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Good Night Quotes For Her

Good Night Quotes For Her: Share The Best Romantic Collection of  Night Quotes For Her to Send Someone you Love, With Beautiful Images,Text,Messages,Sayings,Status,Wishes we selected carefully for you!

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Dream walking on the beach. It’s a little sad when we look back and we see our footprints being carried by the waves. But look forward! See how far you can still walk!

Just for you I gave up what I had not
There are so many who live without living a great love
I have dreamed for so long to be free
I hold in your arms
is what I ask you.

Dream, Dream, Dream Until Your Dreams Come True

Dream with your feet on the Floor can be Ugly.

Do not live in the past, do not dream about the future, focus your mind on the present moment.

the dream buds want,
Do want to come at will.
The will comes to energy,
the energy reality

Dream Big, For Small Dreams Do Not Mobilize The Hearts Of Men

Dream, have nightmares if necessary, but dream.

Love sleep with the angels and dream of me, why someday you will sleep and dream with the angels

When you miss him for some passion, remember, sigh and dream, but dream of a new passion.

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Is it normal for a person to sleep thinking about someone, to dream about that same person, to wake up thinking about him and to stay tirelessly thinking all day in that same person?

My Love, You See, Say Amen, Sleep Well

Do not get lost in the frustration of not realizing your dreams. Fight, Go ahead. Dream, and understand that dreams you dream of are seen by the divine. Live happy!

” Dream and keep dreaming until your dream comes true. ”

Love, believe, think, shout, dream, conquer, fight, battle, have strength, focus, have faith. Smile and thank God for one more day.

Dream As Much As You Can, Always Do Never Give Up

No matter how much you dream at night; The morning insists on arriving. And with it you wake up.

When alone, dream! When you are accompanied, pay attention!

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To dream for now is not paid, enjoy and dream as much as you can and if possible go for it …

If dream,
Dream as high as possible.

Dream, Have Nightmares If Necessary, But Dream

If you wake up thinking you’re a loser, go back to sleep and dream you’re a winner. Oh yeah, you can wake up.

Love always, fight hard, dream, live this love!

The realization of dreams requires sacrifices, if you are not willing to seek the impossible, do not dream, because you will be frustrated.

Dream a lot and make at least half, there are those who dream little and do nothing

Dream And Keep Dreaming Until Your Dream Comes True

Free your creativity. Dream with the stars to be able to step on the moon. Dream of the moon to tread in the mountains. Dream of the mountains to tread fearlessly in the valleys of your losses and frustrations …

Dream sublime dreams, and as you dream, so you must become

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If you have a dream, dream; If you have an idea, idealize; Because however great the night is, the day becomes clear again!

Love Always, Fight Hard, Dream, Live This Love!

Sweet Night Friends
Wherever you are, that your
night be blessed. Deliver your
dreams in God’s hands and let him
perform one by one. When your plans
are on the Mao’s from Him, has no error.

She did not respond to my “good evening” with a “good evening”, but with a “stay a little longer …” and that made all the difference

Wake up to every dawn with the certainty that anything can happen. Smile, whenever you smile a star will shine. Good evening!

Good Night Builds Up With A Good Day

Good night! God has given us one more day, that tomorrow is better filled with love, happiness, harmony, joy, health … and I have a wonderful night of neglect … good dreams, my angel!

And every night is a hope of a better dawn!
Beautiful night happy life

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Good evening!!! That the serene night soothes your soul that the light of the stars lightens your mind that you can have beautiful dreams and a perfect night of peace

The Harder The Fight, The More Beautiful The Victory

Rest your dreams in the hands of God
May peace bring you peace of mind for a blessed night!

Beautiful night, peace … sweet dreams!
God protect, guide and enlighten each life with your unique and perfect Love!

I tried to stay without writing,
but I could not,
I spent the day thinking of you,
in your smile in his embrace,
and that’s why now I write you to wish you a good night and say again q love you.

My First Good Day And My Last Good Evening

❝ After a day full of emotions … joys … victories and learning … the time is right for the well-deserved rest … of a night of peace … blessed with tranquility … renewing our strength .. … our faith … for a dawn of many accomplishments …

❝ … To you … a blessed night of peace and tranquility … that your soul is in harmony and that serenity prevails in your heart … Gratitude for the blessings … for all the learning … And overruns of today …

May your sleep be filled with sweet dreams, may you have a beautiful night of rest to your body and soul!
Wake up and feel revitalized to face another day of life and make it a gift from God and an opportunity to accomplish everything that was not possible today!
Sleep in peace, hugs!

This Girl Looks Like She Sleeps Awake

Living is not simply living. You must have it. A love, a dream, a projects, a goal, a goal and a place that feels good and someone that makes you feel very special. “A great night!”

The night falls to rest, what is done in the dream only he knows.

Good night builds up with a good day.

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The rose is beautiful more brings with it the thorn, there will never be victory without stumbling blocks…

Beautiful Good Night Quotes For Her Messages With Images

“Let’s agree to set goals, seek and conquer our dreams, and if it is to give up, give up being weak brother”

Soon the evening when the sun slowly
sets on the horizon, angels begin to light up
stars to mark with brilliance and clarity
heavenly the way of his dreams.

I would like to leave a beautiful message, unforgettable, that would make you feel good.
Sorry, nothing inspiring today.
I can only think that you have a sweet night, soft thoughts, innocent dreams, eternal hope and when you wake up, be hand in hand with God!

“Good friends are always in a special way in our thoughts, they are part of our daily life, even though they are not present, I came here to wish them a good Night!”

The harder the fight, the more beautiful the victory.

Every moment is unique on the stage of this life.
Each premiere is magnanimous, when in the end there is pain.

May the dusk of the day give you moments of joy never reached, in the hope that tomorrow will be an ever better day. Good evening.

Good evening to who gets
advice: To overcome the problems unite thought, word and feeling
god prayer in word and thought
the god prayer in thought and heart

You give me a kiss.
I like your taste, my love.
Of your hot kisses.
I will shelter my heart.
Under your arms I feel safe.
The fireplace is burning to warm us on this cold night.
A good wine and a long night, my love!

Good evening Brother
Inside the heart
The last activity
is to remain humbly
with care and attention

Word driving
is the Master of Light
Inside thought
Remembering all the time

That before falling asleep, your last thought is of gratitude.
Empty it,
give space for the tomorrow fill you with what you dream of.

Sweet Good Night Quotes For Her & Sayings

Do not let life teach you one way, teach her which way to go.

When I sleep, I’m not alone either, his memories accompany me, in beautiful dreams, which seems almost real, that when I wake up, I feel sad, because I was so good asleep

Good Night
Behind the Day clarity comes the darkness of dusk. At night, between the day and the night, the mouth of the purplish night of stars opens.

” Choose well the thought you will take to bed. It is with him that you will say goodbye to the day, so try to sleep well with good thoughts, because the best thing to do after a tiring day is to rest to restore the positive energies.

The beauty of nightfall is sure to win our daily struggle. That our prayers were answered and our hopes renewed for one more day.

I know it’s too late and you must be sleeping, but I still decided to stop by here to leave you a grocer and wish you a good night’s sleep.

At this moment I do not say goodbye, because I do not know what fate holds us but the front, I say with conviction one until soon one even more to see.

The pure feeling that I have for you surpasses all the forms and knowledge of loving

Ah the night where everything to when the sun hides where the peace in the end comes with calm conversations with loved ones it’s time to love its time to dream good night

From here I watch tonight instigating me saying ” love me ” but today will not give your pleasures your follies will not roll …

No one is too small that he cannot teach, nor too great that he cannot learn. Good evening!

For everything there is a solution if you believe: Great. Do not believe?: I’m sorry …

Good evening! If you wake up tonight and do not know where you are, do not worry because you’re just lost in my dreams!

Good night to think about the good day.

Good evening, poetry!
I wanted to leave another part of me
Before dawn the day.

My first good day and my last good evening.

If today was not as you thought, do not worry, tomorrow is a whole new day of yours. Good evening!

This girl looks like she sleeps awake. ”

If all living beings are doomed to death, every day that we live we advance a little towards it, because there is no other end possible. ”

Here, wealth and poverty coexist.

Beautiful night
To your heart all peace.
Your soul all serenity!
Good rest!

The sweet peace for a beautiful night of tranquility!
Good rest, beautiful dreams!
Always guarded by angels of God!

Good night!
May the harmony of this beautiful night embrace your heart and bring you the tranquility of a blessed rest!

Linda is the night of peace that comes, bringing tranquility and rest. Sleep in peace, tomorrow the day is born again!

Beautiful night ahead
… for today’s gratitude, for every gesture of affection and for all joys.
Rest because tomorrow … there’s more … much more!

Ahh what a beautiful night of peace and serenity that embraces me … preparing for a dawn of many joys!

May the night be quiet, with rest for the body and refreshment in the spirit … in the Peace of God!

That good night that will never be the same, because of mistakes we made in the past more than ever will fade from memory …

Your smile is more beautiful than the sun and the stars.
Its perfume is more fragrant than all the flowers.
Your embrace is better than all.
The kiss, I do not know, I never did.
But I still love you. – Good Night Quotes For Her

Good evening!! Life shines more brightly when we have a friend who is really worthy, and who recognizes our worth, this is very gratifying. You are one of those people. Love you.

May the tranquility surround you in a sweet affection of peace, comforting with harmony and bringing you sweet dreams of hopes of a dawn of joys!

You’re my day, my evening and
my night I breathe made the air
that feeds the existence and
meanings that make me live. Good

❝ … at the end of this day … after many joys … lessons and trials … peace and rest to our hearts … the serenity of a quiet night is the beautiful blessing to our souls. that is magnificently blessed … Gratitude for another wonderful day!

❝ Gratitude for the day of victories and learning … for the joys that illuminated our hearts … for all the gestures of affection and friendship … for each trial overcome … for you .. a night of peace and serenity

Good evening. It’s time for the beautiful sun to set and the beautiful night comes to brighten the night … but I will not go to sleep, but I will think of you alone.

The clock is already midnight … the window opens and a good wind comes in … and I wonder … how will tomorrow be?
…….Good evening……..

A blessed day of victories … achievements … and learning … beautiful joys that have made our hearts happier … that is peace … of serenity and harmony our rest … Gratitude to our Father for the blessings And for his divine love!

You are my most beautiful flower, my favorite color

“When I wake up I want to be by your side”

“Ssssssssssh ……. Stop complaining! You see, speak and hear!
Who not it?

When it’s all over, remember! God can make a new beginning!

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