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Sometimes I feel sad, but thank God I’m not a sad spirit. Joy overcomes any situation and good humor teaches us not to give unhappy events greater importance than they have.

The joy of that freedom was little to the misery of that life – Good Morning Quotes

The essential task of the teacher is to awaken the joy of working and knowing.

It is assumed that all joys look alike. But the truth is that the red-black joy does not look like any other. I do not know if it is deep, or more torn, or more holy. I just know it’s different ..

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We have the addiction (I, at least) to kill the joy with a thousand critical analyzes that usually have nothing to do.

It is necessary to commune with the joy, the beauty, the color of life. The less one talks about the horrors of life, the better one lives.

I am a child. And I’m going to grow up like this. I like to hold tight, to feel whole joy, to invent worlds, to invent loves. The simple one makes me laugh, the complicated one bothers me.

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I show you all the world full of life, where every particle of dust exudes the breath of its joy.

I love the thought of always having him here by my side. I love the joy you bring into my life. I love your strength. You have the power to make me feel good.

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I want different days, people who add me, I want life and much joy around me, I want bright and colorful lights, I want peace, I want love, I want the freedom to know who I am!

Loves simplicity
Loves life
Loves beauty
Loves Poetry
Loves things that give joy
Loves nature and reverence for life
Loves the mysteries
Loves God

All that is beautiful is a joy forever
Your encounter grows; and will not fall into nothingness.
But it will keep us continually
A quiet shelter, and a dream full
of Sweet dreams of health and calm breath.

I’m tired, at the end of the road … Still, I see with joy what I did, without being intimidated by the opinion of others.

My joy also comes from my deepest sadness and that sadness was a failed joy.

I may even be sad, as sad as an insomniac hippopotamus, but I see you and joy enlightens me!

Soon, however, a ray of hope appears, and a sweet voice murmurs in my ear: “Joy is in people forgetting themselves.” So I try to have my sun in the light of the eyes of others, my symphony in the music that the others cherish and my happiness in the laughter of all.

Joy is the true proof of the nine.

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But my joy
My irony
Is much bigger than this crap

Some take ether, some cocaine.
I have already taken sorrow, today I take joy.

There is joy in the eternally varied play of their shades, in the music of their voices, in the dance of their movements. Death cannot be true until the joy of the human heart disappears.

Love makes everything bright, pleasant and advantageous. Love is the vessel that contains joy!

My sadness is a measured turn; but my joy is too strong.

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