Good Night Quotes For Him: 190+ Beautiful Cute Romantic Collection


Good Night Quotes For Him

Good night Quotes For Him: Share The Best Romantic Collection of Good Night Quotes for him to express the love, With Beautiful Images,Text,Messages,Sayings,Status,Wishes we selected carefully for you!

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Every goodbye is pain … so sweet, however, that I would say good night until dawn.

That’s why you get so complicated, “she whispered in my ear. You need to stop trying to understand. Good thing is not understood, if it lives!

And in the end, it only remains who really matters.

Life Resumes Every Day After You Wake Up, So Sleep Well

In twenty years from now you will be more repentant for the things you did not do than for the things you did. So let go of your bonds. Get away from the safe harbor. Grab the wind in your candles. Explore. Dream. Find it out.

Today is a good day to start new challenges.
Where do you want to get?
Go high.
Dream big,
want the best of the best,
want good things to life.
such thoughts bring us
what we want.

Dream as if you would live forever, live as if you would die tomorrow.

Dream, Plan, Have Faith In Tomorrow But Above All, Live Today!

Dream about what you want. Be what you want to be, because you only have one life and you only have one chance to do what you want.

“” Dream of the stars, “”
just dream,
they can only shine in the sky.
Do not try to stop the wind,
it needs to run everywhere,
he is in a hurry to come, who knows where.

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Where do you want to get? Go high?
Dream high … Want the best of the best …
If we think small … small things we …
But strongly desire the best and, above all , we fight for the best …
The best will be installed in our lives.

Good Evening My Princess, May The Angels Take Good Care Of You

I am perfect, for perfection is not to have no defects nor to stop making mistakes. Perfection is to make mistakes, to recognize them and to make them right. Perfection is for you to have your defects and accept the defects of others.

i am always in silence; to the wise my ears and my attention to the idiots my pure ignorance.

It is not indirect.
Good night, sleep well … Think of me and wake up to reality.
Good dreams come from the memories I have of you. Dai no longer feel alone … its simple presence makes everything lighter.
Dream, plan, have faith in tomorrow. But above all, live today!
A huge kiss for you the size of the distance that separates us at that moment. Good evening!

My Night Will Be 3D Lying, Sleeping And Resting Good Night!

The farewell is such gentle pain that I would tell you Good Night until dawn …

To Remember Me
Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening. Tomorrow, Yesterday and Today. No day, no time, no reason, let alone what. Rightly, without reason, believing or not. Remember me, do not forget, even if you do not like me, I want you well, because that’s the way I want you too.

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A good night for you to go to sleep thinking about the one who despised you all day, but you will not remember the one who gave you a simple good day.

Love Destroys The Best In Us

He’ll call you to say good night just because he misses you. He’ll look deep in his eyes and say, ‘You’re the most beautiful girl in the world.’ And for the first time in your life, you’ll believe it.

‘Good evening’ is a simplified way of saying ‘I love you’ before the eyes close and there remains only the uncertainty of the dawn.

Good evening my princess, may the angels take good care of you.

A Good Night's Sleep Is The First Step To A Great Day

Good evening!
Sleep with the angels, and dream of me.
Tomorrow you will sleep with me and dream about the Angels.

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My Night Will Be 3D Lying, Sleeping and Resting Good Night!

It's Cold At Night, And So Am I No Good Night

Of all the stories to write I left,
Of the unfinished novels,
From unexpected end bad
Of wasted beginnings
and the mysteries in which I became involved
You are the one I want to find out …

Life offers us four senses: to love, to suffer, to fight and to win. Who loves fight, who fights suffer, who suffers wins! So love a lot, suffer little and always fight!
#good evening ;*

I tried to disguise myself as willing, but it did not roll. I was unmasked by sleep. I will sleep then. Good night to those who have a good night.

Dream, Fight, Conquer, Everything Is Possible, You Were Born To Win

Love destroys the best in us.

The search for happiness is more tiring than any marathon, to be happy is the best way to live, if all existing happiness exist in my heart, I’m sick of this life, if a single tear of sadness, voice did not shed, give up living, for whoever is happy knows the unhappiness …

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Dream what you want. Go where you want to go.
Be what you want to be, because you have only one life
and it only got a chance to do what we want.
Have enough happiness to make it sweet. Difficulties
to make it strong. Sadness to make her human. And
hope enough to make her happy.

Heal The Past Live The Present Dream The Future

Good dreams. May the night keep you in veils of bluish reflections of the moon, and that the day arrives bringing golden of a new radiant tomorrow.

Before going to sleep I asked God to have good dreams and in sequence a great day, and the certainty that I have is that he heard me, because to start the day smiling for having dreamed with you can only be his thing!

Everyone has good dreams because only in them can we escape to where we really want to meet.

Good Evening! May The Night Be Your Counselor And Bring You Good Dreams!

Have a beautiful night
my flower girl,
my beautiful young lady,
my sweetie love.
yummy piece.
Have golden dreams
With millions of kisses
hot and passionate
about you given by me.

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Good morning to those who are day, good night to those who are at night, today is Friday and the animal will catch. I’m always there and see you on the road.

Dream As If You Would Live Forever, Live As If You Would Die Tomorrow

I realized it was love when after ” good night ” there was an uncontrollable urge to say ” I love you. ”

Good evening dear Remember: what stays with time is the essence of the person. This is a trademark of good deeds, virtues and smiles scattered around!

A good night’s sleep is the first step to a great day.

Romantic Love Good Night Quotes For Him With Images

And in case we do not see each other again, Good morning, Good afternoon and Good night

Bohemian office is the bar.
Goodnight love!
I’m going to work.

It’s cold at night, and so am I. No good night.

GOOD NIGHT say good night is not simply a way to end the day but a loving way of saying “I thought of you before bed”
The guy is beautiful, romantic, funny, he sends me a good night’s message and says he misses me. But I only fall in love when he disappears and does not want me anymore. My heart loves to screw me, it just can.

Mania to close your eyes before bed and wish you good night in thought, sleep well, dream with me, I want you very well.

Good evening …
And it’s morning …
all sleep; to the moon,
covering the clouds, pure …

Good Night …
“- Oh night ‘ cause you’re sad ?!”
” – I’m not!” She replied.
“And why the rain?” Returned the poor man to question.
“- It is to calm the hearts that love with me …”
But the rain stopped.

I’m going to play all my rock ‘n’ roll today. I’m going to spend the night alone. Good night to me.

Heal the past. Live the present. Dream the future.

Dream, Fight, Conquer, everything is possible, you were born to Win.
“Dream, despite the illusions. Walk in spite of obstacles. Fight, despite the barriers and, above all, believe in yourself. ”

If the world offers you the dream, dream. If you offer the smile, smile, because there is in heaven a being that guides you: God.

Ahh !! I’m going on this because my week is not over yet … and tomorrow is still working. I leave you … just good evening … ahhh !! good dreams? Not this is just me who puts them into practice is me …. go you behind your …

May the winds bring me good dreams, and bring with it your perfume

When falling the night,
I will say the Moon,
Sweet dreams!
And I ‘ll lay me
to expect
the bloom
From dawn.

Cute Love Good Night Quotes For Him Sayings

Have a beautiful night.
Good dreams and quiet rest and when you wake up, be prepared to face a new day

Cry less and laugh more.
Be less afraid, dream and take more chances.
Regret less and thank more.

“Do not dream of me, please. People who think they can love me offend me.”

Always remember that good night dreams
will be the new day dawn and achievements!
This is us … who exercise our gifts of life, and love.
Good to live and to love!

A good night always comes with the hope of a better tomorrow!
So be it.
Good dreams.

Good evening! May the night be your counselor and bring you good dreams!

I stopped believing in your good night, have sweet dreams. I had great nights, making people dream about me.

Good evening, friend May your good dreams become a good reality!!! Kisses.

Good night and sweet dreams … maybe I’ll show up to leave some of them even better … Kisses
-Sleep well.
-Dream of me.
-See you tomorrow.
-t Love …
is to tell everything.
(Since we do not choose or do not know how to choose.)

For You
Sleep well and dream of many little angels.
All the best for you, not only today, but all your nights are bright with the stars.

Dream …
Rest …
On awakening that your wishes come true and get back all the sadness and God be with open arms to help you on a new journey!

Good afternoon!!!
Even if you dream, design and have goals and objectives, you will not alone execute them and even if your life is watered, you will surely need people to be happy.

Good dreams! Dream heavily, since it is the beginning for an accomplishment.

Like clouds in the sky
pass dreams for me.
No dream is mine
While I like the dream.
These are things that are in high
While the view the know,
then are shades ranging
By field that cools.

Symbols? Dreams? Who makes
my heart to that?
What pain of me upset me?
What useless thing hurts me?

When you are devoid of feelings, just say to your love: Sleep Well today, Wake up Well Tomorrow and always think of me!

Sleep Well …

Now, sleeping …
I telling the truth:
I love you, forever, son.

And when sleeping, someone next to you tells you to sleep well because I go, because it’s you who will be in my dreams.

“Sleep well, exercise, go on holiday, have fun, eat well, sunbathe, be calm and calm in all circumstances.”

Sleep well, for when the sun rises I will still love you and I will be here on your side waiting for eternity …

If you think you’re going to regret something in the morning, do it anyway and sleep late, so you will not have time to regret it in the morning, because it’s already afternoon! – Good Night Quotes For Him

Life resumes every day after you wake up, so sleep well.

“Tonight I will not wish you to sleep well as I do every day, even if I mentally, tonight I want you to remember everything, how good it was, how easy and lose your laughter was, how good it was Good insomnia and great memories, my love! ”

” Sleep well, because the best thing to do after a tiring day is rest to replenish your energies. ”

Let’s go back to sleep
Sleep well.

My love, you see, say amen, sleep well.

Good Night
Dream with you
because only then u come so near as the
dream of the angels …

Dream big, for small dreams do not mobilize the hearts of men.

Maybe you have dreams, maybe you forget them, maybe you do not dream, maybe you do not even remember

Live the present, dream higher, fall from time to time is inevitable, so take lessons from your tumbles.

Dream, dream, dream until your dreams come true.

“Dream as much as you can, always do. Never give up. ”

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