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Dance Quotes

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What does not dance do for a person? It is pure magic.

There are days that my soul, dance … dance … dance! It is difficult to control it.

Do not underestimate anyone. Always treat with respect. Life is a dance of the chairs. One-day sitting; In another, standing up.

Our Body Moves, And Our Soul Dances;

Philosophy thinks, literature writes and dance thinks and writes with the body.
The music? Of course she accompanies!

On the dance floor, as in life, you can only be as good as your pair.

Dance Is The Hidden Language Of The Soul

Does your soul fly? My dance!

Fall in love with dancing, especially if it’s two, because it makes you feel alive, capable.

Dance Is Music Made Visible

Let us make the interruption a new path.
From the fall a dance step,
from fear a ladder,
from dream a bridge, from seeking a meeting!

Dance A Perpendicular Expression Of A Horizontal Desire

Dance: a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire.

Fly always, get tired –
so she runs
in a dance step

Colorful Dream The Sun Dance With The Moon You With Me

The art of living is more akin to fighting than to dancing, in that it is ready to face both the unexpected and the unforeseen and is not poised to fall.

Butterfly Looks Like Flower That The Wind Took To Dance

And those who were seen dancing were judged insane by those who could not hear the music.

What Does Not Dance Do For A Person It Is Pure Magic

Forgive us for that day when you did not dance once! And false to us all the truth that has not been accompanied by a laugh!

She Dances With The Music From Within

Whoever does not listen to the melody thinks it’s crazy who dances …

Revolution Without Dance Is Not Worth It!

It is not the rhythm nor the steps that make the dance
But the passion that goes in the soul of those who dance.

On The Dance Floor, As In Life, You Can Only Be As Good As Your Pair

“To dance is to feel, to feel is to suffer, to suffer is to love … You love, you suffer and you feel.

Whoever Has A Dream Does Not Dance

Our dance at a masquerade is eternal, because when I hold my hand, you make me fly. And when you lose the ground, I punch you in the head to see if your joy to fit in mine is flat.

In Winter, The Wind Dances With The Leaves To Your Satisfaction

I agree with Causa’s raspy voice repeating in my cold ear: “anyone who has a dream does not dance, my love.”

Fly Always, Get Tired So She Runs In A Dance Step

Butterfly looks like flower that the wind took to dance

Does Your Soul Fly My Dance!

Colorful dream
the sun dance with the moon
you with me

Success means to realize your own dreams, sing your own song, dance your own dance, create from your heart and enjoy the journey, trusting that no matter what happens, everything will be fine. Create your own adventure!

Dance Quotes – Short Quotes About Dance

In winter, the wind
dances with the leaves
to your satisfaction

“Let’s make the interruption a new path. From the fall a dance step, from fear a ladder, from dream a bridge, from seeking a meeting!”

Whoever has a dream does not dance.

“let’s make a new path the interruption.
fall a dance step,
fear a stair,
a dream a bridge, looking for a meeting!”

There is joy in the eternally varied play of their shades, in the music of their voices, in the dance of their movements. Death cannot be true until the joy of the human heart disappears.

Your eyes insist on calling me to this eternal dance of looks … I just hope that the music does not stop …

When you dance with the devil, you do not change the devil, the devil changes you.

My heart pulsates and dances. Because I do not know how to feel without rhythm.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

“When you dance, your purpose is not to reach a certain place. It is to enjoy every step of the way.”

Happy of those who can dance. Dance is the sincerest form of sentimental expression that exists.

There is a warning in the door of my heart: Whoever does not dance according to the rhythm of the house, do not waste time ringing the bell.

“Philosophy thinks, literature writes and dance thinks and writes with the body.”

“Dance is the only art in which we ourselves are the material from which it is made.”

She dances with the music from within.

Funny Inspirational Dance Quotes

When you were dancing, I wanted you to be like the waves of the sea, so that I would never do anything else.

You can keep your visions, ecstasies, dances and raptures for you; The only feeling I want to have is deep repentance and humble faith.

There are three things
that remain …
The certainty that we are beginning … The certainty that we must continue …
The certainty that we can be interrupted
before we finish …
Let us make the interruption a new path …
From Fall, a dance step …
From fear, a ladder …
From the dream, a bridge …
From the search, a meeting!

A party
A contagious joy in the air
The colorful lights, to shine
A fashionable music to play Everybody
excited, to dance
The way no one wants to stop
This magic moment, they want to enjoy
Bad to know that this one hour will end
The magic will cease
The music Will shut up
The light will turn off
The sun will dawn
A normal day will begin!

Dancing wet woman
To the wind the branch
Dew on the petals.

The cicada sings
the announcement of his death –
ants on counter dance.

Something of dance
in the algae,
almost song of the corals.

The condom is the crystal shoe of our generation. You wear one when you meet a stranger, dance all night, then throw away, the condom, of course, not the stranger!

Waltz is the world’s first dance; At least it is the only dance in which there is poetry.

What changes in change,
if everything around is a dance in the path of hope,
next to what is never reached?

And there are wonderful people who suddenly get away, hard to see – and then dance.

The greatest limitation lies in the mind, not the atrophied limbs of the body. Whoever dances inside insults on the outside.

Our body moves, and our soul dances;

And we sing, we dance, we never get tired of being a child; We play in our old childhood …

The Human Being has always expressed his feelings through dance, where he manifests his communion with the universe.

And it does not pay to enter the dance, after the music has stopped …

“Dance is music made visible.”

My dance is more than an exact rhythm,
She is the expression of my soul
She is what words cannot express …

There are some things I do not leave for “love”;
My dance, my freedom and my true friends.

Seduction is like a dance, someone is leading, but the secret is not to seem that it is leading and yes that is being led.

What I feel about dance has the characteristics of passion, but the permanence of love! – Dance Quotes

Revolution without dance is not worth it!

On my knees, I’ll ask
Last chance for one last dance
Cause with you, I’d resist
All hell to hold your hand
I’d give it all
I’d give it all for us …
(Far away)

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