defects, but with the heart that despite what you see love to love !

No matter the distance between us but the love that unites us Love Quotes .

When we find someone who makes people happy everything is easy … Love is easier. Not because things become easier but because our hearts become stronger.

The smile is the manifestation of the lips, when the eyes are what the heart looks: you!

That love between us is not eternal, but that each moment lived with you is infinite.

There is always someone very fond of you, and that someone dreams live long years at his side.

I do not want to be in your life the beginning of an end, not the end of a beginning. I want to be the beginning of an endless beginning.

Love is not to take over the other to complete,  but if you give the other to complete it.

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