Humanity Quotes: 59 Inspiring Quotes About Humanity with Images

Humanity Quotes

Humanity Quotes: Share The Best Inspiring Quotes About Humanity with Images ,Text,Messages,Status We Select Carefully For You !

Humanity is not divided into heroes and tyrants. His passions, good and bad, were given to him by society, not by nature.

Morality is the best of all the rules for guiding humanity.

The first sin of mankind was faith; The first virtue was doubt.

All Human Errors Are Impatience, A Premature Interruption Of Methodical Work

Humanity is unhappy to have made work a sacrifice and love a sin

It is in the problem of education that lies the great secret of the perfecting of humanity.

All Men Are Useful To Mankind Simply Because They Exist

More than in any other age, mankind is at a crossroads. One path leads to absolute despair. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray that we may have the wisdom of knowing how to choose.

The more I like humanity in general, the less I appreciate people in particular as individuals.

Words Are The Most Powerful Drug Used By Mankind

The sun is for the flowers what the smiles are for mankind.

The ego is endowed with a power, a creative force, a late conquest of humanity, which we call will.

What The Story Tells Is Only The Long Dream, The Thick, Confused Nightmare Of Humanity

Act so that you consider humanity both in your person and in any other, and always as an objective, never as a simple medium.

The death of every man diminishes me, because I am part of humanity; This is why I never ask for whom the bells ring: it is for me.

Undeterred, Humanity Would Perish From Despair And Boredom

The inhumanity that is caused to another, destroys humanity in me.

The man who does not know pain does not know the tenderness of humanity.

The Sun Is For The Flowers What The Smiles Are For Mankind

How can mankind be expected to listen to advice, if he does not even hear the warnings.

Justice is consciousness, not a personal conscience but the conscience of all mankind. Those who clearly recognize the voice of their own consciences usually also recognize the voice of justice.

The Man Who Does Not Know Pain Does Not Know The Tenderness Of Humanity

Humanity must end the war before the war ends with humanity.

Do you know what my biggest concern is? It’s killing boredom. Who would render this service to mankind would be the true destroyer of monsters.

The Inhumanity That Is Caused To Another, Destroys Humanity In Me

All men are useful to mankind simply because they exist.

Of all the misfortunes that afflict humanity, the most bitter is that we must be very aware of and control of nothing.

The First Sin Of Mankind Was Faith; The First Virtue Was Doubt

It is monstrous to say that the artist does not serve humanity. He was the eyes, the ears, the voice of humanity. It was always the transcendentalist who passed on our true states of soul to X-rays.

Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind.

The Example Is The School Of Humanity And Only In It Can Men Learn

What the story tells is only the long dream, the thick, confused nightmare of humanity.

The example is the school of humanity and only in it can men learn.

Morality Is The Best Of All The Rules For Guiding Humanity

Feel ashamed to die until you have achieved some victory for mankind.

Do you know what it means to love humanity? It means only this: being satisfied with yourself. When one is satisfied with himself, he loves humanity.

It Is In The Problem Of Education That Lies The Great Secret Of The Perfecting Of Humanity

Undeterred, humanity would perish from despair and boredom.

All human errors are impatience, a premature interruption of methodical work.

Humanity Must End The War Before The War Ends With Humanity

Genius, that power that dazzles human eyes, is nothing but perseverance well disguised.

Christmas means a spirit of love … a time when the love of God and the love of human beings should prevail over all hatred and bitterness … a time when our thoughts, actions and the spirit of our lives manifest the presence of God.

Humanity Is Unhappy To Have Made Work A Sacrifice And Love A Sin

Human phenomena are biological in their roots, social in their ends and mental in their means.

The most genuinely human feelings soon dehumanize themselves in the city.

Among human beings, even if intimately united, there remains always an abyss that only love can overcome, and yet only as an emergency passage.

Humanity Quotes On Faith With Images

Human desires are endless. They are like the thirst of a man who drinks salty water, is not satisfied, and his thirst only increases.

Human sufferings have multiple facets: there is never another pain of the same tone.

I have carefully avoided laughing at human acts, or despising them; What I’ve been doing is trying to understand them.

And one day the men will discover that these flying saucers were only studying the lives of insects …

The world can be a stage. But the cast is a horror.

God is dead: but considering the state in which the human species is, perhaps even for a millennium there will be caves in which its shadow will be shown.

Man exploits man and sometimes it is the other way around.

Peace on earth to men of good will. That is, peace for very few.

We, humans, are in nature to aid the progress of animals, in the same proportion as the angels are to aid us. So anyone who kicks or abuses an animal is someone who has not learned to love.

Dogs never bite me. Only humans.

The essence of human rights is the right to have rights.

I do not need ambitions. There is only one thing I want very much: that humanity lives united … black and white all together.

Humanity Quotes –  Quotes On Humanity

Never lose faith in humanity, for it is like an ocean. Just because there are a few drops of dirty water on it does not mean it is completely dirty.

More than machines we need humanity.
More than intelligence we need affection and sweetness.
Without these virtues life will be violence and all will be lost.

Unbreakable faith is the only one who can face reason in all ages of Humanity.

In eternal war mankind becomes great – in eternal peace, humanity would be ruined.

In the history of humanity (and animals too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise were those who prevailed.

It is easier to love the whole of humanity than to love your neighbor.

In the difficult moments of my life, I remembered that in the history of humanity, love and truth always won.

More than machines, we need humanity.

You speak of love, and I hear everything and callus!
The love of humanity is a lie.
IT IS. And that’s why in my lyre
Of futile loves I rarely speak.

Somehow, I’ve never been able to adjust in society. I do not like humanity. I have no desire to adjust myself, no sense of loyalty, no purpose at all.

Humanity was meant to be happy, was not it? I would like to be happy

It is part of a master’s humanity to warn his students against himself.

A perfect body
Because that was how mankind should be according to the divine plan: as the musicians of a single orchestra, as the organs of a single body. – Humanity Quotes

One of the great mysteries of mankind is to know why beautiful men only appear in your life when you are dating.

Reason is the step, the increase of science the way, and the benefit of mankind is the end.

It does not matter the judgement of the others. Human beings are so contradictory that it is impossible to meet their demands to satisfy them. Keep in mind just be authentic and true.

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