Diabetes Quotes: 40 Most Inspiring Quotes About Diabetes

Diabetes Quotes

Diabetes Quotes: Share The Best Inspirational Famous Quotes About Diabetes & Sayings , With Images,Text,Messages,Status We Select Carefully For You !

Diabetes is not the end of the world, but a new world to be discovered

Too much romanticism gives diabetes in love.

Too sweet not only sickens, but can cause diabetes. I was clear

Diabetes Are Not Cute Little Whores That Foretell The Devil's Show

In my maturity I acquired a lot of experience, possessions and wisdom… hypertension, diabetes, arthrosis and ischemia.

Mom's Had So Much Sugar On Me That I'm A Diabetic!

Diabetes are not cute little whores that foretell the devil’s show…

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Too Sweet Not Only Sickens, But Can Cause Diabetes

Beer gives belly; Red meat, cholesterol; Sweets, diabetes; Cigarette gives cancer; Alcohol, cirrhosis. Is not there anything delicious that gives health and long life?

Too Much Romanticism Gives Diabetes In Love

I live my crazy, just because she’s sweet and does not kill diabetes

If I Missed You, I'd Be Diabetic

“I prefer diabetes to Funk: Diabetes is a silent disease.”

If Memory Is Sweet, I Want To Be Diabetic

“Diabetic” is who cannot be sweet.

I Prefer Diabetes To Funk Diabetes Is A Silent Disease

For those who are diabetic, life is not sweet.

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I Live My Crazy, Just Because She's Sweet And Does Not Kill Diabetes

Diabetic to forgive me
Love is a sweet feeling, even sweetie …
As the eyes of the poet, which are licorice.

For Those Who Are Diabetic, Life Is Not Sweet

It comes to a certain age that reading the Kama Sutra is just like a diabetic leafing through a recipe book of sweets: it is eating with eyes and licking with the forehead.

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Diabetic Is Who Cannot Be Sweet

Diabetics: There’s a person who is definitely not bulletproof

If memory is sweet, I want to be diabetic.

Diabetes Quotes & Messages With Images

Some days .. that sickens too sweet … and to tell the truth nobody gives in order to become diabetic … hot, burning things are much more accepted …

Do not even waste time in making sweet ass,
I’m diabetic!

If I missed you, I’d be diabetic …

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There are men so sugary and so moist that just looking you are already diabetic.

Mom’s had so much sugar on me that I’m a diabetic!

Motivation is equal insulin injection for diabetics, you should take it every day so that your body can start the day utilizing its entire source of energy.

Diabetes Quotes & Sayings

If I get a candy for every crazy thought, I end up diabetic or fat.

Pain is a right of the strong. After all, do not give sugar to diabetics!

Only diabetic cannot love with sweetish.

The diabetic is the sweetest sweet that eats sweet potatoes – Diabetes Quotes

He was diabetic and she was all sweet. Against that indicated for him, that careless one forgot to read the bull.

Love you so affectionate and very sweet,
but I’m diabetic!

It is wasteful to offer sweetness to those who by nature have a diabetic soul.

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