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Cute Good Morning Quotes

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To win a new year that deserves this name, you, my dear, have to deserve it, you must do it again, I know it is not easy, but try, try, conscious. It is within you that the New Year sleeps and waits forever – Good Morning Quotes

I hope time flies for you to return, so I can hold you, and kiss you, again …

At bottom, there is only one problem in this world: how to make man find the spiritual meaning of life again, how to provoke ourselves so that we return to the path that makes us look at our own souls.

The creation of something new is consummated by the intellect, but awakened by the instinct of a personal need. The creative mind acts on something it loves.

If I ever see you again
I’ll always carry you

at the tips of my fingers
and at the edges of my brain

and at centers
than I am of
what’s left.

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I come to cry, meek with sadness. Then I get up and start over again.

Top Cute Good Morning Quotes

In my new cowardice-cowardice is what has happened to me the youngest, it is my greatest adventure, my cowardice is such a field that only great courage leads me to accept it.

New year, old life. Life is more than calendars, spindles or gravitational orbit.

Forbidden: endowed with a new and irresistible charm.

Everything has been said once, but as no one listens, it is necessary to say it again.

To open a new path, one must be able to get lost.

There is an old world yet to be destroyed and a whole new world to be built. But we will, young friends, will not we?

The joy of knowing that you exist makes me strong to endure the sorrow of your absence. I love you!

Behind joy and laughter, there can be a vulgar, hard and insensitive nature. But behind suffering there is always suffering. Unlike pleasure, pain has no mask.

God gives us people and things,
to learn joy …
Then he picks up things and people
to see if we are capable of joy
alone …
This … the joy that he wants

Who am I? The joy of those who love me, the sadness of those who hate me and the occupation of those who envy me!

Best Cute Good Morning Quotes

I repeat for pure joy of living: salvation is by risk, without which life is not worth it!

The anguish of having lost does not overcome the joy of having one day possessed.

All joy is like this: it is already wrapped in a sad little paper.

Let some sign of joy pass you by.

May I not lose the beauty and joy of seeing, even though I know that many tears will flow from my eyes and flow through my soul.

I do not allow any philosophical reflection to take away my joy from the simple things of life.

Joy does not just come to the find encounter, but it is part of the search process. And teaching and learning cannot be given out of the pursuit, out of the boniness and joy.

I love you, I kiss your mouth in joy.

God is joy. A child is joy. God and a child have this in common: they both know that the universe is a box of toys. God sees the world with the eyes of a child. He is always looking for companions to play with.

Each day brings her joy and her sorrow, and also her fruitful lesson.

May I never forget that God loves me infinitely, that a small grain of joy and hope within each one is capable of changing and transforming anything, for …
Life is built in dreams and concretized in love.

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