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Chocolate Quotes

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I do not understand how anyone can be addicted to drugs, in a world that exists chocolate and the internet.

The BLACK is sweet, delicious and so
appealing (Chocolate)

I wish that besides a delicious chocolate egg, the bunny brings you peace, harmony, love, health and many sincere smiles to adorn your Easter.

Chocolate Is Better Than A Lot Of People

Chocolate can be a delight.
But, in exaggeration, it turns into pains and effects.

Chocolate Can Be A Delight

Get addicted to chocolate and internet but do not ruin your life with alcohol and drugs.

Better Than Chocolate Better Than Bonbon, Better Than All This, You're Very Good

I get drunk with sleep. I’m addicted to chocolate. I cry out of so much laughter. I’m so curious. I abandon bad things. I change only if it’s for the better. I take care of what I love. I take a shower. I do shows during the shower. I plan conversations that will never be said. I imagine myself in movies. I imagine situations that easily bring me a beautiful smile on my face. I am undecided and determined. Weird is not it? I live contradicting myself … I change so many things, except my character. But you know what? I’m happy like this.

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This Coconut Milk Chocolate Is The Best In The World

In this cold, I need something hot, something better than my blanket, something better than hot chocolate. Maybe it’s your body, your human warmth, your caresses, maybe it’s YOU in full!

The BLACK Is Sweet, Delicious And So Appealing Chocolate

To live Easter is to go beyond the eggs of chocolates. Chocolate is good, but Easter is much better, it is something that we should have for daily exercise, taking from our lives everything that did not serve us, or everything that by our actions also end up serving no one. Easter is rebirth, resurrection … Let us adopt the best of Easter and bring into our lives, being reborn every day, reborn with every challenge and every opportunity we receive to make us better human beings, and the best of it all, Being good to one another and consequently, even better to ourselves. Let us free ourselves from all that is old and old and look forward with courage, let us free ourselves from the evil that corrupts us. Let’s recognize that we need people, and for our own survival. Nothing, other than people, keeps us happy. It is true that happiness dwells in us and that we are the only ones responsible for making it spring in our lives, just as only people can maintain it. To love your neighbor is to love yourself.
As for the chocolate egg, it reminds us that being sweet, makes us want.

Love The Best Chocolate There Is

How can people have addicted to drugs, on a planet that exists chocolate, kisses and the internet!

Like Chocolate At Least 2 Times A Day, No Mallet Every Day And I Love Pasta “I Never Needed A Diet, My Genetics Are Good

It’s better to regret what you did than to regret what you could have done.

Quotes About Chocolate With Images

It's Better To Regret What You Did Than To Regret What You Could Have Done

Like chocolate at least 2 times a day, no mallet every day and I love pasta “I never needed a diet, my genetics are good.

I LIKE TO BE SO I Love Flowers In Pots, See My Flowery Garden And Hear Birds Singing I Like To Take Care Of My Plants

I love flowers in pots,
see my flowery garden
and hear birds singing.
I like to take care of my plants.
I love to kiss … and hug tight.
I love canvases, vases, ceramics
that overflow in cheerful colors,
delighting me with watercolors
that remind me of flowers and loves.
I do not live without coke and chocolate.
I like long-lasting friendships
and with them to talk,
sitting on the ground or in the grass of the garden,
remembering past events, laughing much
of myself and the follies I made.
I like my two beautiful children,
my dear mother and my sister.
Of my cousins, nieces, aunts and uncles.
I love my love as a teenager, my husband
to this day, who tolerates me and does not live without me!
– I like being like this!

How Can People Have Addicted To Drugs, On A Planet That Exists Chocolate, Kisses And The Internet

Better than chocolate better than bonbon,
better than all this, you’re very good.

Get Addicted To Chocolate And Internet But Do Not Ruin Your Life With Alcohol And Drugs

There’s no better way than to gather your friends, with lots of chips, coke, chocolate and play Mario Bros on super-Nintendo frantically.

Chocolate, you’re the best! You will never leave me and not make me suffer, you will stand by me to hear Same Mistake and cry together with me to see Ps: I love you. It will shut up when I need silence. Enamel, you take me too much, I need something practical. And now seeing the photos of the little boy known from the chocolate shop, he really likes her and she must like him. Empty glances pass me by and away.

Chocolate is better than a lot of people ‘

There is nothing better than the rain pouring out, a warm blanket, a hot chocolate and a good book to distract the mind!

Love: the best chocolate there is.

My Easter!
There is no chocolate egg.
It has flights …
In search of my
best essence.
That I may
live in peace
with the brethren!

This coconut milk chocolate is the best in the world.

Not better
or worse.
Just a guy
who likes to take
turbine and eat
chocolate sticks, listening
to Focus on
the vinyl record.

Talking to me is not sitting at the table to convince the other that milk chocolate is better than bitter chocolate. The other has a bitter preference, but they both like chocolate.

It was winter night; We were in front of a fireplace warming us, drinking a delicious hot chocolate, under the soft blanket, you said you loved me and it’s our movie.

Our love is as hot as hot chocolate in winter, delicious as a family dinner, and hot as the warmth of a blanket that warms our bodies

I do not know how people can be addicted to drugs in a world with internets, chocolate and Facebook!!! – Chocolate Quotes

It’s delicious
It’s tasty
It has several flavors
Conquer several loves
It takes my anxiety
It leaves my naturalness
To him I tell my mottos
To him I tell my problems
But he does not leave me
But he does not complain
Only leaves me in fact in another reality
Only leaves me In fact in full softness
It can be sweet or bitter
It can be good or bad
It can be as it is or as it is
No matter how it is
No matter how it is
The shape, the color, the flavor
It will always be my chocolate
Mine Beloved dear and adored true love
How about to indulge in hope with chocolate cover?
Hope is like this, it can be sweet, verb, fantasy … it can be poetry … It
turns dessert without calorie or if you prefer, it can be main dish of every day.
Feeding on hope makes us happier and we become like a child who slips all over, licks his finger, gets his mouth and nose dirty.

Let it be so .. that it be sweet … that it be tender … delightful delight in a chocolate stick … in a delicate biscuit .. this spring autumn afternoon …

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