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God, the happiness of man, invented the faith and love. The devil, envious, made man confuse faith with religion and love with marriage.

Occasions Make Revolutions

Everyone knows how to love in their own way; the way, it matters little; the key is to know love.

Lying Is A Lot Of Times As Involuntary As Breathin

Forgetting is a necessity. Life is a blackboard where the destination, to write a new case, you need to delete the written case.

Love Who Commands You. But Without Telling Them

Money cannot buy happiness – for those who do not know what to do with it.

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Love Is The Duplicate Selfishness

There is a friend who boasts friendship: it is dealer; friendship feels, do not say Boots … tight boots are one of the biggest fortunes of the land, because making your feet hurt, give rise to the pleasure of taking them off.

Love Is Not Looking At Each Other It Is To Look In The Same Direction

There is no exterior fatality. But there is an inner fatality: there is always a minute in which we find ourselves vulnerable; then the errors attract us like a vertigo.

Life Without Struggle Is A Dead Sea In The Center Of The Universal Body

People grown always need explanations … never understand anything by themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always to give explanations.

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Life Is The Art Of The Meeting Although There Is Much Disagreement For Life

The greatness of prayer lies mainly in the fact that no answer, with the result that this exchange does not include any kind of trade.

Knowing Is Not To Demonstrate Or Explain Is Access To Vision

Buttocks is important. Record, however, is the problem of the soap dishes. A woman without soap dish is like a river without bridges.

Books and flowers Your eyes are my books. What book are there better, what better read the page of love? Flowers me are your lips. Where there is more beautiful flower, What better drink the balm of love?

It Is The Spirit That Leads The World And Not Intelligence

I am not a man who refuses to praise. I love them; they do good for the soul and to the body. Best digestions of my life are the dinners where I’m toasted.

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Is Dead We Praise You At Ease

It supports up patiently colic others.

I Feel The Nostalgia Of Immorality

Thoughts worth living and the exact or new observation by sharp or deep reflection; not least want originality, simplicity and grace of say.

I Did Not Have Children Do Not Transmit To Any Creature The Legacy Of Our Misery

Chance … is a God and a devil at the same time.

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Fear is a prejudice of the nerves. And a prejudice, scraps – just a simple reflection.

Believe In Yourself But Not Always Doubt Others

Word association, an idea brings another, and so it is a book, a government, or a revolution, some say that this is the nature composed their species.

He Does Not Love Twice The Same Woman

Time is a rodent of things, that diminishes or changes in order to give them another look.

It supports with much patience the pain in other people’s liver.

What Drives The World Is The Spirit And Not Intelligence

Nothing is lost in bad look – you win as much as to be so.

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Critics Are Individuals Who Have Bad Breath In Thought

I like the epitaphs; they are among civilized people, an expression of that pious and secret selfishness that leads man to boot to death a rag at least the shadow that passed.

Also the pain has its hypocrisies.

Fate, as dramatists, does not announce the adventures or the outcome.

We Are Also Rich Of Our Miseries

Love, because nothing better for your health than a love match.

Dialectic Of course, life is good and the joy, the only inexpressible emotion Of course I think you’re beautiful in you bless the love of simple things, of course I love you and I have everything to be happy but I happen to be sad …

Whiskey is the man’s best friend: it is a bottled dog.
Good morning, friend
Let peace be with you
I came only to say
that I love you so much
That I’m dying
friend … goodbye

With tears time and Lime my day I did the cement of my poetry

Vanity Is A Principle Of Corruption

Only sees well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eye.

You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.

Men buy everything ready in stores … But as there are no shops of friends, men do not have friends.

There are victories exalting, others corrupt; losses that kill, others awaken.

True Love Never Wears. The More You Give The More You Have

It is the same sun that the wax melts and dries the clay.

In life, there are no solutions. There are forces in motion: you have to create them, and then, they follow the solutions.

There Is No Public Joy That Is Worth A Good Special Joy

Only sees well with the heart, for the serious hours the eyes are blind.

I have the right to require obedience because my orders are reasonable.

The Truth Is Somehow What Is Shown But What Is Simplified

Sacrifice does not mean either amputation or penance.It is an offering of ourselves to be that we use.

Man is distinguished from men. Nothing is said of essential about the cathedral only speak of the stones. Nothing is said of essential about human if we try to define it by human qualities.

The True Man Measures His Strength When Faced With The Obstacle

If life is priceless, we always conduct ourselves as if anything exceeded in value human life … But what?

Each is responsible for all. Each is solely responsible. Each is solely responsible for all.

The earth teaches us more about ourselves than all the books. Because it resists us.

The Order Does Not Create Life

The greatness of a profession is perhaps above all, unite men: there is but one true luxury and that is the human relations.

The man’s progress is no more than a gradual discovery that your questions have no meaning.

The Moral Is The Sins Are Different

True happiness comes from the joy of good deeds done, the taste of things creates renewed.

To reconnect with friends, we have all tasted the charm of bad memories.

A lot of stones stops being a cairn at the moment a single man contemplates it, being born within him the image of a cathedral.

The First Glory Is The Repair Of Errors

Being a man is being responsible. It feels that assists in building the world.

What saves us is to step and yet another.

It is responsible for everything that domesticate.

The Best Definition Of Love Is Not Worth A Girlfriend Girl Kiss

The regulations are similar to the rites of a religion, which seem absurd, but shape the men.

The slave builds his pride in his master’s burning function.

All great characters began to be children, but few remember it.

Tears Are Not Arguments

Love those who send forth. But without telling them anything.

The rites are in the same time that the home is in space.

Guard these verses I wrote crying, was
such a relief to my yearning,
as a duty of my love; and when
Hoover in you an echo of longing,
Beira these verses I wrote crying.

There are things that best say silent.

Sleep Is An Interim Way Of Dyin

There are people who cry to know that roses have thorns. There are others who smile to know that thorns have roses!

No need to run as much, which is to be your hands you come.

Repulsed Love Is Love Multiplied

The art of living is to make the greater good of the greater evil.

Defects not harm when there is the will and power to correct.

Of All Things Human The One That Has The End In Itself Is Art

Because the silence has no face, but the words many faces …

For roses, someone wrote, the gardener is eternal.

I do not like tears, even in women’s eyes, or not beautiful; They are weakness of confessions, and I was born with boredom the weak. At the end, women are less weak than men, or more patients, abler to suffer the pain and adversity …

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Why do I miss you? Why this longing?
I do not see you but I imagine your expressions, your voice your smell …

Madness is an island lost in the ocean of reason.

Happy dogs, which by scent discover friends.

Do not fret if you pay hurt a benefit: before falling from the clouds of a third floor.

What matter the weather? There are friends of eight days and indifferent eight years.

I like eyes smiling, gestures that excuse, ringtones know that talk and silences that state.

I like to pick the minimum and hidden. Where no one sticks his nose, then enter the mine, the close and acute curiosity to discover the hidden.

We kill time, time to bury. The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubes – Famous Quotes

Do not struggle against fate; it is best to let it take us by the hair and drag us to where want to raise us or crashing us.

Sonars a novel of love, almost impossible? I tell you it’s bad, it’s better to be content with reality; if it is not as bright dreams, at least it has the advantage of being.

The gratitude of those who receive a benefit is always less than the pleasure of him who does.

I gather myself theory and practice.

Everything is an ally of the man who knows want – Famous Quotes

Things worth the ideas that suggest us.

Best Famous Quotes About Life

Marcela loved me for fifteen months and eleven condos.

No matter the time passing minute, but the minute that comes – Famous Quotes

Forgetting is a necessity.

Time is an invisible fabric which can embroider all, a flower, a bird, a lady, a castle, a tomb. You can also embroider anything. Nothing on invisible is the subtlest work of this world, and chance the other.

The heart is the unexpected region.
Ingratitude is a right which should not make use of.
Accommodating to the circumstances of the moment, he is skilled men and women estimable – Famous Quotes

Every season of life is an issue, which corrects the previous one, and that will be corrected too, until the definitive edition, which the publisher gives grace to the worms.

To the victor the potatoes!

The best definition of love is not worth a kiss.

The expected keeps us strong, firm and standing. The unexpected makes us fragile and proposes beginnings – Famous Quotes

The eyes continued to say infinite things. Famous Quotes About Life The word of mouth is that not tried out and made the heart silent as they came …

People are worth the affection of people.
And that’s where people master took that adage that he who loves the ugly beautiful it looks

The Master should be half seriously, to give authority to the lesson and half laughing, for the forgiveness of correction.

The tempo is little for the lot that I hope …

Great thing is to have received from heaven a particle of wisdom, the gift of finding the relations of things, the faculty of comparing and talent to complete – Famous Quotes

Some things are born of other, curl-if untie, are confused, are lost, and the time goes away without losing itself …

Every season of life is an issue, which corrects the previous one, and that will be corrected too, until the definitive edition!

The saying goes, but I’m not sure that my smile is happier when I see you also say that my eyes shine, also say it’s love, but it is certainly yes.

And better is naturally sooner than later artificially – Famous Quotes

Do not fret the reader with this confession. I well know that to titillate you the fantasy nerves, must suffer a great despair, shed a few tears, not lunch. It would be romantic; but it would not biographical. The stark reality is that I had lunch, as in other days …

When two hearts want to understand, even speak Hebrew, find themselves just one another.

Know, therefore, that I am very lady of my will, but little friend to express; I want me guess and obey; I am a little proud too, sometimes capricious, and above all have a discerning heart. See if you can find much fault with!

Word association, an idea brings another, and so it is a book, a government, or a revolution.

There are friends of eight days and indifferent eight years.

Immense love?
Immense love, passion, violent
adding that perhaps the definition no longer fits well to the current famous quotes sense of the person. Now it was a quiet and silent worship …

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