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Good Morning Quotes For Him

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Joy is in the struggle, in the attempt, in the suffering involved and not in the victory itself.

He who has never seen sadness will never recognize joy – – Good Morning Quotes

The joy of doing good is the only true happiness

Joy is not in things, is in us

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God never disturbs the joy of his children if it is not to prepare them a more certain and greater –

There is no greater satisfaction than we feel when we bring joy to others.

The secret of happiness is to find our joy in the joy of others.

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There is no more perfect herald of joy than silence. I would feel very unhappy if I could say how much I am.

For the work we like, get up early and do it with joy.

Best Good Morning Quotes For Him

The joy of thinking and learning makes us think and learn even more.

To all who suffer and are alone, always gives a smile of joy. Do not give them only your care, but also your heart.

For those who love, any sacrifice is joy.

The drawer of joy
is already full
of being empty.

There is more, much more, for Christmas than candlelight and joy; It is the spirit of sweet friendship that shines all year long. It is consideration and goodness, it is the hope reborn again, for peace, for understanding, and for the benevolence of men.

A tumultuous joy announces a mediocre and brief happiness.

There is no public joy that is worth a particular joy.

All joy comes from love, and all love includes suffering.

Joy can only spring from people who feel the same.

In love they alternate joy and pain.

Happy in the sadness, sad in the happiness.

All education at the moment does not seem to be a source of joy, but of sadness. Afterwards, however, it produces in those who have thus been exercised a fruit of peace and justice.

True happiness comes from the joy of well-done acts, from the taste of creating renewed things.

Of course life is good
And joy, the only unspeakable emotion
Of course I find you beautiful
In you I bless the love of simple things
Of course I love you
And I have everything to be happy
But it happens that I am sad …

Cute Good Morning Quotes For Him

Work only tires us if we do not dedicate ourselves to it with joy.

You will have joy or have power, said God; but you will not have both.

The child is joy as the ray of sunshine and encouragement as hope.

Joy is the philosopher’s stone that turns everything into gold.

Joy is not in things, but in us.

Pure sorrow is as impossible as pure joy.

The soul that does not abate, which receives indifferently both sadness and joy, lives in the immortal life.

Joy makes man sociable, pain individualizes him.

Disgust can take care of itself, but to make the most of a joy, we must have someone with whom to share.

The joy of the poor, though less durable, is always more intense than that of the rich.

You can be happy with yourself for a while, but in the long run joy has to be shared by two people.

Joy and sorrow are two prisons; one of gold and the other of iron, but made equally to bind us and prevent us from following our true nature.

If a sacrifice is a sadness to you, and not a joy, then do not do it, you are not worthy of it.

The only joy in the world is to begin. It is good to live because to live is to start always, every moment.

Energy is eternal joy.

No good without a companion gives us joy.

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