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Good Morning Love Quotes

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Sol, who takes off the clothes of the morning and lights the sea – Good Morning Quotes

And now what to do with this morning blooming to birds?

In the morning I looked so lost and so dead, that those I met might not see me.

Fairy tales are like this.
One morning, we wake up
and say, “It was just a fairy tale …”
And we smile at ourselves.
But deep down, we’re not smiling.
We know very well that fairy tales
are the only truth of life.

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“The first thought of the morning, the last worry of the night – your Goliath dominates your day and infiltrates your joy.”

Why do I always have a sun in the sky, why I have a new beginning every day to live, why I can share my sorrows and my greatest joys, I realize that in this world everything is grace, everything is worth it!

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Good morning, my passion, how much I miss, without end … I hope, my heart, even though I’m not here, that you think, love, in me, as I think of you

Cute Good Morning Love Quotes

But I am afraid of what is new and I am afraid to live what I do not understand – I always want to be sure that I am at least thinking that I understand, I do not know how to indulge in disorientation.

Forgive us for that day when you did not even dance once! And false to us all the truth that has not been accompanied by a laugh!

Good morning
Look at the flowers that I brought to you, love
They’re to celebrate that day
That I came to live on your side
I remember, there was almost nothing between us
And now it’s just you that makes me sing
And it’s just you that make me sing…

Every day the sun rises and says “Good morning!”. And in your walk there is always the wind to kiss your face and a new discovery to wait for you. Living and enjoying these things is up to you.

Good morning, old poets.
Leave me in my mouth
the taste of the
strongest verses I will not do.
Day will come that you know them
so well that I quote you
as having them
a little done too,
believe me.

Every day I’m still on Earth, it’s still a good day.

Be happy for no reason is the most authentic form of happiness.

There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

Best Good Morning Love Quotes

We suffer a lot with what we lack and enjoy little how much we have.

Life is very important to be taken seriously.

Friendship doubles the joys and divides the sorrows.

All poetry – and the song is a poem helped – reflects what the soul does not have. Therefore, the song of the sorrowful people is merry and the song of the merry people is sad.

Many people lose small joys while awaiting great happiness.

I admire the land, I want it, I always liked it. I’ve always felt happy to be alive: despite the war, the bad news, I cannot kill the simple joy of living in me.

Anyone is able to be cheerful and in a good mood when well dressed.

Although no one can go back and make a fresh start, anyone can start now and make a new end.

There will never be a new year if you continue to copy the errors of the old years.

Whoever has never made a mistake has never experienced anything new.

Alarm clock is good for us to turn to the other side and sleep again.

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