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Friendship is similar to good coffee; Once cold, does not heat without losing enough of the first flavor.

Is demanding boiling coffee
And let it cool.

The coffee is so serious, so exclusive, so definitive
that it does not admit solid accompaniment. But I dribble it,
savoring, along with it, the smell of toast-butter
that someone ordered at the next table.

Have A Coffee, The World Is Long Gone

Government officials should never drink coffee after lunch. It causes them to lose sleep in the afternoon.

It is easier to change religion than coffee.

Today My Coffee Tasted Of Your Kiss

Open newspaper,
coffee, milk and blood:
war closely

It Is Easier To Change Religion Than Coffee

I want Sundays in the morning. I want a messy bed, sheet, coffee and pillow. I want your kiss. I want your scent. I want that look that does not tire, the desire that flows through the mouth and the minute in the next second: nothing is too much when it is too much.

Inspiration, And A Little Coffee! And That Is Enough For Me!

“Wake up, have some coffee, comb your hair and know you do not need anyone else to be happy. The world is Yours.”

For love, a bench in the square is enough.
Or stand in front of a gate.
Or a cup of coffee.
Love itself is a low budget movie. ”

Coffee Must Be Black As Hell, Hot As Hell And Sweet As Love

I only kept three tastes in my mouth; Vodka, tear and coffee.

Life is like coffee without sugar, each sweetens to your liking … but still there are those who prefer bitter.

Coffee Cools, You Know That And Feelings Too

The basic need of the human heart during a major crisis is a good cup of hot coffee.

Make that bitter coffee, take three sips, smoke your last cigarette. She puts on a red lipstick. Straighten your hair and go.

Beer Should Be Like Coffee Get It For Free Anywhere!

I did not have breakfast thinking about you, I did not have lunch thinking about you, I did not think about you and I did not sleep because I was hungry.

Beer should be like coffee:
Get it for free anywhere!

A Kiss On The Other Foot In Your Mouth After The Coffee

Sorry, coffee is out of the question. When I moved to California, I promised my mother that I would not start using drugs.

“How about a coffee, a walk in the park, or a movie … for the rest of our lives?”

A Coffee And A Love

Today my coffee tasted of your kiss.

… Inspiration, and a little coffee! And that is enough for me!

Snoring Is Demanding Boiling Coffee And Let It Cool

A kiss on the
other foot in your mouth
after the coffee

The men of this world are like coffee beans in the grinding machine: / one before, one after, another then, / all end up going to the same destination.

Okay, Wake Up, Brush Your Teeth, Have Coffee And Continue

Neither oranges nor coffee:
Just cane fields
Under an empty sky.

A coffee and a love.
Hot, please!

Life Is Like Hot Coffee, If We Take It Quickly We Burn Our Mouths

I want you. I want it. I want a messy bed, sheet, coffee and pillow. I want your kiss. I want your scent.

A coffee and a love. Warm, please. To keep calm on cold days, to give up when things are by a thread.

Maybe if you came quickly, the coffee would not. Because coffee, just like love, when reheated it gives wrapping in the stomach.

Funny Coffee Quotes & Sayings

And coke. As Claudio Brito said, I have a habit of coke and coffee.
My dog is scratching his ear and so fondly that he even moans. I’m his mother.
And I need money. But the “Blue Danube” is beautiful, that’s right.

okay, wake up, brush your teeth, have coffee and continue.

The suggestion for the bad modes is! “TAKE COFFEE”! If you do not like it, follow the light, if at the end of it you have a black hole, play!

Rock at the time of waking up, Rock at breakfast,
Rock coming out of the house, walking in the street, coming to school,
rock in math class, coming home, lunch,
homework, bath, Anyway, rock all the time.

Life is like hot coffee, if we take it quickly we burn our mouths.

I want you for my hyper caloric diet.
My breakfast.
Morning snack.
My lunch.
Afternoon snack.
My dinner.
Supper and the assault on the refrigerator by dawn.
Who lives without food? I do not live without you.

Coffee must be hot as hell, be black as the devil, pure as an angel and sweet as love.

Lady Astor:
If I were married to you, I’d put poison in your coffee.)
Churchill quickly replied, ”
If I were to be married to you, I would drink it.

There are certain hours that just a coffee, several thoughts and
the silence of the night, to be in peace.
It is that in certain hours the memories comfort the pain that we bring in the heart.

Coffee Quotes – good morning quotes about Coffee

In a cafe or sometimes on a crowded street, I’ve been near you, but you never notice me.

Coffee must be black as hell, hot as hell and sweet as love.

I have to admit I’m CAFAJESTE is coffee type:
Hot, strong, yummy and I
leave you all night awake !!!

There’s nothing like waking up early on a Sunday,
drinking coffee, just watching the day rise up, coming to
life little by little …

NERD only marries because they have not yet discovered a computer that searches for coffee.

Have a coffee, the world is long gone.

Coffee just makes me sleepy.
And what do I take, to take that will from you?

I want to keep secret, and be my secret and have mystery. I want coffee in T-shirts and panties, looking at nothing and remembering the day I decided to disappear.

Coffee and love, only if they’re hot. And the best thermometer is the tongue!

Coffee cools, you know that? And feelings too

Newspapers, cigarettes, coffee, drinks, music …
A note, a photo … A flower!
In fact … I should say no, I really should say no …

I did not have breakfast, thinking of you!
I did not have lunch, thinking of you!
I did not snack, thinking of you!
I did not eat, thinking of you!
I cannot sleep now because I’m hungry!

My coffee will never kill your hunger, so kiss me.

A coffee, a friend, a prayer, a blessing. Whatever warms the heart, nurtures faith, and strengthens life.

The drink of the jinn is coffee! And the alienated coke!

If my friend makes a sweet coffee I drink, but if I make bitter I’ll take it the same way.

Every day in the morning
While I drink my bitter coffee
Yes, I still boot faith in finding you … I never see you ……

I’m numb by this love that consumes me day by day
He’s my coffee during the day, my lunch and my dinner
It’s my music
My book
My damnation
My good night’s sleep or my insomnia
My relaxation and my concern
My life

A cup of coffee can be very similar to love: when it becomes addictive, it does not fall asleep at night and can cool very quickly

I’m not afraid of the truth. I drink the truth at breakfast and eat the truth at dinner Coffee Quotes

At times, a cup of coffee and a smile will cure any pain!

And who has never been woken up with loving words and hot kisses, who never had a breakfast full of love in his bed, who never spent hours and hours watching that person sleep, who never felt full … only who did not know what Is a true love.

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