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Food Quotes

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A piece of bread eaten in peace is better than a banquet eaten with anxiety.

The best food seasoning is hunger.

Before giving food to a beggar, give him a rod and teach him to fish.

There Is No Food And The Flies Are Busy In Making More Flies

If your dog goes hungry, anyone who offers a piece of food can take you away from you.

Life Is More Important Than Food, And Body More Than Clothes

For those who have a good social position, talking about food is a low thing. / It is understandable: they have already eaten.

There is no sincerer love than that for food.

To Be Happy House, Food And Soul Washed

With money we can buy many things, but not the essentials for us. It provides us with food, but no appetite; Medicines but not health; Happy days, but not happiness.

There Is No Sincerer Love Than That For Food

The biggest advantage of macrobiotic food is that no matter how much you eat, no matter how much you fill your stomach, you are always perfectly undernourished.

The Best Seasoning Of A Meal Is The Company

The Bug I saw
yesterday a bug In the filth of the yard
Catching food among the debris.
When I found
something , I did not examine or smell: I
swallowed voraciously.
The bug was not a dog,
It was not a cat,
It was not a mouse.
The beast, my God, was a man.

The Best Food Seasoning Is Hunger

Wisdom for the spirit is like food for the body.

The pleasure of food is the only one that, enjoyed in moderation, does not end up tiring.

The Angels Gave Us Food; The Demons, The Seasoning

If your enemy is hungry, give him food; If you are thirsty, give water. Because so you will make him burn with remorse and shame. Do not let evil overcome you, but overcome evil with good.

Memory Is A Crazy Old Woman Throwing Food Out And Keeping Colorful Rags

I made you food, I watched your sleep
I was your friend, I took you with me
And it says to me, what’s left?

Being Very Well Loved And Very Well Food This Is Every Woman's Dream

The wounds of the soul are never cured with sex, food or power, but with affection, attention and peace.

They say that it was not a tie,
nor a crossed dagger,
But poison they gave him in the mixed food,
And the doctors arrived And they
that the dead man had not killed himself
but that he had been murdered.

Food Quotes – Funny Quotes About Food

They spend more money on advertising than buying food for those who need it.

When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why they are poor, they call me Communist.

I quit. I stop talking, and answering, I refuse food and water. They can stick whatever they want into my arm, but it takes a lot more than that to keep a
person alive since she has lost the will to live.

Life is more important than food, and body more than clothes.

I like the taste of food made by cooks and I accept that women are not good at driving cars … But God is powerful, that’s what she is!

Unrequited love is like captivity, without water, without food and without visit. And you only remember who imprisoned you, it is the worst love!

The pictures they hang in the restaurants are not much better than the food served in the museums.

Appetite is not just about food; it is about living as well. At least I have a lot of it.

There is no food
And the flies are busy
In making more flies.

There are no good plants for food other than for healing. Excess is what causes problems.

Being very well loved
and very well food:
this is every woman’s dream …

Who am I? We’re the ones we like. We are our favorite food, the movies we like, the friends we choose, the clothes we wear, the season of our year, our sport, the cities that enchant us.

“Who I am? We are what we like. We are our favorite food, the movies we enjoy, the friends we choose, the clothes we wear, the season of our favorite year, our sport, the Cities that enchant us. ”

If the pigs could vote, the man with the bucket of food would always be elected no matter how many pigs he had already slaughtered in the next room.

The angels gave us food; The demons, the seasoning.

You know, I prefer my dog to any man in the world, I leave without food, and I go to sleep in the street, but when I open the door the other day he comes running lick my hand.

So if you have a father, if you have a mother, if you have a home, if you have a food at the table, if you have a clean, warm bed, if you have health, if you see, if you listen, Overcome, if you err and learn from your mistake, then you are happy, then you have everything!

Food Quotes – Good & Healthy Food Quotes

It is not only food without seasoning, it is not because you have to drink water all the time, it is the longing for your giant laughter, your scent of bath, your soul gaping in the pleasure of living. I miss you …

Memory is a crazy old woman throwing food out and keeping colorful rags.

Suffering is part of our life. It’s like the salt of food.
Exaggerated amounts change the taste and leave the heartbreak.

Just as food is life, we will never know if it is good or bad without first experiencing it

As the salt that spreads out your food, I will be your salt and I will salve your life.

Food without seasoning is like life without passion: it has no flavor and pleasure is unknown.

Better than an exposed picture in a museum
and the food served in a restaurant,
is the art that accompanies the two.

To be happy
Food and
Soul washed.

When the food is Hope, Love and Courage make a point of eating the same dish.

I’m tired.
Only tired of the routine, the work, the food of every day and even the taste of water.
Tired of waking, of sleeping to be me.
I really wanted to wake up in another world, in another life, in another me.
Tired of this life that God gave me.

You know that affectionate person, who lives making our requests with affection, who puts our food with a lot of love, that of the anger when we ready, more at last that we love of heart and cannot think his life without her, that person is your mania. …

“I threw food into her hair,” I said with another laugh.
“I will not forget that, dog,” Rosalie hissed.
“It’s not so hard to erase a blind’s memory – counterattack.” – Just leave your ear.

Cats know how to get food out of work, shelter without confinement, and love without punishment.

“God, why do we have to thank for this food if we had to buy it?”

I’ve had a good life
I had up to my bungalow
Blanket, food
Washed clothes
Life came and took me

We do not want food alone
We want food
Fun and art

Feed yourself, and feed on good things,
for even hunger for food is unacceptable. ”

The best seasoning of a meal is the company.

Good train is good and lasts little: Emotion, chocolate and coconut water.

When you get something chewed, it’s harder to recognize the food

Satan cannot smell the food of the saints; Therefore, he pursued the Bread of Heaven all the time.

In the restaurant, when the food is bad, the bill is “salty”.

In the restaurant, a customer who does not check the account, does not know what he is missing – Food Quotes

Dividing the bread in half does not mean solidarity, it is often quite the contrary, the butter and cheese will be stolen for the stuffing of the bread that will be devoured by the other.

If stupidity was food, there would be people who were not hungry

The peculiar dignity of men seen eating alone.

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