Funny Birthday Wishes: 150+ Best Funny Happy Birthday Quotes


Funny Birthday Wishes

Funny Birthday Wishes: Share The Best Unique Collection Of Best Funny Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes, With Beautiful Images,Text,Messages,Sayings,Status.

A diplomat is one who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never remembers her age.

Making Birthday Is Look Back With Gratitude And Forward With Faith

It is celebrated, the birthday of a very modest man. And only at the end of the banquet is that it was realized that someone had not been invited: the celebrated.

It Was Such A Bad Boy That Only Became Radiologist To See The Skull Of Others

The old believe everything, the middle-aged suspect everything, the young know everything.

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The money does not necessarily bring us happiness. A person who has ten million dollars is no happier than it has only nine million.

Double room means that two people can stay for the price of one, you have to pay twice if you are alone.

It Was So Unlucky That If Wanted To Find A Needle In A Haystack It Was Just Sitting On It

Being happy is not having a perfect life. But using tears to irrigate tolerance. Use losses to refine patience. Use the failures to carve serenity. Use pain to polish pleasure. Use obstacles to open the windows of intelligence.

Its So Good To Laugh At Things That Are Not Funny

Whether the season changes …
If the century turns, the millennium is another.
If the age increases … It
saves the will to live,
do not arrive anywhere without it.

Its Not That Im Afraid To Die. I Just Do Not Want To Be There By The Time This Happens

Spreading joy is not just telling jokes or say funny things .. but rather make a smile soul when she wants is to cry.

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The celebration of another year of life is the conclusion of a break, a time that no longer, no longer exists. Match that was scratched. Never light. Hence the profound wisdom of the ritual of blowing out the candles on birthday party. If a candle is a symbol of life, once cleared it becomes a symbol of death.

His Unexpected Attitudes Stuffed With Funny Surprises Pluck Me Smiles

Tomorrow is your birthday. Still do not know what you give away. I thought today before sleeping give you the sky. But he’s so big it would not fit in a box, I could even get by, but I have not found a good place to by the stars.

If you do not keep the birthday of who we are important in memory of the heart, not worth writing it on the agenda

Happy Birthday. That Fulfill It Every Day Better Promise Of Happiness Love And Peace

Birthday from that day we began to live a new stage in our lives. Birthday is the special New Year’s each … it’s time to think about change, to improve where possible. And also to be happy for what you have achieved and surpassed. Congratulations!

Funny People Are Nice

Birthday: They go up year off up more sails, but get bigger cakes and best friends.
All this because you exist and deserve. Happy birthday.

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Every Day Is A New Opportunity That Life Offers To Whom It Believes. Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday …
Today is his birthday, but who celebrates me …
I want to celebrate the pleasure of having you among my friends!
What this enlightened day you will be even happier!
Kiss with love …..

I do not understand why all celebrate birthday once a year.
Celebrate what?
A year less of life?
A year less who you like?
A year less to realize their dreams?
No one notices that it is a countdown

Even The Complicated Situations Of My Life Are Funny

BIRTHDAY!!! Today I woke up crying. With Resaca, without having drunk. Tired without having done nothing. Deaf with nothing, having heard and upset by these ñ solidarity. SIMPLE TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY …

End Up Being Funny These Many Turns That Life Gives

do not want to wish congratulations!
More so Happy New Year!
that date we call birthday,
is another turning point in his life full of expectations, emotions, entertainment, accomplishments, everything good for you! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Each Has The Age Of Your Heart Your Experience Your Faith

Christmas lights are not out there, but the light that shines in your heart … Happy Birthday, Lord!

You’d want to so many things.
But nothing would be enough.
So, I just want you to have many desires.
Large Desires.
And they can move you every minute, the way of your happiness!

Despite All Progress Of Medicine There Is Still No Cure For A Simple Birthday

If it is to die beat …
That is passion fruit!

Birthday Is A Party To Remind You Left From

Believe me, usually the most fun and funny people are suffering more and who has more problems.

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Whistle Child Combination Of The Devil

Women are definitely a being funny, struggling both to be equal to men in every way, but it is curious that they always forget to pay or split the bill.

Hide my pain beside his friend, give him my child smile, my funny jokes to remove it the best laugh, they always deserve the best from me!!

The Man Begins To Die At The Age Losing Enthusiasm

Tell me … Who does not?
Head on shoulder … funny conversations … laughter for nothing … passionate music … warm embrace transmitting! …

Sun With Sun On Your Birthday More Sun

Birthday is always depressing, we feel that each time the remaining time is more and more scarce.

Some People So Funny End Up Having No Grace

Hey baby, here is the role for you to wrap up, because today is my birthday and I want you present.

Remember Someone On His Birthday Is The Most Precious Gift That Anyone Can Make

Congratulations on your birthday! Life and health!
What courage is always with you.
May the joy boost your steps.
May the sun always shine on your aspirations.
I wish you all happiness. Live the life!

Poor Has Two Rich Manias A Birthday Every Year And Eat All Day

Happy birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Me Happy birthday to us … It is not our birthday, but today, right now, we are conquering another day of life. Having this day as inspiration and reference is an achievement and is a must. Viva you.

Happy birthday, friend!
What do you think when I say this? Gifts?
For the best gift who wins me, friend, I have your company, your love, your support, your affection, have you by my side!

Poor Has Two Flat Manias A Birthday Every Year And Eat All Day

For one more year of life
always with dedication,
a happy birthday!
Good luck, love and marriage!
Very successful, because
Hugs … All the best

People Are Funny

For your day! MY CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU What bring renewal … AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish heart: Health Peace and Love. In a promising year LOT OF ACHIEVEMENT!

People Are Funny Make Jokes With Us Most Cannot Stand When We Make Jokes With Them

Today I woke up happy * – *
is my Birthday 🙂
And now for my collection is … “Who decides who can err not decide already missed.”

Parables Happy Birthday The Sun The Moon I The Stars Shine More Times For You

I thought about making a request, it was my birthday. But I had nothing to ask. Living things, I thought, living things do not need to ask.

Many Funny People Are Unhappy

I like my birthday because it’s the only day of the year when all people embrace me with will and wish me good things.

Birthday is yours, but this is mine: You to brighten my days.
Happy Birthday!

Unique Funny Birthday Wishes With Beautiful Images

“The date of our anniversary is more chance that God gives us to reflect, enjoying all that ever was offered and wait with joy the best that the future will bring us!” (From the book: Alexander well lived life / Tribute to 80 years)

Sorry, sorry for not being there now, why not spend your birthday with you. Gift? I cannot give, send by mail, but I know it will not be the same. All I have to say is that I wanted to be your present, most importantly, the most desirable.

Happy Birthday! Ah, tomorrow take that piece of sky that promised to you, my love.

May all your dreams be realized and achieved all their desires. It is your birthday. It Shake! Good Party and Congratulations!

And I said today to me mother
I do not want to win anything present on my birthday because you already gave him your love of mother – Funny Birthday Wishes

You do not ripen to celebrate a birthday, having beard, to get to faculty You mature to cry the whole night, questioning every tear and wake up smiling.

Anniversary is like death for a day. As bad as you are all going to pull your bag and you put in the sky.

It’s your birthday, congratulations! Let this happy day, Removes hope, With the blessings of the Creator! Because the big bash, is the victory of life, In – deserved joy, What another year progresses.

Happy Birthday …..
That all eyes turn to you this day so
special, and the hugs offered you are
sincere and harmonious; Happy Birthday!!

Better a happy birthday said sincerely than any gift or card written simply to demonstrate friendship!! For the words that come out of the mouth echo and touch the heart! Present or papers are material things that are upon something or stored in a drawer!!

Happy Birthday! God made each with a special way, but he created you to represent your great love to create! Congratulations!!!

Happy birthday. Best wishes. Any luck in the world. That love is never far away. What trials are easy. And that pleasures are long. And so to pass life but is always something that have no price and thus nothing has no end or start.

Very Happy Funny Birthday Wishes

– Do I right?
– What?
– Lie on the couch and remember you forgot the control – Funny Birthday Wishes

I have good news and bad to give you
the bad news is that is not good news
and the good news is that is not bad news.

In the horror movie victim ever question:
-Has anyone there?
As if the killer was screaming:
To going shopping or something?

– Want to pass the test?
– Take Atroveran, took, he passed – Funny Birthday Wishes

Before the elections the candidates have many predicates, but after they know the subject.

– If I were to start my own business, I think q would be a center for biological research to try to identify certain species of people;

They say there that love is blind, but honestly with so much I LOVE YOU said lip service would be better if he were dead.

Gata, I am the LG optimum But I can be for  – Funny Birthday Wishes

Like feminist phrases, they are very interesting, funny and above all true!

People are funny, live working to pay off a debt with money they do not have … Is that unhappiness having something to do with it?

Life is full of funny things, in which I love to participate ..
Revamped, I loved the sense .. what could I complain?

People are funny
when they are still in flip-flops
is humble more shows just use a
tennis the latest fashion that finds powerful

Love has some very funny thing. One is for more than the circumstances or people make us give it up, the more it remains is insistent, not ends – Funny Birthday Wishes

Not always the funny things make us laugh, sometimes they bring sadness when it touches your heart.

I was feeling floating, levitating, incredibly passionate. Said funny and ridiculous phrases as if 16 years had. Then a little phrase his made me see that being in love was also being a little silly.
I’m back to being me. But I miss being a passionate idiot – Funny Birthday Wishes

My, how things are funny … Obviously now you’re too busy fiddling with hair, but inadvertently saw your photo here and noticed a thing a little strange, hahaha. When finished self-beautify let me know, because I have a question for you …

When they have, with time they do not know what they do and what they want. People are funny.

Spreading joy is not just telling jokes or say funny things. is yes make a smile soul when she wants to cry.

As there are some things that are funny, you know, it seems a joke, Funny Birthday Wishes
and it is, but it is also the reality … Some people want to know everything about Us. Moral of the story … I do not know nothing about me, as if someone wants to know everything? Ricardo Deric

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