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I am very humble. It’s cute. So cute that half the world loves me. The other half still do not know me.

It Is Useless To Get Out Of Pity What We Desire For Love

There is always some madness in love. But there is always some reason in madness.

Its A Poor Love That You Can Measure

Where love reigns, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there is lack of love. One is the shadow of the other – ”cute quotes”

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It Is Much Better To Live Without Happiness Than Without Love

He is a superman when we need and a cute little child when we also need  – cute quotes

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In The Life Of Man Love Is A Thing Apart The Woman Is A Lifetime

“If I were soft, sweet and sly, would not have half of my problems.
But would the other half.”  – cute quotes

In Revenge And In Love Woman Is More Barbarous Than Man

I love as love love. I know of no other reason to love but to love. What do you want me to tell you, and I love you, if what I tell you is that I love you?  – cute quotes

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Love is not involved with the perfect person,
one of our dreams.
There are no princes or princesses.
Think of the other person a sincere and real way, extolling his qualities, but also aware of its flaws.
Love is only beautiful when found someone who transform us in the best we can be.

Love is fire that burns without being seen;
It is a wound that hurts and does not feel;
It’s an unhappy
joy;. It is pain that destine without hurting is not wanting better want, is a solitary walk among us, is never content himself with joy; It’s a look that is gained in get lost. You want to be trapped by will, is to serve who wins, the winner; You have someone kill us, loyalty but as cause can your favor in human hearts friendship, If so away from you is love itself?

In Man The Desire Begets Love. In Women Love Generates Desire

Purifies your heart before you let love into it, for even the sweetest honey sour in a dirty container  – cute quotes

In Jealousy There Is More Self Love Than True Love

God, the happiness of man, invented the faith and love. The Devil, envious, made man confuse religion with faith and love with marriage  – cute quotes

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Doubts the light of the stars,
From the sun has heat
doubt to the truth,
but trust my love.

Friendship Is Above All Sure This Is What Distinguishes Love

Love is synthesis Please do not analyze me Do not be looking for every weak spot my If anyone stand up to scrutiny deep, the more I! Jealous, demanding, insecure, lacking all full of marks that life left: See on each requirement a scream grace, a call for love, love is short, the integration of data: is not necessary to take out or put me not cut into slices (no one embraces a piece), wrap me around in his arms and I will be perfect, love!
If love is fantasy, I find myself lately in full carnival.

The distance is to love what wind is to fire: delete the small inflames the great  – cute couple quotes

Fight For Love Is Good But To Achieve It Without Fighting Is Best

There is no one, even without culture, it does not become a poet when Love takes care of him  – ”cute couple quotes”

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Even God Has A Hell It Is His Love For Men

Love is not accepting everything. By the way: where everything is accepted, I suspect that there is a lack of love  – cute couple quotes

As Good Die Of Love And Go On Living

Love calculates the hours for months, and days for years; and every little absence is an eternity  – cute couple quotes

Love is the feeling of imperfect beings, since the function of love is to bring the human being to perfection. How wise are those who indulge the love of crazy  – cute couple quotes

What You Do For Love Is Always Beyond Good And Evil

Love, when it
reveals. It is not known disclose
feels good look at her,
but do not know to tell you. Who is to say what you feel Do not know what to say. Speaks: it seems that mind … Calla: seems to forget … Oh, but if she guessed, if you could hear the look, and a look you enough know that are love! But who feels very, shut, who is to say as feel It soulless or speech, it is only entirely! But if this can tell you What I dare not tell you, you will not have to talk to you because I’m talking to you …

There Is Only One Law In Love Make Happy The One You Love

Love: four letters, two vowels, consonants and 2 2 Idiots  – cute couple quotes

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The Opposite Of Love Is Not Hate But Indifference

Perfect love is the most beautiful of frustrations, for it is beyond what can be expressed

The Measure Of Love Is To Love Without Measure

When love speaks, the voice of all the gods leaves drunk with harmony heaven.

The Real Name Of Love Is Bondage

You, who suffer because you love, love even more. Die of love is to live it.

The Most Beautiful Love Words Are Said In The Silence Of A Look. 1

Love is the condition in which men are more likely to see things as they are not.

The Lack Of Love Is The Greatest Of All Poverty

Love is a delicate flower, but it takes courage to go harvest it to the edge of a cliff.

Only When We Love That We Discover What We Lacked In Life

When two people make love
are not just making love
are giving rope to the world clock

More Should Be Afraid Of The Love Of A Woman Than Hatred Of A Man

Love begins when a person feels lonely and ends when a person wants to be alone.

Love Is The Subtlest Force In The World. 1

Love is not conjugated in the past; or you love forever, or never truly loved.

Love Is Not Defined Sit Down

Nothing is small in love. Who expects great occasions to prove his tenderness not know how to love.

Love Is Like War Easy To Start And Hard To End

You would not give bath to a leper for a million dollars? Me neither. Only by love can bathe a leper.

Love Is Like A Child You Want Everything You See

We must never judge people we love. The love is not blind; it is not love.

Love Is Born Of Little Things Live Them And They Sometimes Die

To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already half dead.

Love Can Die In Truth Friendship The Lie. 1

Who begins to understand love, to explain it, to qualify it and quantify it, it is no longer in love.

Love Because Nothing Better For Your Health Than A Love Match

All passions lead us to make mistakes, but love makes us commit the most ridiculous.

Love Does Not See With The Eyes But With The Heart. 1

Love Thing to tell you at length the dangerous things from the sea. Tell you the ardent love and the islands there is only the verb to love. Tell you at length at length. Burning Love. Burning Love. And Sea. Tell you at length the mysterious wonders of the verb navigate. And Sea. Mar: Dangerous things Tell you at length what was once a sweet thing time love. And Sea. Tell you at length as do land on the mysterious islands. To tell you the burning sea and the verb to love. And at length the dangerous things.

I Was Cute Sweet And Sly Would Not Have Half Of My Problems

What we proved when we are in love may be our normal state. Love shows man how he should always be.

When you make love sign, follow him; though his ways are hard and steep. And when his wings engage you, deliver him unto you; even though the sword hidden in his pinions may wound you.

Best Cute Quotes For Her With Images

Deduction not ever end up with love, nor raids, nor the distance. It is proven, thought, checked. Here solemn raise my verse a thousand fingers and do the oath: I love strong, faithful and true  – cute quotes for her

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge helps out, but only love help inside. Knowledge comes, but wisdom is slow  – ”cute quotes for her”

Wanted to expose your heart bare.
And so, I heard you all the alien love.
Ah, poor friend, you never may know
How love others … is ridiculous! – cute quotes for her

Love never makes complaints; always gives. Love tolerates; He never gets angry and never has revenge – cute quotes for her

A well true love, a very private life with a woman to whom they want as a lover, which is estimated as sister, who is venerated with mother, who protects a daughter, is evidently the most natural to man to destination, the additional his mission on earth  – cute quotes for her

Love is when we started for us deceive ourselves and we ended up deceiving the other person  – cute quotes for her

Love should forgive all sins, except a sin against love. True love should have forgiveness for all lives, less for the lives without love.  – cute quotes for her

Love is the poetry of the senses. Or is sublime, or does not exist. When it exists, exists forever and is growing day by day

At the bottom of each soul’s hidden treasures that only love let’s find out  – cute quotes for her

Short Cute Quotes For Him

Love is like fire: for it to last you need to feed it.

SENTIMENTAL little poem My love, my love, Maria’s like a telegraph wire the road Where do the swallows come to land … Once in a while comes an and sing (do not know if the swallows sing, but come on!) Sing and will If although Another, not so. Evil comes, goes away the last he spent He just poop in my poor thread of life! However, Maria, my love is always the same: Swallows is that change  – cute quotes for him

A happy heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with love – ”cute quotes for him”

It is better to be sad with love, than gay without it  – cute quotes for him

Some grief proves much love, but too grief reveals too much lack of spirit  – cute quotes for him

Love and cough, impossible to hide them – cute quotes for him

There is only love when there is no authority  – cute quotes for him

Human love, the least selfish, the purest and selfless love is friendship  – cute quotes for him

Love and desire are different things. Not everything you love is desired and not everything you wish you love – cute quotes for him

Love is a not know what, that appears not to know where and just do not know how

Mother’s love for her child is unlike anything else in the world. He does not obey the law or pity, it dares all things and kills without remorse all that stand in your way.

Love is closer to hatred than we usually think. They are the verse and reverse of the same coin passion. The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference …

There is only one kind of love that lasts, the unrequited

Pay back evil with good, because love is victorious in attack and invulnerable in defense.

True love is one that always remains, to give it all or if we refuse him everything.

It is not perfect, but the imperfect, who needs love.

What should characterize youth is modesty, decency, love, moderation, dedication, diligence, justice, education. These are the virtues that should form your character.

Does not sin who sins out of love.

The most annoying in love is that it is the type of crime that requires an accomplice.

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