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Good Morning Quotes For Her

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The noblest joy of men who think is that they have explored the conceivable and reverenced in peace the unknowable

The intense joy is to gather and shut up. To speak is to disperse.

Life is generally joyful. What makes us unfair about it is that joy is not remembered. On the contrary, the restlessness, that, remains

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There is a wild joy in being alive. There is a drunkenness of existence. Every hour is a lover for my infinite desire.

There is in sensuality a kind of cosmic joy

Joy and work are two things that are healthy and attractive to each other.

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Man today, in order to be saved, needs only one thing: to open his heart to joy.

All other things being equal, the desire born of joy is stronger than the desire born of sadness.

My joy is melancholy.

Top Good Morning Quotes For Her

Sorrow and joy depend more on us than on what happens to us.

When you do something noble and beautiful and nobody notices, do not be sad. For the sun every morning makes a beautiful spectacle and yet the majority of the audience still sleeps …

When I open each morning the window of my room
It’s like opening the same book
On a new page …

I do not know about other people, but when I get down to put my shoes in the morning, I think, Almighty God, what else now?

When I woke up this morning, I knew who I was, but I think I’ve changed many times since then.

Clear morning, thank you. The key is to live.

The one I love
told me
that he needs me.
That’s why
I take care of myself I
look at my path
And I fear being killed
For a single drop of rain.

A man is a success if he jumps out of bed in the morning and goes to sleep at night, and, in the meantime, does what he likes.

A man without friends is a land without moisture, a morning without dew, a sky without clouds. Friends are not the ones who flatter us, but those who demystify our heroism and reveal our fragility. An intellectual without friends is a book without content.

Take the habit of saying something nice when you say the first words in the morning. This will establish your mental and emotional disposition for the whole day

When the Portuguese arrived
Under a rough rain
Dressed the Indian
What a pity!
It was a sunny morning

I do samba and love until later
And I’m very sleepy in the morning

My goal, my half
My arrow, my longing
My diva, my divan
My morning, my tomorrow ….

Sweet Good Morning Quotes For Her

But it must be morning. You must have grace. You must always dream. Whoever has this mark on his skin, has the strange mania, to have faith in life.

I confess I
‘m a poet
every morning that I ‘m born
I’m born
a rose on the face
I confess I
‘m a poet
only my love is my god
I’m your prophet.

Fighting with words
is the vain twit.
Meanwhile we struggle
badly breaks the morning.
Word, word
(I say exasperated),
if you challenge me, I
accept the fight.

Earlier today … I fervently longed to be the girl who communes at the morning mass and has a serene certainty … However, I do not want to believe: an act of faith is the most desperate act that exists and I want my despair for the less you retain your lucidity. I do not want to lie to myself.

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