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Good Morning Beautiful Quotes

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My greatest sadness is that all the new love that I bring comes always with some old love so long and beautiful. And I suffer because with little time I cannot be better than the long time. And to suffer like this and go crazy like this, I never give time to be much for these loves because I spoil before.

The new has always aroused perplexity and resistance – Good Morning Quotes

I did not ask for too many things to confuse God that at midnight New Year is so busy.

Good morning to you! May it be a very special day, with delicacies, with gestures of affection, with harmony … but above all that today your smile is your best company! (I.e.

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turn off the light
before dawn
a firefly

Sometimes it makes me sick to people. Then she passes by and I’m all curious and attentive again. And this is it.

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No, my love, it’s no use playing the distant one: here comes love tearing us apart again …

But remembering with longing is like saying goodbye again.

Good Morning Beautiful Quotes And Messages

Again, again, I do not get tired. Again making romance over a short story.

I swear if I could go back in time just to find out, again, what it’s like to like you.

It’s never too late to start all over again …

Every change, every new project causes astonishment: my heart is astonished.
That is why my whole word has a heart where blood circulates”
(A breath of life)

Maybe one day we will not exist anymore.
But if there is still friendship left, we will be
born again to each other.

With each new minute you have the freedom and responsibility to choose where you want to go but it is good to remember that everything in life has its price.

Replace it.
Change, again.
Try it again.
You will surely know better things
and worse things than you have known.
But that’s not what matters.
The most important is the change, the movement, the
dynamism, the energy.
Only what is dead does not change!

I want to unlearn to learn again.
Scrape the paints with which they painted me.
Unchain emotions, regain senses.

And my voice will be born again,
perhaps in another time without pain,
and in the heights will burn again my
ardent and starry heart .

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Let us fight for a new world … a good world that assures everyone the opportunity of work, that gives future to youth and security to old age.

Well, everyone dies one day, it’s simple math. Nothing new. The wait is that it is a problem.

Love is always new. It does not matter that we love one, two, ten times in life – we are always faced with a situation we do not know.

I come from the depths of Ages
When the world was hardly born …
I am as old and as new
As the light of day!

From time to time it’s good to walk back just to cross with you again.

Time does not allow us to start again, in search of our authentic affinities …

Throw it all away, but mostly empty your heart, be ready for life, for a new love. Remember we are passionate, we are able to love many, many times. After all, we are love.

Everything you blame yourself for you does again. All.

At every call of life, the heart must be ready for farewell and for a new beginning, with spirit and without whining. Always open for new appointments. Within each beginning there is a charm that gives us strength and helps us live.

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