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Life taught me to say goodbye to the people I love, without taking them from my heart.

To say goodbye to one’s love is to bid farewell to oneself. It is the end of a story that has ended, externally, without our agreement, but which also needs to come out from within us.

The hour of the meeting is also farewell. The platform of this season is life.

In each farewell there is the image of death.

The Longest Distance Is Between The Head And The Heart

Yes, nothing is taken from the world. But it’s great to have a lot of things to say goodbye.

In love, there is no last goodbye, except the one who does not say it.

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The indifferent gaze is a perpetual farewell.

No one dares say goodbye to their own habits. Many suicide bombers have stopped at the edge of death to think of the cafe where they will play their domino every night.

The Kiss Is The Shortest Distance Between Two Lovers

Every goodbye is pain … so sweet, however, that I would say good night until dawn.

At every call of life, the heart must be ready for farewell and for a new beginning, with spirit and without whining. Always open for new appointments. Within each beginning there is a charm that gives us strength and helps us live.

Good morning, friend
Let peace be with you
I came only to say
that I love you so much
That I’m dying
friend … goodbye

If you forget me, just one thing, forget me very slowly.

To Be Together You Do Not Have To Be Close, But Inside

In small things, more than in big ones, we often recognize the worth of men. Perhaps I represent only one that leaves, but in the departure I will miss, leaving my thanks to all for the help and dedication.

Distance makes love what the wind does to the fire: it erases the small, it inflames the great.

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not end up never with love,
nor raids,
nor distance.
It is proven,
Here solemn raise
my verse a thousand fingers
and make the oath:
I love
and true.

The Indifferent Gaze Is A Perpetual Farewell

The longest distance is between the head and the heart.

Do not worry about the distance between your dreams and reality. If you can dream them you can realize them.

It is through work that the woman has diminished the distance that separated her from the man, only the work can guarantee her a concrete independence.

The kiss is the shortest distance between two lovers.

The Hour Of The Meeting Is Also Farewell

Distance is the allure of love.

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

No one ever knows when that ‘goodbye’
may actually goodbye.

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Therefore have been left behind,
she learned to say goodbye
before being abandoned again …

Success Is Often Just An Idea Away

Let’s say goodbye to sad thoughts and only good memories remain. Only love remains in the chest, because in the end it is worthwhile to be happy.

I love everything was
All that is no longer
the pain that I have not hurt
the old and erroneous faith
Yesterday the pain left,
the left that joy
only because it was, and flew
Today’s another day.

Do not cry in the farewells, because they are mandatory formalities so that one can live one of the most unique emotions of life: The reunion.

Small Steps, But Many Of Them, Quickly End The Distance!

To be together you do not have to be close, but inside.

True affection in the long absence proves itself.

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Our pain comes from the distance between what we are and what we idealize to be.

Those who invented distance never suffered the pain of longing.

It is not the distance that measures the distance.

Prestige Increases With Distance

The distance is like the winds: blow out the candles and light the great fires.

From afar I will love you – from the quiet distance where love is longing and desire, constancy.

If by force of distance you are absent, by the force that is in longing you will return.

What leads us to choose a warm life? The answer lies in the distance and the coldness of the smiles, the laxity of the hugs, the indifference of the “good morning,” almost whispered.

Loneliness is the distance
that separates it from yourself
and not the distance
that separates it from others.

Laughter Is The Shortest Distance Between Two People

Why do we know each other? Why did he want it? It was because through the distance, no doubt, like two rivers rushing to unite, our particular inclinations pushed us toward each other.

But the coexistence is also made of silence, and distance.

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No, I’m not single. I am in a long distance relationship because my boyfriend lives in the future.

Although it rains, although it gives. Even though distance corrodes the hours of day and night falls without stars, the world shines a little more every time you smile.

It Is Not The Distance That Measures The Distance

Do not let yourself be carried away by the distance between your dreams and reality. If you are able to dream them, you can also realize them.

“Having a friend is a priceless treasure, one like no distance,
someone present in our way, in times of doubt, joy,
too much to be lost, important to be forgotten …”

The doctor asked:
– What do you feel?
And I said
– I’m far reaches, doctor. I suffer from distances.

In Each Farewell There Is The Image Of Death

The more society departs from truth, the more it hates those who reveal it.

The love I feel for you is the one that the wind does not carry, the distance does not separate and the evil does not destroy.

He looked at people from a distance, like a play. They just stood on the stage and I was a one-man audience.

The girls looked cool from a distance, the sun shining on their dresses, their hair. But move closer and hear your thoughts dripping out, you’ll feel like digging a hole at the foot of a hill and digging in with a machine gun.

All my days are goodbye.

The train that arrives
is the same train departure
The time of the meeting is also farewell
the station platform that
is the life of this my place

If You Forget Me, Just One Thing, Forget Me Very Slowly

Farewell is not always goodbye. It may be a “goodbye” even if the logo is still time consuming.

It is not a farewell, is to deliver in the hands of God what you can no longer care.

Suppressing distance is increasing the duration of time. From now on, we will no longer live; We will live only faster.

Soul that feels cold
distance that imprisons
Nostalgia is in heat.

Inspirational Farewell Quotes For Friends With Images

Prestige increases with distance.

Small steps, but many of them, quickly end the distance!

One cannot truly admire but one who is far away. Because only distance guarantees us that it does not smell badly.

True poetry keeps the same distance from insensitivity and sentimentality.

Success is often just an idea away.

A pat on the back, despite being just a few vertebrae away from a kick in the butt, is miles ahead in results.
“I stopped begging the company of others, if you want to stay, if you do not want goodbye.”

One-day fame and beauty will pass. And goodbye fame, I had you, if she passes I will always know she was fickle, it was something I tried, but it is not the essence of what I live.

How to say goodbye to someone you never imagined without? I did not say goodbye. I did not say anything. I just left.

I have but society with me
even, no friends, but God.
Generous stranger, goodbye, be happy.
Goodbye forever!

Before you make a mistake,
before being indifferent to someone,
and before just say goodbye,
make sure that there will want to come back later,
because hurt errors,
indifference distance people,
and there are things that never go back to being as before.

Beautiful Farewell Quotes & Sayings

“We’re always leaving.
Always saying goodbye.”

Because nothing ever goes back to the way it used to be. Once something is broken there will always be marks that will prove something was wrong. There are no second chances when a heart is hurt. There are no other opportunities for something that is missed.

I prefer to believe that we have not said goodbye, but that we have separated so that fate can give us a happy reunion

It is possible to love from a distance when you have loved yourself first.
Because if you have never loved the couple before, it is best that the distance be short and the delay be small, because love without having never loved is feeling in a hurry.

The person who invented the distance did not know the pain of longing.
It’s hard to say goodbye when you want to stay, and it’s hard to smile when you want to cry, and it’s even harder to be away from algeum that you love so much.

“My tolerance is over, my intuition sniffs out a little head. I no longer accept being friends with people who have not been resolved and who have screwed me in the back, I am not angry with anyone, but my priority is now one: I can call me Selfish, I accept. ”

How crazy the distance, the memory. As a selective filter, you get only the things and the people that really count.

Long time my name is Distance
and my last name is Longing …

Distance, a clock bell rang: purity in the heart, purity in thought …

Science is coarse, life is subtle, and it is to correct that distance that literature matters to us. ”

Distance is the end for the heartless.

“The greater the rush, the greater the distance.”

I do not know if you realized that distance separates us … but the thought unites us.

If you really love, never give up, distance is nothing when love is everything.

There are people, who in a certain magical way, remain in our hearts despite the distance and also the circumstances.

Pride should not exist, it is a selfish, self-destructive feeling.
If you have pride or reason is something important to you remember this:
Pride will not be at his side when the person you love most go away.

When there is fear of leaving, it is because it is worth staying … When we are not afraid of the farewell, it is because we have already left with the present body …

Everything about you was an absence that lingered:
a ready farewell to be fulfilled.

It is difficult to endure
the pain of parting,
especially when the match
is never to return.

To that
suffer with goodbye?
If who does not take part,
not the sun or the darkness
And who does not forget
All I dreamed, I know
everything is so simple that it is
a postcard
And if the story is love
does not end so badly.

From a warm farewell to a cold reception. From a quiet solitude to a surprise company. The day waits for no one.

The farewell is such gentle pain that I would tell you Good Night until dawn …

If we were to know when and where we will meet again, our farewell would be more tender and we would not suffer so much.

Only with the agony of farewell can we understand the depth of our love.

In every port and farewell of this life I forgot my heart beating there …

The sadness of a farewell is necessary for there to be the joy of a reunion.

How to stop this pain
Pain that does not pass
mark in the soul
Loneliness or disappointment
or a farewell
pain in consciousness
or in the heart
pain that destroys
It is in memory
causes sore
wound that will not close
Pain that time softens
but does not heal.

If my presence no longer satisfies,
then dispose of it without me please,
all pride I leave to you,
do not need it to live …

Every farewell is painful for being a piece of life that we left behind losing the chance to live it.

A cycle ends in my life
is a moment of farewell
Once batalhada for me was won
But the time has come the way
do not forget what I experienced here
the friendships I established
I feel, but I must go …

Do not judge me by farewell without good-bye, I could not bear to have to leave and look … Farewell Quotes

The pain of departure, the pain of parting, the uncertainty of what is to come, the last kiss before the goodbye, moments that hurt when they are remembered, but will never be forgotten.

Farewell is a moment of sadness, in which hearts prepare to live a longing.

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