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Good Morning Quotes For Friends

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In ethics evil is a consequence of goodness, so in the reality of joy is born sadness. Or the memory of past happiness is the anguish of today, or the agonies that are has its origin in the ecstasies that could have been wisdom – Good Morning Quotes

I, who always wanted to parade with my joy to prove to the world that I was happy, just want to hide from everything by his side.

Joy and suffering are inseparable as different bars of the same music.

It’s better to be merry
than to be sad
Joy is the best
thing that exists.

Was it pleasure? It was.
But it was more than pleasure. It was joy.
The difference? Pleasure only exists in the moment.
Joy is that which exists only for remembrance.
Pleasure is unique, it does not repeat itself.
The one that was, already was. Another will be another.
But joy always repeats itself.
Just remember.

If you do not find the joy in this land, seek it brother beyond the stars.

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Giving someone a hand was what I always expected of joy.

Beautiful Good Morning Quotes For Friends

My only salvation is joy. (Jellyfish)

The joy of seeing and understanding is the most perfect gift of nature.

Far from the world go, enjoy the happy minute
That you have taken the time distracted.
Greater pleasure is not stealing a fruit
But rather go savor it secretly.

From every day, to take from modest things a modest joy; on every night discover a reasonable reason to wake up tomorrow.

My sadness has no pedigree,
my desire for joy,
its root goes to my thousand grandfathers.

I prophesy that the highest expression of pain
consists essentially in joy …

“You make the grayest day explode with joy.”

How can a bird, born for joy
Stay in a cage and sing?

The joy of the soul constitutes the beautiful days of life, whatever the season.

You buy neither joy, nor health, nor true love.

Harvest the joy of spring flowers and play happily while it’s time. There will always be the days when winter will come and you will not have the scent of flowers, nor the sun, nor the liveliness of colors.

Awesome Good Morning Quotes For Friends

What makes us immediately happy is the joy of thought, for this good quality is rewarded by itself.


Who touches my
head and my heart
at the end of this year,
between joy and pain?

What dream,
what mystery,
what prayer?


Men never do evil as completely and with as much joy as when they do it from a religious conviction.

I fell asleep and dreamed that life was joy; I awoke and saw that life was service; service and saw that the service was a joy.

As a time of joy, behind the terror beckons me, … And the night carries the day, in his lap of the … I know that two and two are four, I know that life is worth … even that bread is expensive and freedom, small …

Teach your children to make the stage of your mind a theater of joy, not a stage of terror.

Hello, freedom. I’m sorry I came this way without warning, but it was late.
I have so much joy, delayed, muffled, who could have screamed.
And for escaping the other way round, I feel twice as fast.
It comes, but it comes without fantasy.
It is always good to remember that an empty glass is full of air.

God comes to me and I have no joy and my life is dark as the night without stars and God, why do not you exist inside of me? Why did you separate me from you?

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