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Do not seek the truth outside of you, it is in you, in your being. Do not seek knowledge outside of you, he awaits you in your inner faith. Do not seek peace outside of you, it is installed in your heart. Do not seek happiness outside of you, it dwells in you from eternity.

No obstacle will be so great if your will to win is greater.

Do not put limits on your dreams. Put faith.

Put Faith Where Courage Is Lacking

God transforms weeping into a smile, pain into strength, weakness into faith, and dreams into reality.

Blessed are all the words said in silence. For there is no greater strength than faith, no voice higher than prayer.

Courage Comes From Faith

Having a dream is not enough, we must believe that we can reach it and transform that faith into the motor that will lead us to it.

To have faith is to know that despite all the deviations and delays we will reach the place where God has our full happiness kept.

But Faith, More Courage, Less Bad Memories, But Strength To Be Able To Follow

Faith enlightens our heart and makes us see the positive even when there seems to be nothing good.

Talent also needs faith, this unwavering assurance that despite the defeats success will eventually come.

The Most Powerful Force In The Universe Is Faith

With faith in God there is no prevailing darkness or turmoil capable of leading us from the right path.

Let my courage be greater than my fear, and let my strength be as great as my faith.

Strength And Faith Repeat With Me

Make your story, believe it, have the faith and the courage to make your dreams come true, seek others, for dreams and stories need an eternity of beings to make us real.

Courage, attitude, faith and determination. Without it, your dreams you will never have.

No Obstacle Will Be So Great If Your Will To Win Is Greater

The most powerful force in the universe is faith.

You told me not to worry about
having faith and seeing courage in love …

I've Lost Dreams, Lost Conquests, Lost My Strength, But I've Never Lost Faith

Love like David. Pray like Daniel. Love the gospel like John. Have the faith of Abraham. Have the courage of Esther. Hannah’s persistence. Be wise like Solomon. Be brave like Gideon. Resist how Joseph resisted. Love your neighbor as God loves you.

God Will Never Give You Up, Ever

I’ve lost dreams, lost conquests, lost my strength, but I’ve never lost faith.

From the fears born the courage. Dreams announce another possible reality, and delusions, another reason. We are what we do to transform who we are. Identity is not a museum piece, quiet in the window, but always a surprising synthesis of our daily contradictions. In this faith, fugitive, I believe.

Focus Strength And Faith

People want to know the secret of my Smile, my Strength, my Faith … And they want to know where I take the words, where I draw so much Love, where I found the recipe to accept the problems with Happiness. Then I reply, “In God!

I will go my own way, my faith has lost its strength again, and it has been very difficult to say: we are falling from the abyss again.

Do Not Put Limits On Your Dreams Put Faith

Put faith where courage is lacking.

God will never give you up, ever.

No one will do it for you, in the end it is with you, lack of faith and courage are the worst enemies.

Faith Quotes – Quotes About Faith

True courage
resides in the proof of one
‘s own Belief.
This act is summed up in faith.
Therefore, courage is
synonymous with faith.

Courage is an infallible technique for the daily process of a super family, always a touch of complete faith!

Even to the ground, fly as high as you can, but never stop flying … faith, release the courage of the fears.

Good Morning!
With faith.
With courage.
With kindness.
With hope.
With a smile.
With love of neighbor.
Good Morning!
With gratitude.
With happiness.
With passion.
With complicity.
With honesty.
With childishness.
Good Morning!
With bravery.
With humanity.
With charity.
With determination
With work.
With kindness
Good morning to every nation
But always …..
With God in the heart!

There is no mightier force in the world
than an idea burned by faith.

Focus strength and faith

If the strength is gone that I may never lack the faith to continue believing

That within us there are 3 fundamental things, force faith and God: The strength to live and fight for dreams and victories, faith to make everything possible, and God to be in control of all things and doing the best.

When we have faith and willpower, the results of what we do surpass our expectations.

“Strength to fight, faith to win.
In the hands of God, anything can happen”

Faith Quotes – Quotes On Faith

Love, believe, think, scream, dream, conquer, fight, battle, have strength, focus, have faith. Smile and thank God for one more day.

In the most confusing moments of life it is necessary to have faith to seek strength and the wisdom necessary to understand what afflicts us. Having a balance point that helps us in the answers is the most important, where loving words of support and encouragement show us the way.
Sometimes just understanding the reason for our problems is not the solution. We must, above all, bear in mind the cause of them, and masterfully extirpate them vigorously, so that we may follow the right path of light and glory.

Always remember the powerful force of faith, for when we believe in it, with all our strength, everything can be achieved in life.

I’m tired of running after those who do not deserve it. {Focus, Strength & Faith} Better things will come.

Faith is your greatest inner strength to see a light in the immense darkness.

I have in me a unique force, which elevates me, ennobles me, transports me and evolves. I have faith.

What we say has no force. What has strength been what we accomplish with love and faith.

Know that life renews itself every day, have faith, strength, and smile, always be yourself and everything that you want so will be.

Know that life renews itself every day, have faith, strength, and smile, always be yourself and everything that is destined for you will be.

Strength and faith. Repeat with me.

Say to the life ‘I am more I’, say to the target ‘here I go’, fast arrow in the hands of God, go ahead, the world is yours, for it is the faith that makes the hero, only realizes who builds. We’re born to win.

Offer God your life, people love, slander your patience for the moment, dream your hope, strength and faith, but for those who persecute you, offer them to God, because if he created them, a motive has!

Courage comes from faith.

I’m going in search of my dreams, I take in bad faith, trust and strength, in the heart I take God.
I go with determination, with courage and perseverance.
I’m not afraid, I have faith.
I will not diminish my dreams; I will increase my faith.
There is nothing impossible for a heart full of God.

We must be like a river. Not being resistant to anything, but with the force to destroy everything that prevents us from reaching the goal.

We are always in the place where our thoughts lead us. If you are in an ugly and bad place, it was your thoughts that led you to this place. Only your thoughts can get you out of this place and take you to a better one.

Hope, dream, believe and go, things do not fall, just from the sky. You have to want to, but you have to act. One goal and exceed your goals. It’s worth believing. ”

Strength, faith and courage is the tripod that does not let our dreams crumble – Faith Quotes

Sometimes I think I’m going to stomp.
But they are only dreams;
The world is the pillar that gives strength where we step.

“I have an overwhelming desire to make things happen. My confidence is in God and in the person I see when I look in the mirror.”

Strength, courage, courage, determination, focus, and a lot of faith is what we need to achieve our goals.

Magical words that can change a life: strength, faith, courage and determination.

But faith, more courage, less bad memories, but strength to be able to follow

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