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Love is blind, friendship closes the eyes.

The beauty of things exists in the spirit of those who contemplate them.

Missing is a feeling that, when it does not fit in the heart, flows through the eyes.

In The Eyes Of Longing, How Small The World Is

The more we rise, the less we appear in the eyes of those who do not know how to fly.

You only see yourself well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes.

Contemplation Is The Eyes Of The Soul

To live without philosophizing is what is called having your eyes closed without ever having tried to open them.

Books and flowers
Your eyes are my books.
What book is there better,
What better to read
The page of love?
Flowers are to me your lips.
Where there is more beautiful flower,
What better drink
The balm of love?

When I Think Of You, I Close My Eyes Longing

Love: I closed my eyes so as not to see you
and my mouth not to say …
And from my closed eyes tears came down that I did not wipe,
and from my closed mouth were born whispers
and silent words that I dedicated …
Love is when We live in each other.

To See A Lot, You Have To Take Your Eyes Off Yourself

I write here in the present so that in the future your eyes may remember me when your mind forgets.

What matters if you have green eyes … if the red of me reflect the green of nature …

There Is More Danger In Your Eyes Than In Twenty Swords!

If my eyes showed my soul, everyone, when they saw me smiling, would cry with me.

When I think of you, I close my eyes longing.

The Heart Sees Better Than The Eyes

She pretends she was not crying inside, for now, quietly, though with dry eyes, her heart was wet; She had now left the voracity to live.

Love Is Blind, Friendship Closes The Eyes

Easy is to hug, shake hands, kiss with closed eyes.
It is difficult to feel the energy that is transmitted.
The one that takes care of the body like an electric current when we touch the right person.

Love Adds A Precious Sight To The Eyes

When the nostalgia no longer fits in the chest, it materializes and overflows through the eyes.

There is more danger in your eyes than in twenty swords!

The Horizon Is In The Eyes And Not In The Reality

To see a lot, you have to take your eyes off yourself

I also find it delicious when you forget your eyes on mine.

I Also Find It Delicious When You Forget Your Eyes On Mine

Eyes in the eyes, I want to see what you do
Feeling that without you I go too well
Eyes in the eyes, I want to see what you say
I want to see how it supports me to see myself so happy

The Bluest Eye Quotes & Sayings

Will they utter, in sound, the things that, silent, in the silence of the eyes we confess?

By the glitter in the eyes, from the beginning of time, people recognize their true Love.

Keep Me, Like the Girl in Your Eyes.
She is the One, I know she can be a thousand, but there is no other like.

The day lies the color of the night and the diamond the color of the eyes. The eyes lie day and night the pain of people.

Love adds a precious sight to the eyes.

Keep your eyes fixed on a sublime ideal, and always strive for what you desire, for only the weak give up and only those who fight are worth living.

Certain peacocks hide their tails from every eye – calling it their pride.

In the eyes of longing, how small the world is.

He who can no longer be astonished or astonished is, so to speak, dead; Your eyes are out.

Once you have tried flying, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned to heaven, for there you have been and there you will want to return.

The eyes of the spirit only begin to be penetrating when those of the body begin to weaken.

You only see well with your heart, for in severe times your eyes are blind.

Before marriage, keep your eyes open, in marriage, then close them a little.

Man believes more with his eyes than with his ears. So long is the way through rules and standards, short and effective through example.

 Eye Quotes & Messages

Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.

The eyes are the interpreters of the heart, but only those who understand it understand the language.

Being immoral is not worth it, because it diminishes your personality in the eyes of others, or it trivializes it. To be immoral within oneself, surrounded by the utmost respect of others.

Genius, that power that dazzles human eyes, is nothing but perseverance well disguised.

Yes, I am a man and I cry. A man has no eyes? Do not you also have hands, senses, inclinations, passions? Why should not a man cry?

It is the eyes of people who destroy us. If everyone were blind except me, I would not want fine clothes, fine houses, or exquisite furniture.

In the eyes of the artist, the public is a necessary evil; You must overcome it, nothing more.

The man sees the woman as if in a refrigerator: a piece of buttocks, big eyes, black hair, full breasts. He sees the woman in pieces.

Before the wedding the eyes should be wide open; After marriage, semi-closed.

A victorious general never made mistakes in the eyes of the public, whereas a defeated general only did blunders, no matter how sensible his procedure was.

There is a path that goes from the eyes to the heart without going through the intellect.

What you do not see with your eyes, do not witness with your mouth.

The horizon is in the eyes and not in the reality.

Hope is the poetry of pain, it is the promise eternally suspended before the eyes that cry and the heart that suffers.

It is monstrous to say that the artist does not serve humanity. He was the eyes, the ears, the voice of humanity. It was always the transcendentalist who passed on our true states of soul to X-rays.

Destiny sometimes closes his eyes, but he knows that for him we will come back later, and that he will have the last word.

I never needed to show that in a certain GP I was with a blue-eyed blonde or another GP with a brunette. When it happened, it was a natural thing and never to show others that I am a stallion and I have dozens of women. If I had a dozen women, it was to myself.

The heart sees better than the eyes.

Our soul surrenders much more through our eyes than through our ears.

Our eyes are selective, we “focus” on what we want to see and we fail to see the rest. Choose to focus on the best, most beautiful, most vibrant side of things, just as a sunflower always chooses to be facing the sun.

A Meeting of two:
eyes in the eyes,
face to face.
And when thou art near, I will
pluck off thine eyes, and will
put them in mine place;
And I will pluck out my eyes
to put them in the place of thine;
Then I will see you with your eyes
and you will see mine.

The colors in the painting are like decoys that seduce the eyes, like the beauty of the verses in poetry.

Lions have great strength, but this would be useless if nature had not given them eyes – Eye Quotes

Contemplation is the eyes of the soul.

It is not love that should be painted blindfolded, but self-love.

“Who I am, you will only realize when you look into my eyes, or rather beyond them.”

I bring in the sight of extraordinary visions, Of the things I embraced with closed eyes … ”

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