New Year Quotes: 120+ Best Happy New Year Wishes With Images


New Year Quotes

New Year Quotes: Share The Best Happy New Year Wishes And Greetings, With Beautiful Images,Text,Messages,Sayings,Status,Wishes we selected carefully for you!

There will never be a new year if you continue to copy the errors of the old years.

To win a new year that deserves this name, you, my dear, have to deserve it, you must do it again, I know it is not easy, but try, try, conscious. It is within you that the New Year sleeps and waits forever.

May This New Year Bring New Smiles.

I did not ask for too many things to confuse God that at midnight New Year is so busy.

New year, old life. Life is more than calendars, spindles or gravitational orbit.

Although no one can go back and make a fresh start, anyone can start now and make a new end.

The goal of a new year is not that we should have a new year. It’s just that we should have a new soul.

New Years Eve After The Fireworks Display Silent Stars

Enough of old excuses and old attitudes! May the new year bring new life, like the river that comes out washing and taking everything wherever it goes.

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May the new year not be like the autumn of life where the leaves fall leaving only memories of good and bad days but which is like the spring of life that produces fruits and seeds seeds where they can be planted every day and harvested every dawn…
In the new year, everything can become … desires are the most beautiful works of this annual event.

The Year Will Not Be New If You Plant The Same Trees.

Wish you a happy new year we all have, but making the new year really happy depends on the attitude of each of us.

Desire for the new year: abundant harvests arriving in their fields and beautiful flowers appearing in their gardens, perfuming their lives in the exhaling of the fragrances that one does not buy in markets: Peace, Love and Prosperity.

Let us understand as a synonym of New Year a new opportunity, and if it is taken seriously, we will change our vows of prosperity early next year to celebrate this prosperity already fulfilled.

The New Year Only Becomes New Year, When We Are Reborn In Spirit.

Look at the center of the sky at midnight at the turn of the New Year, believe and you will see that all dreams and desires will be only your acts of faith.

Blessed are those who change their attitudes without waiting for a new year.

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There are no impossible dreams for those who truly believe that the fulfilling power resides within each human being. Whenever someone discovers this power, something previously considered impossible, becomes reality.

The New Year Deserves Good Planning, God Is An Expert In This.

May the new year that begins be full of happiness and achievement. Happy New Year!

May peace, health and love be present in every day of this new year that begins. Happy New Year!

A new year will begin, remember to dream so that you continue to have reason to be happy.

On the night of the upturn there is an opportunity to start again, even if it is just a new year. On the morning of the next day, the sun will rise and with it hope that no matter how dark the night may one day it will give way to light.

Made an enchanted train the new year will come and from it are the wagons or locomotives, taking our desires to the seasons of the days, which depend on our struggle to make dreams come true!

Porridge White A Pristine Bowl Sunshine Of The New Year

I do not want to congratulate you! But yes, Happy New Year!
May this date, which we call a birthday, be another turning point in your life full of expectations, emotions, amusements, achievements … anyway good things for you!

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Birds Sing Monotonously Holiday New Years

Happy New Year! May our love continue to be strong, prosperous and pure and that all our dreams be fulfilled in this new year.

Happy New Year! May love, peace and wisdom be in our lives for the next year.

New Years Day Is Every Mans Birthday

Truth is the way, good is action, beautiful is feeling. This is the practice to be happy. Use it, Happy New Year!

May our new year begin by being blessed by God and that our steps and decisions be guided and protected by Him. Happy New Year!

That the accomplishments achieved this year, are only planted seeds that will be harvested with greater success in the coming year.

New Year, New Life, But To Continue The Peace Of This End Of The Year Next Year.

The end of year represents a closing cycle. Whether it was good or bad I do not know. One thing is certain … their attitudes influenced the results.

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An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year’s entry. A pessimist stays awake to make sure the old year is gone.

Goal For The New Year Be Happy!

Every 12 months we restart the calendar, leaving behind everything that has passed in the old year and we prepare for everything that will come in the new year that is announced. That from the 1st of January a new cycle will begin in your life, full of joys, accomplishments and much prosperity!

New Year Another Year That Would Be One Less Fact I Live

Another year that begins, the opportunity for a fresh start, the opportunity to do everything you dreamed of last year.

This phrase is a peace letter, filled with joy, lovingly embraced, closed with a smile and sent with a kiss. Happy New Year!

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I wanted to include in your bag of hopes for the New Year, these our wishes for a happy holiday and a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year In The New Year Continue To Love Those Who Do Not Understand You.

The exact time of the turn,
Remember your guardian angel.
Ask him all the protection
and lift to heaven your hands,
Calada, say a prayer,
ask only what you deserve.
Your year will be blessed
with the graces of the angel praised.

May The New Year Come, I Am Ready To Be Happy ..

At the New Year’s Eve, my eyes will float in the magic of a new time, desiring the best lessons of hope.

Enjoy this New Year’s Eve to expel the ghosts of your life and start a New Year with the real people, which are part of your daily life.

We’ll open the book. Your pages are blank. We’ll put words into it. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.

Joys For A New Year And Another Chance For Us To Get It Right.

A new beginning … a year goodbye … but with a wonderful heart full of hopes and plans, joys, faith and always with much love and peace.
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
May this year be surpassed by the old man in happiness, love, hope, faith, peace, and that the next year be double. Have a happy and prosperous New Year.

That this last day of the year is the cover sowing on their furrows and the next act of sprouting, and plant growth there is joy in the certainty of good harvest!

If It Rained Happiness, I Would Wish For A Storm

May the joy of Christmas invade your home and make your home every day of the New Year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

It’s no use wishing you a happy new year, if we make the same mistakes of the old year. Let us be wiser, more self-critical and do things to deserve … at least that’s what I want for myself.

New Year Quotes, & Wishes With Beautiful Images

New Year
A new year began, are already three days …
And so they will: one by one … There
are over 365 days …
New 365 other opportunities to do different!
do better, do more,
in some cases, do less …
I hope that at the end of this time, we can count
how many stars did shine …

The achievements in the New Year come in your life like confetti: Abundant, joyful and festive …

What makes you fat is not what you eat from Christmas to New Year. But from the New Year to Christmas.

The New Year begins literally when we let go of the old vices we carry inside our hearts. Let’s make January 1st a day of liberation and beginning a life of overcoming and searching for better days.

The New Year’s fireworks
explode joy and peace
bringing much happiness, peace, respect and achievements
but above all to bring the love
and your bang
Echo for the whole year

One day the human being will be so smart that he will not only make a new year’s party … he will make every day a party … new day party!

What makes you a virtuous human being is not what you do during Christmas and New Year, but it is what you do during the New Year and Christmas.

And I ask everyone … in this new year is not it time to start laughing at life and life stop laughing at you? It will depend on God, a sill and 100% of you.

May peace reign in this world, may we have health in body and soul, may love take our lives, may our dreams be blessed by God to be wonderfully fulfilled, that positive thinking will become habit in us. Happy New Year!

From the old year will only be the longing for the good times we had together.

When the clock strikes the twelve tops of the new year, many friendships will be forgotten.

New Year Quotes & Greetings

Do not wish happy new year. Desire new attitudes, for the new year will be the same if your attitudes are the same

Goodbye old year! Happy New Year! Let everything happen in the new year that will be born. A lot of family back, work, health, love and peace to give and to sell.

“It is not the new year that has to be different, it is YOU, that in 2014 we should strive more … to love not only those who love us, but those who hate us. God is less for our ego. ”

The good news is that a new year begins and the great news is that you are in control.

“… And with the explosion of fireworks announcing a new year, it also explodes all the bad things that we can prevent them from living a full and happy year!

With the arrival of yet another new year, think that nothing will change if you do not change, just the year. The biggest change is you who will promote, changing all your interior for the better. Thus, the new year may flow satisfactorily because you let it happen

You will not feel better because the month has changed, or because you are starting a new year. You will feel better if you begin to fight for your happiness, be grateful for all you have and realize that the best day of your life is today, for you have no dominion over tomorrow.

That in this new year to come, let’s make the bible not just our favorite book. But let it be our manual, let us seek knowledge in it, and, in the open hours, let it be our pastime. May we find happiness in her.

A month to end the year, a month to start a new year, a month New Year Quotes to start all over again.

The New Year comes in
the God in me greets
everyone and everything
that the Great Architect of the Universe
holds for me in what’s being.

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